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Portland Players Club $250 Guarantee

My first hand was a decent KJ and I bet it strong pre-flop, only to have the cards show up midd-of-the-road and black. I kept betting and one other player followed along, but I gave up after the turn put a spade draw on the board and there was nothing for my diamonds to stick to.

The next flop, on the other hand, came out KxJxJx, which would have been great with my first hand but was considerably less so with my Kx6x. I stayed through to the turn 3x when the betting got very heavy, only to watch Kx drop on the river to give me the nuts if I’d stayed in. The winner had 3x3x in her hand and had made her smaller house on the turn; the loser had QxTx and missed a straight that would have lost anyway.

Still, TxTx looked pretty good for my third hand, and I bet it, going heads-up and all-in after the AxTxJx flop. My opponent showed AxJx for top two, then we both made full houses on the river with another Ax. Lucky me. I re-bought as I was moved to another table, despite comments that perhaps I should listen to the poker gods and call it off for the day.

I really should have. I struggled for a while, then chipped up after the break a bit, then lost a big chunk to DL and was down to just 1,500 with blinds at 200/400. I managed to build back up to several thousand before the table broke, and grab a couple of sets of blinds (shoving with 79, for instance) once I got there. Kicked myself on one hand when I was on the verge of shoving with 24. I didn’t, I know I would have gotten called by the much bigger stacks that chose to get involved, and I would have hit a winning flush on the river. ATC. Instead, I went all-in with AxQx a few hands later and was called by AxKx in the big blind. Got a king and a couple of tens on the board, but no jack.

Two hours. -100% ROI. 18th of 32 players.