Just Walk Away

Lord Humungus

The Ayotollah of Rock-n-Rolla

I’m playing a $3K guarantee tournament on PokerStars which was going pretty well early on. I was in the chip lead for about a half hour, got knocked to about half my max, then managed to climb back up over it (by which time that figure was nowhere near the lead). Mad Max 2 aka The Road Warrior was on the TV. I picked up AdAs in the cutoff position with more then 22K in chips (the most at the table by 6K) with the blinds at 200/400 and raised the single caller—the second-largest stack—to 1,500. He called.

Onscreen, the Humungus was just starting into his speech to the encampment in the desert, exhorting them to “Just walk away.” There are times when you get distracted from the game by having something on in the background but this is a time when I really should have been looking for enlightenment from the movies. The flop was QdQc7d and my opponent went all-in for more than 14K after I raised 750. That should be a clue that he’s representing a queen in his hand, right? But I called it and got brought down to 6K when he showed QhJc and no aces showed up on the turn or river.

I managed to get back up to 15K shortly thereafter, lost most of that, and climbed back to 7.5K before going out 140th out of about 1,900. In the money but not much of it.

The other useful poker advice from that movie is Wez’s: “Go! Go! Go!”

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