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Catch the PokerMutant on today’s Poker In the Ears podcast (#215), head-to-head with Joe Stapleton on the Superfan vs. Stapes segment with James Hartigan officiating. We’re answering questions about the 1985 Martin Scorsese film After Hours, a quintessential film about life in New York City 25 years ago. The fun starts at 54:30.

Oh, and there’s an interview with Parker ‘tonkaaaap’ Talbot, too.

PNW Poker Leaderboard — 20–21 May 2021

Have you ever had a couple of days when everything just seemed to be going your way? Joshua Jutz from Pasco did early this month. First off, he got into the 224-entry Wynn Signature Series $40K GTD NLHE on 2 May and won the whole thing for his fifth and biggest-ever recorded cash. You know how those things go, he probably wasn’t back into his room until pretty early. But at some point mid-day on 3 May, he went across the street and joined 67 other entries in the Venetian Deepstack Championship Poker Series #1 $20K GTD NLHE Survivor, and cashed for the top prize along with 6 others. Now, I’m just guessing here, but I think he waited until Day 1B (4 May) of the 2-Day Wynn $100K GTD NLHE (626 entries), then came back the next day to take 5th, for his 2nd-best cash. All that moves Jutz onto the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard for the first time at #1969.

Dylan Wilkerson moves up a slot on the Leaderboard with 8th place in the 995-entry Wynn $250K GTD NLHE. It’s enough for him to slip past Greg Mueller to #13.

8th place in the Wynn $400K GTD NLHE takes Federal Way’s Daniel Park from #213 to #197. The tournament got 851 entries over 3 start days. Renton’s Brian Meadows picked up his best-ever cash by taking 2nd in the same event; Meadows climbs from #1048 to #408.

Tyrone Smith (University Place) was runner-up in the 581-entry Wynn $100K GTD NLHE  on 26–28 April. It’s Smith’s largest cash so far, and he moves more than 3,400 places on the leaderboard, to #1957.

Kent’s Jonas Laid goes up more than 1900 places to #1511 with a 2nd as part of a 3-way deal in Venetian #10 $100K GTD NLHE MonsterStack.There were 543 entries.

More movement in the Top 20 comes from Dylan Linde, whose 6 May 4th place in an Aria NLHE High Roller with 46 entries was enough to propel him past the Lees (Watkinson and Markholt) and Annie Duke(!) from #10 to #7! Exciting!

And as we often do, we wrap up an edition of the Leaderboard with a Seth Davies (#1) cash. He was the runner-up to Bill Klein in an Aria NLHE High Roller with a $25K buy-in. He came in just ahead of Ali Imsirovic.


PNW Poker Leaderboard — Cinco de Mayo 2021

I found myself giving advice on where to play tournaments in Vegas to a friend heading down there the other day, almost like old times, even though I haven’t played live for fourteen months and I probably won’t for a while yet, though I did get my second COVID shot Monday.

I may have to start up the Calendar one of these days soon.

Tentative dates have been announced for the PACWEST Poker Classic at Chinook Winds this fall. As for the other large tournament series venues, Wildhorse Casino hasn’t yet re-opened their poker room, and Muckleshoot doesn’t even list poker on their game list on the web site. Late-breaking addition, it looks like limited indoor seating will be back in Multnomah County as of Friday, 7 May.

In Portland, both Final Table (celebrating a tenth anniversary this month) and Portland Meadows had to close again on April 30, because of state COVID regulations.

Monday, I played my first game in the online bombpot Poker Kate Brown Third Shutdown poker series running this week. Ran my queens into aces in the 6-Max after 40 minutes. Mostly been confining myself to the nightly $2.20 buyin Big O on Actioncards, and the $22 NLHE 6-Max  on Ignition, both of which I enjoy enough to ignore the fact that I haven’t cashed since some early successes. After bombing out of the bombpot tournament, I played the Ignition 6-Max for 95 minutes and made a profit of $2.

Action is hot and heavy in Las Vegas and Florida this edition of the Leaderboard. Starting off in Vegas!

Daniel Park of Feberal Way was the runner-up in the 200-entry Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza #28 $20K GTD NLHE MonsterStack on 21 April. It’s good enough to move him from #222 to #213.

