R-Day Minus 22

The Poker Mutant will be retiring (mostly) from poker on 1 January. This is the latest installment in his thrilling countdown to the End of Times.

Played the Ignition Casino $4K GTD NLHE Turbo after I got home from a family thing this evening. Right off the bat, I got lucky and managed to not only hit two sets but get two players to stack off against with with top-top. I was on top of the leaderboard, ma! ~500 blinds is a nice place to be, even in a turbo.

That lasted for a little while as a couple of other players started to catch hands and I missed flops, laid down queens, etc. My peak was a bit over 60K when that was still 60bb. Then I lost a flip and stayed down in the 40K range most of the rest of my tournament.

We were closing in on the bubble, with blinds at 1500/3000/300 and I was in the small blind with 14bb and a pair of tens. UTG raised to 9K and action folded around to me. I had UTG nominally covered, and shoved the tens. The BB folded, and UTG called with nines. And naturaly there was a nine on the flop.

I was left with just over 1bb. I watched the Players Remaining count drop as the blind approached me again and I was dealt hands like Tx3x and 2x4x. I admit, on the next hand I stalled and used my Time Bank. I got K5 in the cutoff and was all in for less than the big blind (antes had put me under). The big blinf was all in for even less. Small blind was the guy who’d doubled up to almost 30bb through me; I’m almost certain he let me live because he would have had to call less than half a big blind but he folded instead. BB had 7x2x. I won, and now with the increase in blinds to 2000/4000/400, I had 1.5bb.

I managed to survive until my BB. The bubble broke on the hand before and I was all in, taking 70th out of 72 paying positions.

Good luck to everyone from the Pacific Northwest playing the WPT Five Diamond. Wish I was there with you!