Hail Hail Spit N’ Drool — January 2024

This year’s not off to the banger of a start that last year was, with a four-figure win to start things off. This has been a down month, mostly due to my entry in the Portland Meadows All the Drawmaha tournament.

January started off with a couple of losses in the Beaverton Quarantine Zoom games I play; perhaps my NLHE senses are a bit off. Then it was a bubble in the old home game, which I didn’t mind so much as it was the first game with those guys in quite a while.

Pulled myself out of the hole with the next week’s Quarantine games (NLHE and PLO8 Bounty). Then dropped a chunk in the Drawmaha tournament and never got back to black.

Played 30 Ignition $2 NLHE Jackpot Sit-and-Gos, down four buyins even with two $10 cashes.

And that’s the start of the new year. Coming up in February on my personal calendar is a Freezeout tournament at Last Frontier, and the Portland Poker Winter Royale, two games each at Meadows and Final Table. There are a couple of big games at the Little Creek Spring South Sound Series in early March that are intriguing as well, and of course, the PacWest Poker Classic at Chinook Winds is coming up in just five weeks!

PacWest Poker Classic schedule

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

It’s the first Leaderboard of the year! Technically, I did put out a Leaderboard early in January, but this is there first one covering events that took place in 2024, so first of the year. I’ve upped the inclusion criteria slightly, with $20,000 (US dollar equivalent) as the cutoff (also, only listing events with an ROI of 400% or more). The reason is, with longer periods between Leaderboards, the number of players who meet the requirements increases more or less geometrically (twice as long between events means roughly twice as many entries). Otherwise, I’d be here until March.

Lots of news out of Canada this installment, as World Series of Poker Circuit Calgary ran from January 10–22, more or less at the same time as WSOPC Northern California.

Key to the Leaderboard

  • Name and home town (according to the player’s Hendon Mob profile).
  • The player’s most recent ranking in the PNW Poker Leaderboard in italics. If this is their first time on the Leaderboard, an em dash ()
  • Their new standing in bold, preceded by the pound sign (#).
  • Their change in status on the Leaderboard (with an arrow indicating up or down), or a black club (♣) if this is their first appearance.
  • For each of the tournaments that are being recognized in this Leaderboard:
    • The name and link to the Hendon Mob listing for that tournament.
    • The player’s finishing position in the tournament and the number of entries.
    • The tournament prize pool in US dollars.
Tom Lobas (Calgary, Alberta)
6th of 1715 entries, $423K prize pool
Akshat Bajaj (Calgary, Alberta)
18th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
David Cox (Kamloops, British Columbia)
4th of 481 entries, $313.9K prize pool
Andrew Goosen (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia)
2nd of 1380 entries, $339.4K prize pool
Abe Shawile (Edmonton, Alberta)
5th of 1715 entries, $423K prize pool
6th of 346 entries, $506.3K prize pool
Derek Dufour (Vancouver, British Columbia)
3rd of 1715 entries, $423K prize pool
Arif Dhalla (Richmond, British Columbia)
6th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Steven Desjarlais (Nanaimo, British Columbia)
6th of 481 entries, $313.9K prize pool
Mark Aylward-Nally (Vancouver, British Columbia)
12th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Robert Lothian (Sherwood Park, Alberta)
5th of 481 entries, $313.9K prize pool
Dongwoo Ko (Burnaby, British Columbia)
1st of 454 entries, $112K prize pool
Jackson Spencer (Yakima, Washington)
2nd of 209 entries, $107.6K prize pool
4th of 728 entries, $240.2K prize pool
Zeyu Huang (Vancouver, British Columbia)
21st of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Michael Mcwhirter (Vancouver, British Columbia)
11th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
David Li (Victoria, British Columbia)
1st of 346 entries, $506.3K prize pool

Not bad for a first Hendon Mob cash.

Hasanain Al Ghunaim (Calgary, Alberta)
2nd of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Kevin Kammavong (Calgary, Alberta)
4th of 1715 entries, $423K prize pool
Garett Maybery (Edmonton, Alberta)
5th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Landon Brown (Kent, Washington)
5th of 586 entries, $568.4K prize pool
Kaylen Labaron (Anchorage, Alaska)
2nd of 742 entries, $1.1M prize pool
Nicholas Lee (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 434 entries, $66.4K prize pool
Yunkyu Song (Camas, Washington)
3rd of 3486 entries, $2.4M prize pool
9th of 689 entries, $3.3M prize pool
Zhun Rui Chen (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Bashar Ramahi (Sturgeon County, Alberta)
3rd of 346 entries, $506.3K prize pool
Victorino Torres (Idaho)
4th of 550 entries, $530.9K prize pool

Torres’s profile lists then as being from the Northern Marianas Islands, ID, which seems almost as fishy as Preban Stokkan being from Corvallis.

Dien Le (Bellevue, Washington)
2nd of 339 entries, $111.8K prize pool
Lonnie Hallett (Big Valley, Alberta)
10th of 1475 entries, $1.6M prize pool
Dan Martin (Klamath Falls, Oregon)
2nd of 1188 entries, $3.8M prize pool

First Hendon Mob cash since the beginning of the pandemic for Martin (his most recent was 14 march 2020), the result of a deal with Raminder Singh and Jesse Lonis.

Maxwell Young (Seaside, Oregon)
1st of 161 entries, $80.5K prize pool
Darren Rabinowitz (Mercer Island, Washington)
3rd of 550 entries, $530.9K prize pool
James Romero (Portland, Oregon)
8th of 586 entries, $568.4K prize pool
Dylan Linde (Coeur D’Alene, Idaho)
4th of 82 entries, $820K prize pool
Chris Brewer (Eugene, Oregon)
4th of 178 entries, $169.1K prize pool
Seth Davies (Bend, Oregon)
3rd of 82 entries, $820K prize pool
3rd of 63 entries, $945K prize pool
5th of 70 entries, $1M prize pool