PNW Poker Leaderboard — 14 November 2022

I’m thanking my lucky stars it hasn’t been too busy since Halloween. It’s picking up, though, despite the approaching holidays. Enough that since I ran the numbers on Saturday, perennial blog favorite Angela Jordison almost got her hands on a WSOP Circuit Ring in the Main Event at Durant. Don’t miss her interview on this podcast.

Many thanks to @EastOregonQueen for tagging me in posts about the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round-Up this past week. The final results (and the dates for Spring) are below; check out the Twitter account (assuming that’s still a thing by the time I post this) for more results.

The Game ran two big buy-in events last weekend, including a $300+$150 Big O tournament last weekend (no idea how many players, I wasn’t able to make it, much against the siren song of 5 cards). Final Table ran a $500 Freezeout a week ago (also tugging at me) and has a $200 bounty tournament on Saturday (11/19) at noon.

Coming up in December, Portland Meadows has NLHE and Big O Freezeout championships.

Out of town, Little Creek Casino west of Olympia has a Mini Series running in early December.

That’s enough from me!

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Key to the Leaderboard

  • Name and home town (according to the player’s Hendon Mob profile).
  • The player’s most recent ranking in the PNW Poker Leaderboard in italics. If this is their first time on the Leaderboard, an em dash ()
  • Their new standing in bold, preceded by the pound sign (#).
  • Their change in status on the Leaderboard (with an arrow indicating up or down), or a black club (♣) if this is their first appearance.
  • For each of the tournaments that are being recognized in this Leaderboard:
    • The name and link to the Hendon Mob listing for that tournament.
    • The player’s finishing position in the tournament and the number of entries.
    • The tournament prize pool in US dollars.
Lee Markholt (Eatonville, Washington)
11th of 513 entries, $777.1K prize pool
Aaron Raap (Meridian, Idaho)
7th of 422 entries, $407.8K prize pool
Ahmed Abdelhadi (Calgary, Alberta)
4th of 611 entries, $202.3K prize pool
Paul Houvener (Lynnwood, Washington)
3rd of 217 entries, $93.3K prize pool
Dien Le (Bellevue, Washington)
1st of 371 entries, $72.7K prize pool
Dien Le (via
Riochard Jeffrey (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 217 entries, $93.3K prize pool
Kevin Roope (Wrangle, Alaska)
1st of 93 entries, $88.8K prize pool
This is Roope’s first Hendon Mob cash.
Maxwell Young (Seaside, Oregon)
2nd of 394 entries, $130.2K prize pool
Jared Kingery (University Place, Washington)
5th of 464 entries, $447.7K prize pool
Jeremy Hamey (Juneau, Alaska)
5th of 2232 entries, $1M prize pool
Peter Lynn (Olympia, Washington)
6th of 808 entries, $1.1M prize pool
Jen Bernard (Portland, Oregon)
2nd of 378 entries, $302.4K prize pool
Taylor Hart (Newberg, Oregon)
4th of 513 entries, $777.1K prize pool
Dylan Linde (Vancouver, British Columbia)
2nd of 464 entries, $447.7K prize pool
Rambo Halpern (Portland, Oregon)
3rd of 847 entries, $1.2M prize pool
via the NW Poker Facebook Community
Scott Eskanazi (Mercer Island, Washington)
2nd of 684 entries, $1.8M prize pool

Eskenazi’s Hendon Mob profi;le goes back 14 years, but this is a career best, by far.