The 199-entry Venetian #24 $40K GTD NLHE MonsterStack final table on 18 April was host to two PNW players. Maria McAlpin from Boise picked up 3rd, moving McAlpin from #786 to #657, and Poulsbo’s Dan Barker took it down, climbing from #455 to #391.

Jesse Kertland (Ellensburg) made the final table of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown $50K GTD NLHE 6-Max in Florida. A 6th-place finish in a field of 570 jumps Kertland 25 spots on the Leaderboard, to #357.

Aaron Thivyanathan goes from #536 to #461 with a 62nd in the massive 2,482-entry WPT SHRPO #18 $2M GTD NLHE Championship (23–27 April). The prize pool was nearly $8 million,

No movement for #10 Dylan Linde, despite a 12th place finish in the WPT SHRPO #28 $200K GTD NLHE Deep Stack. It was another tournament of conservative guarantees or pent-up demand, with a prize pool of 1.36 million from the 287 entries.

Dylan Wilkerson had the only non-NLHE result of this edition, with 6th in the WPT SHRPO #29 PLO Deep Stack with 168 entries. He holds at #14 even though he also had four smaller cashes during the series.

#1-ranked PNW Leaderboard player Seth Davies continues to maintain his lead. He came in 4th in the WPT SHRPO NLHE Super High Roller (21–22 April, 42 entries). He can console himself that he didn’t get the W  because he did win the online GGPoker Spring Festival #109-H NLHE Sunday Millions just a week later.

Coming in just ahead of Davies in the SHR was Christopher Brewer, whose 3rd place there combined with a 6th in the 145-entry WPT SHRPO #24 NLHE High Roller jumps him from #60 to #34 on the Leaderboard. Oh, to be young and insanely talented at high stakes poker!

Actually, I’d even take just the young, these days.

PNW Poker Leaderboard — Tax Day 2021

Hard to believe that it’s been five years since I applied for a job working as a live reporter at the World Series of Poker. I ran across the notice, I was working part-time at a friend’s second-run movie theater, selling tickets and popcorn and beer (Yes, it was Jeff “Punk Rock” Martin’s Joy Cinema and Pub in Tigard! Give them your support!).

The summer I worked there was a little different than the years before or since. WSOP had contracted out the live reporting operation to PokerNews for several years, then they decided to move the operation in-house for 2016. I’d written over a dozen articles as a freelancer for PokerNews over the previous couple of years, and I’d followed the adventures of my editor there, Martin Harris, who’d covered events in North and South America, Australia, and Europe, so even though the word went out from WSOP instead of PokerNews, I gave it a shot. They say they’re only looking for Vegas-based applicants this year, but if you’re a reader who’s down there, it might be worth checking out. Or maybe you can bluff them.

Not many numbers for PNW players this first half of April, but there are some big numbers.

The new name on the board comes in at #3310. It’s Douglas Rogers of Kennewick, who picks up his biggest-ever Hendon Mob cash coming in 3rd out of 180 entries at the Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza #8 $40K GTD NLHE MonsterStack.

Another biggest-ever cash goes to Seattle/Henderson’s Adam Walton, taking down the 813-entry Venetian #6 $40K GTD NLHE UltimateStack. Walton jumps over 120 spots on the Leaerboard, to #194.

Chris Brewer continues to work the tables at the Aria High Rollers, cashing in 5th on both April 2nd and 3rd, in fields of 31 and 30 (both of which were won by former PNW Leaderboard regular Almedin Imsirovic). It;s good enough for Brewer to move from #75 to #60.

And up top at #1, it’s Seth Davies, who continues to put space between himself and everyone else with two 4th-place finishes at Aria on the 1st and on the 3rd, just ahead of Brewer (Imsirovic took 2nd on April 1st; I miss having that guy in my regular standings).

And that’s it! Off to play some Big O!

PNW Poker Leaderboard — April Fools 2021

Not a joke

The Leaderboard

I tell ya, poker isolation has been a bitch. My home game crowd—despite including a number of techies—never got it together to do the Zoom game thing using PokerStars Home Games or anything else, so it’s been thirteen months since we got together or I’ve even talked to most of those guys. Yes, I’ve had other stuff going on.

