Puffmammy 2011/12 Event #10 (1,800 chips)

A very strange night of poker. Eight players at last night’s game and despite a blind structure that starts off with 20 minutes of 10/20 (90 big blinds) there seemed to be some pent-up aggression among the gang. Several all-ins in the first round of the button. I forced DV to re-buy less than fifteen minutes after play began, and brought on two more re-buys in a single hand ten minutes later. WA had barely gotten his re-buy chips settled when he went up against B and was knocked out of the tournament just half an hour after we started.

Things settled down for about forty minutes, the re-buy period ended, then three more players bit the dust over the course of half an hour that included a ten-minute break. We were barely into level 5 and we were already three-handed.

With the blinds still at only 50/100 and average stacks of more than 7,500, people had plenty of time to pick their spots. Despite my having taken out three players, I was the short stack, because everyone I’d knocked out was already somewhat depleted. I was bleeding chips to VD looking for my opening. Finally, I hit Broadway on the flop with an [ax jx] and VD called my all-in with two pair. I was sitting pretty on nearly half the chips until I managed to double VD up twice, then it was me on life support.  Nearly two hours went by between the fourth-place elimination and my eventual fall to DV after three-and-a-half hours of play. Another fifteen minutes and VD fell to him as well.

Three-and-a-half hours. +43% ROI. 3rd of 8 players.

Only 20 winning days before EPT Prague.