W-Day Minus 2: 86 In the Shade

IMG_2797Can your baller Vegas lifestyle beat this? Our host just bought the new house and things dragged out a little longer than expected, so it didn’t close until a week before Memorial Day weekend. Thus, there wasn’t really time to get things ready for people to start arriving when they did. I arrived in town just a few hours after he got here Saturday with a truckload of bedframes and accessories. The fridge just came today. And the AC, which seemed to be working indifferently when we got here, apparently has some issues, and it being a holiday weekend, it’s tough to get service, so it’s not working at all right now.

A quietish day for me today. Did some reading and paperwork in the morning, dropped in as a late-seated alternate into the Orleans Omaha Hi-Lo noon tournament (got rivered by quad 2s after turning the nuts for a high-only straight to go out), grabbed a chimichanga at Roberto’s (open 24 hours in Nevada!) instead of a burger or sandwich, and went back to the house where I called folks back home while dealing with hot sauce and guacamole dripping through holes that had been melted in the styrofoam take-out container. The Omaha tournament was a gas—not in a good way—with one early hand where a player who raised every street to the max showed down with a paired five on a non-low board. Then again, he managed to outlast me.
IMG_2796Got caught up on Game of Thrones from last night (are there any good memes from that one like last week’s Hodor doorstops?), then Silicon Valley and Veep. Thank you Apple Developer Program for my $1 Apple TV. Now if I could just figure out why I can’t find PrimeTime Poker Report from Poker Central on it. I can find re-runs of old poker shows, you’d think they’d make their own content available for replay.

Late-regged the $100 guarantee freeroll on WSOP.com and built my bankroll back there back up to 55¢ by coming in 25/600. I held the chip lead for a while while we were still at 200 players, then slipped down. After about three hours of playing while I was chatting with one of today’s arrivals and watching Bryan Cranston play LBJ in All The Way, I got it in shoving [js ts] over a raise from [ad kd]. Still half a buck!