I have played some online poker the past year. Ignition, for sure, where I’ve been playing for years, but also a couple of other small web-based sites, like Nitrogen (promoted by The Poker Guys) and lately Actioncardz, which features a lot of the games I played a lot of back in my Portland Players Club days: a lot of Big O (and I played HORSE for the first time in forever this afternoon!)

Out in the real world, lots of folks are coming out of their COVID hibernation and hitting the  real felt. Here are some of the big cashes for the past couple of weeks for players from the Pacific Northwest!

Let’s start at the Wynn Spring Classic $1M GTD NLHE. From Puyallup, Ilana Gun came in 19th for their first recorded cash in almost two years (and their fifth and largest-ever cash). Gun moves up nearly 1500 places, to #2477 on the Leaderboard.

Richland’s Angel Iniquez came in 33rd in the same event, but also notched a 2nd place in the World Poker Tour/Venetian DeepStack Showdown Poker Series #26 $12K GTD NLHE Bounty. With 169 entries, the prize pool more than tripled, and the top three players did a nearly-even chop. Iniquez goes from #1009 to #830.

Back to the Wynn $1M GTD, David Oppenheim from Mercer Island came in 15th in this tournament, which was his first cash post-COVID. He climbs from #661 to #548.

Vancouver, Washington’s Mohammad Rafie had his largest-ever cash in a Wynn Spring Classic $15K NLHE with a $54K prize pool. He bested 209 other entries to take it down. Crossing my fingers he got one of their Wynn-shaped trophies. Rafie jumps more than 1300 places to #1618.

Two PNW players made the final table of the WPT/Venetian #16 $200K GTD NLHE DoubleStack, which picked up 947 entries to bust the guarantee to over $480K. Andrew Rogers from Anchorage took 5th, just besting his previous top cash (which was only last November). And Seattle’s Brett Polen  came in 3rd, also for a personal best. Rogers goes up about 600 places to #1113. Polen climbs almost 4600 spots to #1099.

Buckley, Washington’s Glenn Thompson also notched his best cash, taking 2nd of 1,015 enties in the Wynn $250K GTD NLHE. Its prize pool was mroe than $530K. Tis was Thompson’s first cash since 2019, Last year suuuuucked! Thompson goes from #1514 to #648 on the Leaderboard.

And would we be complete without an Adam Hendrix report at the end? The Anchorage player did a two-way deal (officially 2nd) in the LA Poker Classic NLHE Main Event with Michael Liang to continue his march up the Leaderboard, from #30 to #26.

A Year of COVID Poker

Kevin Mathers (@kevmath on Twitter, follow him if you have somehow been living under a rock for the past year, hey, we sort of have been living under a rock!) got hold of me this morning and asked if there actually was such a thing as the PNW Leaderboard. As I explained to him, because I’m compiling my stats entirely from the Hendon Mob state and province leaderboards, I’m not going to just republish their data. The numbers you see here are entirely my own, combining their Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia (and Alberta, I just remembered!) into a single regional Leaderboard.

And publishing just the top names out of the more than 6,000 players I track wouldn’t be any fun; as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum there’s not a lot of movement up at the top. However, Mr. Math did say he thought a quarterly Top 20 for the results of the past year might be a kind of cool thins, and since I have nothing else to do other than compiling all of the stuff I need to feed to the IRS for my audit before Monday, I figured why not?

These are the rankings on the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard for The Plague Year. Last March to now, ranked by earnings (go to Hendon Mob to see what those are). Some people didn’t move at all, others just a little, and some zoomed up, despite the difficulties of (mostly) live poker in 2020 and early 2021.

*seriously, she hasn’t lived here for a long time, but she’s still on the Hendon Mob list for Oregon

PNW Poker Leaderboard — 20 March 2021

Lots of Pacific Northwest poker action going on in Las Vegas the past few weeks.

The new entry on the PNW Poker Leaderboard this time around is Vancouver, Washington’s Jaime Cervantes Alvarez, who placed 39th of 652 in the Card Player Poker Tour/Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza #26 $500K GTD NLHE, played in mid-February. The prize pool was close to triple the guarantee. It’s Alvarez’s first Hendon Mob cash and he hits the Leaderboard at #4354.

