PNW Poker Leaderboard Special: Fall Coast Classic & Fall Poker Round Up

As I mentioned the other day in the Planner, it taken a while for the results of the Fall Coast Classic at Chinook Winds and the Fall Poker Round Up at Wildhorse to get reported to The Hendon Mob, but they’re finally incorporated into everyone’s standings and I can get on with this report.

First, the New

There were a lot of players who got their fiirst large (or first ever) recorded cashes at the Chinook Winds series, and at the top of that group was Portland’s Eshan Porgaharibshahi who picked up his first three flags with final tables in the three biggest events:  $150K GTD NLHE (3rd, as part of a multi-player deal at the final table), $100K GTD NLHE 6-Max (5th), and the $200K GTD NLHE Main Event (3rd).

It’s kind of surprising that Kristi Means (also Portland) got her first recorded cash at the $200K GTD NLHE Main Event—she’s been around the poker scene for quite a while—but her first place finish was it.

Seattle’s Chris Wang picked up his first two recorded cashes with a 9th place finish in the second of the $75K GTD NLHE tournaments and a win in the $100K GTD NLHE 6-Max.

Out at the Pendleton NLHE Main EventReynaldo Iturbide of Wapato got his first flag for third place.

Bend’s Zach McKirahan bested the other 458 entries in the Chinook Winds $150K GTD NLHE to seal a first place finish for his first recorded cash.

Second place in the 516-entry opening Friday tournament in Pendleton wasn’t Monte Thissel‘s (Burns) first cash, but it was bigger than his other two by a lot.

Leigh Zaphiropoulos only had to come from Newport to Lincoln City to make another final table there in the $200K GTD NLHE Main Event (6th) for his third and largest recorded cash.

Gresham’s Tom Garry got his first recorded cash with a 2nd place in the $75K GTD NLHE Re-Entry. There were 316 entries.

Tim Mooney from Beaverton was also a first-time casher, geting 4th place in the Chinook $150K GTD NLHE. Chester Dooley of Albany got 6th for cash number 2, and Bend’s Richard Scocum got his first cash with 5th place.

Kirkland’s Brendan Rajah picked up his first cash at Wildhorse, with a 5th in the NLHE Main Event.

The Usual Suspects

The winner of the Pendleton NLHE Main Event was Spokane’s Michael Jutte. It was his largest cash, and so far all of his recorded cashes but one (going back to 2010) are at events at Pendleton.

The more successful of Portand’s The Poker GuysGrant Denison, took 2nd place in the $200K GTD NLHE Main Event at Chinook Winds as part of a heads-up deal. The tournament had 375 entries and a prize pool of nearly $243K.

Rick Larson of Port Orchard was the winner of the 31-entry NLHE High Roller at Pendleton, then he turned around and won the 388-entry tournament the night before the Main Event.

Portland’s Stuart Young had just two recorded cashes before the Chinook Winds tournament and he’s a double-dipper He picked up three cashes at Chinook and another at Pendleton. He just escaped being the bubble boy in the Chinook Main Event, but he made three final tables: 7th in the $150K GTD NLHE, 2nd place in the $100K GTD NLHE 6-Max, and 2nd again the the NLHE Main Event at Pendleton. He had no cashes before the beginning of this year.

Gregory Lindberg of Corvallis is the other double-dipper. He won the $75K GTD NLHE at Lincoln City, then picked up 4th at the Thursday night tournament in Pendleton and another 4th in the Wildhorse NLHE Main Event.

Tareq Amhaz from Longview won the $75K GTD NLHE Re-Entry at Chinook.

Yakima’s Brian Lawrence picked up his best-ever cash with a win in the opening Saturday tournament at PendletonZack Baille of Pasco won the opening Friday event, Rich Hampton (from Pendleton!) won his biggest-ever cash in the Thursday tournament (with Eric Kline of Seattle coming in 2nd), and Spokane’s Bob Schulhauser took first place in the Pendleton NLHE Seniors.

And that’s all for now.