I’m A Wicked One — April 2023

Yeah, this is really late. Stuff been happening.

Best Thing to Happen to Poker Twitter…Evar!

Abe Limon, the Patron Saint of Mutant Poker aka It Came from Springfield, Oregon is back on Twitter. At least for now.


Ignition NLHE Jackpot Sit-n-Gos

I played about 40 of these little games this month, cashing 18, for an ROI of 28%, because 5 of those cashes were in 5x payouts instead of the default 2x. Without the multiplier payouts, my ROI would have been negative. +11 buy-ins for the month, an average of 0.268 buyins/game.

Final Table $20K GTD NLHE First Friday

Nothing much to say about this. Had to do a rebuy half an hour in when I got it in on the flop against bottom set with a pair of aces and a nut flush draw. Made it to around 50th place.

Portland Meadows HEROS

Meadows got about 50 entries into this order-modified HORSE tournament, which I played because I’m trying to get some more live experience in limit games before I head to the WSOP in June. Hopefully, I’ll do better in Vegas! I did place 1st in a PokerStars play money HORSE tournament!