First Hands

Interesting (to me, at least) starts to the last two tournaments I’ve played.

Yesterday, on my first hand, I picked up [ad 8d] and called a small raise from early position, only to see a flop of [qx 8x 8x]. I called a continuation bet on the flop, then raised on the turn and managed to eat up half a starting stack when my trips beat pocket aces. I wish I’d pushed a bit harder, after we broke to three tables, I ended up giving a bunch of chips to the same player before chipping up again then losing everything in an attempt to push someone off a pot with my flush draw.

Today, I didn’t play a hand for nearly the entire first level. Close to the start of level 2, “Little Bill” (featured at the end of this Bluff article about PPC) sat down on my right; the last time I’d seen him months before, he was shouting drunkenly at my car from across the street while I was at a stoplight. He raised UTG to 150. I had [9x 9x] and re-raised to 400. There were calls from the middle of the pack and SB. The flop was a rainbow [7x 8x 9x]. SB bet 150 into a pot with more than ten times that in it. Bill raised to 1,000. I shoved for close to 4,000. SB and “LB” called. SB had [tx 3x] for an up-and-down straight draw, but LB had the made low straight with unsuited [5x 6x]. The turn [tx] put all sorts of chopping possibilities on the board, but [3x] for the river gave Little Bill nearly 12,000 chips at the beginning of level 2. Not so little after all.

Player Hand Pre-Flop Flop
[7x 8x 9x]


Poker Mutant [9x 9x] 59% win 36% win / 2% tie 21% win / 17% tie
Little Bill [5x 6x] 16% win 41% win / 2% tie 62% win / 17% tie WINNER
SB [tx 3x] 25% win 22% win / 2% tie 6% win / 17% tie


A little follow-up to last month’s post about Oregon players at the WSOP…this is how the 41 Oregon players in the Main Event did at the end of each day. 6,598 players entered on three starting days. 666 places paid.

Day 1A (657 players remaining, median stack: 40,975)
#100  Nick Davies, Bend, 79,975
#135  Dmitrii Valouev, Wilsonville, 71,050
#300  Roger Jensen, Keizer, 44,525
#381  Frank Goulard, Lake Oswego, 37,575
#385  Scott Mayfield, Grants Pass, 37,075
#437  Larry Goodman, Prineville, 31,725
#624  Brent Sheirbon, The Dalles, 11,025

Day 1B (1,387 players remaining, median stack: 39,250)
#275  Jamie Robbins, Portland, 66,550
#486  Gary Weems, Monroe, 50,775
#1150  Tyler Jackson, Portland, 20,975
#1,190  Daniel Lamb, Hillsboro, 18,950
#1,317 Angela Jordinson, Terrebonne, 10,825
#1,318  Eric Ford, Tigard, 10,725

Day 1C (2,300 players remaining, median stack: 39,325)
#49 Alexander Beck, Happy Valley, 116,500
#256 Daniel Bartel, Portland, 79,800
#327 Michael Sprando, Portland, 73,425
#774 Dan Martin, Klamath Falls, 50,675
#1,262 Ryan Friedley, Bend, 36,650
#1,566  Seth Davies, Bend, 28,550
#1,700  Nicholas Stowell, Portland, 24,550
#1,882  John Hice, Salem, 19,250
#1,911  Jacque Lavadour, Gresham, 18,350
#2,135  Stephen Bokor, Astoria, 11,500

Day 2A/B (842 players remaining, median stack: 93,550)
#69 Roger Jensen, Keizer, 230,440
#199 Jamie Robbins, Portland, 150,900
#333 Paul Isom, Astoria, 111,800
#431 Gary Weems, Monroe, 91,400

Day 2C (911 players remaining, median stack: 95,600)
#170 Dan Martin, Klamath Falls, 169,400
#553 Alexander Beck, Happy Valley, 78,600
#694 Daniel Bartel, Portland, 52,700
#846 Michael Sprando, Portland, 29,200

Day 3 (720 players remaining, median stack: 235,000)
#146 Alexander Beck, Happy Valley, 404,000
#201 Jamie Robbins, Portland, 346,500
#214 Dan Martin, Klamath Falls, 337,000
#281 Paul Isom, Astoria, 283,000

Day 4 (282 players remaining, median stack: 597,000)
#20 Jamie Robbins, Portland, 1,503,800

Day 5 (97 players remaining, median stack: 1,700,000)
#51 Jamie Robbins, Portland, 1,649,000

Day 6 (27 players remaining, median stack: 7,330,000)
#7 Jamie Robbins, Portland, 8,750,000

Dan Martin fell short of the money on Day 4. Paul Isom made $24,808 for 518th place. Alexander Beck finished in 372nd for $32,871. Jamie Robbins, as mentioned in the other post, went all the way to 19th on Day 7 for $294,601.

What was interesting to me was the varying number of players for each of the entry days. Only 1,066 on Day 1A, then 2,114 on 1B, and 3,418 on 1C. Yet despite a 1:3.5 disparity in the number of players, the median stack only shows a 4% variation at the end of the first day of play.