Aaron Thivyanathan of Renton placed just ahead of Alvarez at #38 in the same tournament at the Venetian. The next week, it was out to Florida for Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Poker Classic #7 NLHE, another $1.5M prize pool tournament, and 35th place out of 959 entries. Then in the second week of Marsh, back to Vegas for 17th of 253 in World Poker Tour/Venetian DeepStack Showdown #14 $20K GTD NLHE MonsterStack. He climbs from #638 to #552 on the Leaderboard. You may have noticed from his name showing up in the early February Leaderboard roundup that Thivyanathan has been busy.

Korey Payne has been keeping busy since his big win back in November.And he took 33rd in the same CPPT/Venetian #26 $500K GTD NLHE ahead of Thivyanathan and Alvarez, which moves him up 5 places to #162.

A little further up the winner’s list on that tournament you find one of my favorite people, Kao Saechao, who placed 29th. Saechao went on to cash in several more tournaments at the Venetian over the next three weeks, including WPT/Venetian #5 $15K GTD NLHE Survivor that ended up with a prize pool of $73K and 14 $5,200 payouts, and WPT/Venetian #8 $15K GTD NLHE Survivorthat did the same for 18 players. He also made it to 12th of 259 in the WPT/Venetian #7 $75K GTD NLHE Monster Stack. Need I say it? $250K prize pool. For this and more, Saechao moves not at all from his already prestigious #38 position.

Reginald Caymol jumped another 18 spots on the Leaderboard, to #399 taking 13th of 809 in the WPT/Venetian #13 $250K GTD NLHE Ultimate Stack. The Seattle player adds the cash to several smaller cashes at the Wynn earlier this year.

The WPT/Venetian #10 $1.5M GTD NLHE Main Event was a big draw for PNW players, several of whom went deep. The field drew 937 entries and had more than $4.3M in the prize pool. Out of Olympia, Raymond Dandrea cashed in 84th. He rises 40 spots on the Leaderboard to #526.

At 74th in the money, Kao Seng Saetern (Portland) bumped all the way up from #1509 to #1216.

Ten places higher, Port Orchard, Washington’s Kristopher Rundquist got his largest-ever cash for 64th, and goes more than 1700 spots up the Leaderboard to #2306.

pasco, Washington’s Joseph Beltran Arredondo came in 37th. He is now #827 on the Leaderboard.

George Wolff made the final three tables at 24th. He stays at #17. On the other hand, Adam Hendrix making 17th was just enough to push him from #31 on the Leaderboard to #30.

Finally, as usual it’s the high rollers that gobble up the big-money attention. Christopher Brewer continues to wreak havoc on the Aria tables, and cashed three tournaments in quick succession. It was a 2nd place for him in the Aria High Roller 04 NLHE. With just 14 entries, it looks like he did a 2-way deal with former PNW Leaderboard mainstay Ali Imsirovic that gave Brewer his career best cash. The next day, Brewer took 3rd in the 16-entry Aria High Roller 05 NLHE (no deal for him this time, though it looks like Sam Soveral and Jake Schindler chopped the top two spots). Then a week later it’s Aria High Roller 08 NLHE, with 6 payouts out of 39 entries and Brewer in 4th. For all that, he climbs 40 places to #75 on the Leaderboard.

Angela Jordison represent!

PNW Poker Leaderboard — 01 March 2021

It’s still technically winter, but poker spring is starting to break out all over. Since the last PNW Poker Leaderboard at the beginning of February, both of the biggest rooms in Portland—Portland Meadows and Final Table—have re-opened. Both have Portland-style shootouts and tournaments running, albeit with limited seating capacity (50 players max) per Multnomah County and State of Oregon coronavirus guidelines. Meadows is currently running noon tournaments with a 27-player cap. Final Table has tournaments at 11am and 6pm.

In Poker Mutant news, I’ve been dealing with family issues the past few weeks, so my online play hasn’t been very high (or very successful), and I found out the other day I’m getting audited, so that’ll be fun. It’s for the year I had my largest-ever cash and they want records of my poker expenses. Fortunately, I set up a database to track every single cash and tournament buy-in—live and online—just after Black Friday in 2011 (wow, almost ten years now) and I could just print out a record of the almost 600 buyins I made in 2018. Even so, it’s going to be a hassle.

