In Defense Of Volatility

Encore Club $10K Guarantee (10,000 chips)

Who wouldn’t be stoked to be back for the first running of the game you won the week before? I know I was. I was eager for another win and I think I probably let my excitement run a little away with my play, because I got knocked out before the end of the 50/100 round.  The TD said he was stacking the table with previous event winners, but the place I lost most of my chips was to my immediate left in seat 9, where my hands kept getting beat by something slightly better, like double-paired [ax 4x] v double-paired [ax 8x] and an ace on the river that killed my pocket pair.

45 minutes. -100% ROI. 76th of 82 players.

Aces Players Club Saturday Freezeout (6,000 chips)

Rather than wait two hours for the 10pm game to start up at Encore (and after drinking some of manager S’s personal Scotch), I went to lick my wounds elsewhere, breaking a personal rule (again) and getting into the game halfway to the first break. It was a pretty quiet night, and the field was small, but I continued to do something wrong and was out before the break on this one, too. At least I saved myself the add-on for both games.

20 minutes. -100% ROI. 16th of 18 players.