Friday the 13th

Aces Players Club $1,500 Guarantee

Did well getting a double-up just before the break, but lost a few hands and went out on my big blind with unsuited [7x 5x] in a desperation move.

Two hours. -100% ROI. 30th of 44 players.

Oak Tree Casino 4-8 Hold’em

Most of my session here was down and up. Got cut to 40% of my buy in a couple of times, made it up to 140% once and over 120% another time. After the 10-20 table behind me closed, a guy acting like a retarded cowboy showed up along with a couple of others. I dropped out of a pot heads-up against him on a ace-high flop where I had bottom two. Another ace showed on the turn, he bet and I folded, then he rolled over a couple of middle-rank hearts to rub it in. That should have given me a clue later when I had a [9c 6c] flush draw on the flop. There were three players in (including the retarded cowboy), a kill pot was active, and by the time we got to the river, I was down to about 20% of my buy-in. The pot was huge, there were a pair of threes on the board, I didn’t even have a pair, the third player was all-in on the turn, and the cowboy bet. In retrospect, with that much in the pot, I guess I should have called even if it almost felted me, but I had nothing and folded. The cowboy had [2x 5x] and the all-in player had [8c 5c], winning the whole thing with an eight high flush draw that I would have bested if the third club had come through. It wasn’t actually Friday the 13th any more by the time that hand went down, but it sure felt like it.

Two hours. -25 big blinds.