You Gotta Have Hearts

Encore Club $4,000 Guarantee NLHE Freezeout (T7,000)

An early bustout from Encore’s double guarantee last night, but three odd hands.

I was in HJ with 7x9x at the 50/100 level and was just about to throw it away when I dropped one of the black chips in after a couple of other limpers. BTN raised to 400, BB called, and everyone else dropped out but me.

The flop was three hearts, including 68. We checked it around, and a low non-heart hit the turn. BB fired out 1,100, which got called by myself and BTN. 5x on the river completed my straight, and I called an all-in from BB, who showed AxAx, neither of which was a heart. Fortunately for him, I’d already lost a pot.

A little bit later, I opened to 400 with KQ. Needless to say, the flop was KQT. What can you do? I played it down to the river calling bets and lost to the flopped straight and royal flush redraw of J9x. Way behind there.

My last hand hurt. Normally, 10-handed, I wouldn’t look twice at a low pair, but the cost was still only 200. 6x6x and I was in middle position. The flop was once again three hearts, including 6. He jammed about 5K into the pot all-in, I called for a little less, and he flipped over kings. I don’t remember if he had K, but even if he did, I was in reasonably good shape. That is, until a king showed on the turn. Then I was in sucky shape.

20130410 Encore $4K

Thirty minutes (came in near the end of round 1). 126th of 140 entries.