On to the money!

The new name for the Leaderboard is Cody Morrisey from Bremerton. He made his biggest score ever at the Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza #20 $80K GTD NLHE MonsterStack coming in 4th out of 648 entries. The tournament prize pool went over #215K, just another indicator of how excited people are to be back on the tables. Morrisey debuts at #2868.

Adam Walton of Seattle had a very good week in Las Vegas in mid-February with several smaller cashes that individually wouldn’t have been noticed by my tracker, but cumulatively…. On February 11th, in Bally’s Power Poker Series #15 NLHE, Walton came in second to Joseph Ingram (not Joey). Just 31 entries, but a decent start for the week. He improved on that on February 16th, in another small (25 entries) event, Bally’s #23 NLHE, Walton beat the actual Anthony Zinno for the win. Not a huge score, but I’d be boring everybody with that story for a long time. The, the next day at the daily Wynn $10 GTD NLHE, Walton beat another 64 players for a second win in as many days. He moves from #352 to #334.

Pasco’s Joseph Beltran Arredondo came in 6th at the WPT Deepstacks/Venetian #21 $40K GTD NLHE MonsterStack for his second-largest cash (his largest was a win in a nearly identical event at the Wynn last January). He climbs from #1208 to #1082.

Finally, some non-NLHE news! From Vancouver, Washington, David Moshe was 1st out of 132 entries in the Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza #28 $40K GTD Pot Limit Omaha MonsterStackJeff Madsen was on the final table. Sadly, this was not a tournament where the guarantee was crushed by the entries. It’s a trip from #1499 to #1257 for Moshe.

It’s a holding pattern on #31 for Adam Hendrix. The Anchorage pro came in 14th in the Mid-States Poker Tour/Venetian #6 $350K GTD NLHE. This tournament did go over the guarantee, up over $880K, with 908 entries.

The Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Poker Classic #2 NLHE, was another cash for Max Young, and his 7th-place finish was enough to push him from #25 to #24 on the leaderboard. On top of just general success, Steve Schult at CardPlayer magazine wrote a profile of Max that was published last week, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. Despite his success in Florida, Max said on Facebook the other day that he’s planning to keep his Hendon Mob listing in Oregon.

Finishing off this edition of the Leaderboard, congrats to Portland’s Armin Yazdani, for a 3rd place finish in a field of 559 entries at the Venetian DeepStacks Extravaganza #30 $80K GTD NLHE MonsterStack. It’s Yazdani’s biggest recorded cash, and he rises nearly 3,000 places on the Leaderboard, from #4666 to #1797.

PNW Poker Leaderboard — 05 February 2021

I didn’t really think I’d be seeing much go on in just a couple of weeks, but it may be a good sign for the future of poker in 2021.

Most of this week’s action comes courtesy of the World Poker Tour in various forms, and mostly in Florida, but we’re going to start in Las Vegas.

Keizer, Oregon’s Alex Dickson picked up his third-largest cash by taking 3rd in the WPTDeepstacks/Venetian DeepStack Showdown #15 $40K GTD NLHE MonsterStack. 177 entries pushed the prize pool over $90K. Dickson moves from #716 to #630 on the Leaderboard.

Two cashes at the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open in Hollywood, Florida put Aaron Thivyanathan of Renton, Washington on this edition of the Leaderboard. The big one was 18th place in Event #1 $300K GTD NLHE Deep Stack, which had over 3,000 entries and a prize pool of nearly $1.6M. Thivyanathan moves just behind Dickson to #638.

It’s not common to get much movement in the top 10 of the Leaderboard without a big score, but there’s a unique situation with the four players between 7th and 10th only about $40K apart. So even Lee Markholt‘s 8th place finish in WPT Lucky Hearts #25 $100K GTD NLHE was enough to move him ahead of both Lee Atkinson and Annie Duke (yes, she’s technically still on the Oregon leaderboard at Hendon Mob) to #7. Interesting note: the expected field for this side event, which was a $5K buyin, needed just 20 to make the guarantee. It had 134 entries for a $636K pot.

