PNW Poker Leaderboard — 23 August 2022 — The Jacki and Angela Edition

Though only one of them is on the Leaderboard this time (that’s Angela Jordison, twice) the duo of Jordison and Jacki Burkhart has been making the media rounds this past couple of weeks, with appearances on the Thinking Poker Podcast with Andrew Brokos and Carlos Welch, as well as an interview with Jennifer Newell at Tight Poker. Plus, there’s this:

Haven’t had a chance to listen to The Chip Race yet, but the Thinking Poker interview is long and funny and makes me wish I had the chance to hang out with people more.

I did get the chance this past weekend to see Jeremy Harkin for the first time in forever, eating some tasty BBQ cooked by Dan Butcher, who was one of the first folks I met on the Portland poker scene, back in my early days at the Chadd Baker-era Portland Players Club.

I haven’t played much live (or really, online) lately, though I did donate in both the $20K and $40K guarantees at the grand re-opening of Final Table after their move to SE 82nd & Division. More about that at another time.

We’re less than four weeks from the start of the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic Poker Tournament, here’s a link to the PDF for the schedule and structures.

Until next Leaderboard (or that “another time” article I mentioned)!

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

David Froyalde (Federal Way, Washington)
5th of 435 entries, $208K prize pool

The Hendon Mob page for this event says it was a $1M guarantee, but I think my entry here is correct.

Matt McLeish (Calgary, Alberta)
4th of 169 entries, $124.8K prize pool
William Reddick (Lethbridge, Alberta)
2nd of 192 entries, $63.3K prize pool
Jarrod Leppard (Red Deer, Alberta)
2nd of 243 entries, $81.4K prize pool
Jonathan Woof (Edmonton, Alberta)
10th of 470 entries, $1M prize pool
Kang Lee (Edmonton, Alberta)
38th of 2968 entries, $3.9M prize pool
Aaron Thivyanathan (Renton, Washington)
6th of 314 entries, $304.5K prize pool
Jimmy Lee (Edmonton, Alberta)
5th of 293 entries, $149.4K prize pool
Pawan Braich (Edmonton, Alberta)
3rd of 169 entries, $124.8K prize pool
Dominick French (Victoria, British Columbia)
37th of 2968 entries, $3.9M prize pool
Dien Le (Bellevue, Washington)
1st of 413 entries, $99.6K prize pool
Rhonda Shepek (Victoria, British Columbia)
21st of 2968 entries, $3.9M prize pool
Weston Pring (Calgary, Alberta)
2nd of 169 entries, $124.8K prize pool
Wesley Remmer (Kenai, Alaska)
6th of 708 entries, $1M prize pool
Taylor Hart (Newberg, Oregon)
43rd of 2968 entries, $3.9M prize pool

Hart’s performance in this Leaderboard-qualifying event is smaller than that of some of the other players in this tournament, but Hart also had a number of other, smaller cashes that didn’t qualify for the Leaderboard but dd boost his overall position.

Sandra Neal (Aldergrove, British Columbia)
2nd of 925 entries, $305.2K prize pool

The WSOP site lists Neal as a resident of Tennessee and most of their Hendon Mob cashes are at Cherokee and other Southeast US venues, but the listing at the Mob says BC.

Haochen Shi (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 408 entries, $68K prize pool
Vanessa Kade (Kelowna, British Columbia)
10th of 573 entries, $2.6M prize pool
Vincent Lam (Edmonton, Alberta)
10th of 2968 entries, $3.9M prize pool
Calvin Lee (Mercer Island, Washington)
13th of 1178 entries, $5.4M prize pool
Matt Affleck (Seattle, Washington)
14th of 1110 entries, $5.3M prize pool
Esther Taylor-Brady (Portland, Oregon)
1st of 115 entries, $230K prize pool
Angela Jordison (Redmond, Oregon)
5th of 979 entries, $948.1K prize pool
3rd of 415 entries, $404.6K prize pool
Angela Jordison at the MSPT Iowa Main Event / PokerNews
Kyle Ho (Burnaby, British Columbia)
5th of 2765 entries, $6.1M prize pool
Jaspal Brar (Edmonton, Alberta)
1st of 1282 entries, $1.1M prize pool

Brar won the final live event of the 2022 WSOP, picking up bracelet number one, then headed to Barcelona.

Jaspal Brar and crew / WSOP
Christopher Brewer (Eugene, Oregon)
5th of 1110 entries, $5.3M prize pool