A New Month

It’s the end of another week of poker. Not a particularly fruitful one, as I didn’t book any tournament cashes and missed both the 6-Max and Seniors tournaments at Tulalip because of work, but I did step into a couple of NLHE shootout (what passes for cash games in the Portland social gaming scene) sessions (unusual for me) and racked up some decent profit (even more unusual, since I don’t play much aside from tournaments). Not only that, but one of my hands (97 making a straight against A7) won me a month’s free cover at Cowboy’s Aces, in the bar below Aces Full. You can win your own month of covers with (if I remember correctly) 97 this month.

201410929 Cowboy's AcesIt’s the Final Table $20K again tonight. They’ve held eleven so far this year (skipping July because the first Friday was July 4th). I missed the February event but I’ve cashed in three of ten, all since June, so I’m crossing my fingers for a fourth, then heading up to Tulalip for the Main Event of the Pow Wow tomorrow morning.

Almost forgot. I keep meaning to plug my PokerNews articles from last month.

An Analysis of the “Double Bubble” Payouts Planned for the 2015 PCA
ooks at the long-term effects of a new payout structure in place for a few tournaments being tried out by PokerStars next year.

Blowing Your Stack: The Economics of “Best Stack Forward” Tournaments
Examines the ROI of playing events like the Mega Millions at The Bicycle Casino.