Chad Wassmuth was 4th in WPT Lucky Hearts #16 $200K GTD NLHE, another event that showed the pent-up passion for poker being released in Florida, America’s aggression-relief valve. 335 entries made a $670K prize pool. Wassmuth moves up 6 slots to #64.

Back in Las Vegas, it was Dylan Wilkerson in 5th place in the WPTDS/Venetian $500K GTD NLHE Main Event. 812 entries more than doubled the guarantee. Wilkerson stays at #14 on the Leaderboard.

Esther Taylor is another ringer on the Oregon leaderboard, and she holds at #26 after an 11th place reckoning in the WPT Lucky Hearts #17 $1M GTD NLHE Main Event. There was a $5M pot made from more than 1,500 entries. You don’t see that every day in buyins that large.

Anchorage’s Adam Hendrix took the title in WPT Lucky Hearts #22 NLHE Big Stack, winning the biggest slice of the $212K prize pool made up of 415 entries. Then he just missed the final table in Event #25 $100K GTD NLHE, getting 10th. Hendrix is another non-mover despite some impressive figures, maintaining at #31.

Wayne Harmon at WPTDS/Venetian via

Portland’s own Wayne Harmon pulled into 3rd at the WPTDS/Venetian $500K GTD NLHE Main Event. It’s Harmon’s biggest-ever cash by a substantial amount, and he jumps almost 160 places on the Leaderboard, to #235.

Last but not least, Christopher Brewer (Eugene) is back at the big boy tables, winning an Aria High Roller at the end of January, after heads-up with former PNW Leaderboard crusher Ali Imsirovic (who, as you may remember, switched his reporting to his native Bosnia & Herzegovina). The fields aren’t large (21 entries) but the money is, moving Brewer up 42 places, to #114.

That’s it for this report! Stay tuned. Same poker time! Same poker channel!

PNW Poker Leaderboard — 21 January 2021

Happy New Poker Year, everyone!

Poker is still crawling out of the basement of 2020, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest. There are live venues outside of Portland that are up and running. You can follow @dave_has_aces on Twitter for their adventures at the Seattle-area Red Dragon and Palace Casino.

High Mountain Poker  in Eugene is announcing games on the NW Poker Facebook group, along with Ontario Poker Room in eastern Oregon. In town, The Gateway near SE 50th & Powell is hosting games. I’m old, but still way down the list for COVID vaccination, so I’m out of the live game for a long while yet.

So let’s move on to the people who are actually winning.

The new entry on the Leaderboard is La Conner, Washington’s Zachary Johns, the runner-up in a 2-way deal in a Wynn Signature Series $20K GTD NLHE with 127 entries. It’s Johns’s first Hendon Mob cash in almost a dozen years. He debuts at #3729.

I don’t typically cover cashes of less than $10K, but I want to throw a bone to Portland player Derek Huynh, for an impressive run at the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza the past month, with five cashes between mid-December and the first week of January, including three final tables that included a 7th, a 5th, and a 4th (in Event #31 $50K GTD NLHE Double Stack) that just about got there. Anyway, impressive run and Huynh moves from #4247 to #1801 on the Leaderboard.

Monty Ford from Wellpinit, Washington made it to 8th place at the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza/MSPT #34 $250K GTD NLHE, in a field of just over a thousand and a prize pool that reached nearly a million dollars. Ford won the Pendleton Spring  Poker Round-Up Main Event five years ago. He moves up two hundred spots on the Leaderboard, to #817.

photo courtesy Darin Stout

Wrapping up this first report of the year is friend of the blog, Darin Stout, who took 2nd in a 4-way deal in the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza #9 $80K NLHE MonsterStack. The 571-entry tournament had a prize pool of more than $190K. Stout moves up to #672 from #841. Here’s Darin’s recap:

I orchestrated four way deal, they all wanted to chop evenly for $24k ish each. I said no even though I was shortest stack. Lol. I wanted first and trophy. So…I proposed $21k each and play for the remaining $12k ish and trophy. Then he had me out chipped heads up 15 mil to 2.2 mil since he took out third place guy. I battled for 40 min heads up ish at 125k/250k/125k blinds, had it up to 7.5-8 mil and almost even. Figured if I got lead on him we would chop the rest and he would give me trophy pix but could not pull it off.

photo courtesy Darin Stout