R-Day Minus 15

The Poker Mutant will be retiring (mostly) from poker on 1 January. This is the latest installment in his thrilling countdown to the End of Times.

I got to the final table of the Ignition Casino $5K GTD NLHE with the chip lead but wasn’t able to maintain it. Still, 5th-place in a 525-entry tournament isn’t such a bad way to end the weekend.

Monday night, I headed over to Claudia’s PLO8, made it through the break with a rebuy but busted out early. Did get a chance to talk briefly with Joe Brandenburg!

Played the 0.5/0.5 NLHE for about an hour, won—I think—one hand, then managed to shove my last chips in against a hand that dominated me. Some people play cash games to subsidize their tournaments; apparently I play tournaments to subsidize my cash game.

Got back home, jumped into the Ignition Casino $1K GTD NLHE 6-Max Turbo with 20bb and busted in less than 10 minutes.

Played 2 NLHE Jackpot Sit-n-Gos, handily won the first but missed out on the second, which had a 4x payout.