R-Day Minus 55

The Poker Mutant will be retiring (mostly) from poker on 1 January. This is the latest installment in his thrilling countdown to the End of Times.

Dropped into the Wednesday Final Table $1K GTD NLHE Bounty just as the last level before break was about to start. Saigon Vic gulped up two bounties in the first two hands I was there, then I got one after a seemingly-discombobulated player sat down in one of the vacant seats, limped his [ax kx] in a multi-way pot, then shoved on a [jx 7x 9x] flop when I’d called from the button with [7h 5h]. Nothing else went my way, though and I busted shoving [ah 7h] with 15bb from the cutoff into the button’s nines. The [kc ks qc] flop gave me some outs, but it was over.

As the day draws to a close, I got in another Ignition Casino $4K GTD NLHE Turbo. Made the money then open-shoved 8bb with [kh jh], and got called by two players, including the big stack with 11bb and [8s 8c], and another player with [ks ts]. The big stack flopped a full house and I min-cashed, before another player with half a big bind got knocked out.