Wherefore Art Thou, EV?

Full Tilt Step 3 18-Player

If I didn’t know I was doing it—and it was happening to someone I didn’t like—it would be almost funny.

Wins with 88 and QQ had doubled me up fifteen minutes into the game, putting me well into the lead at my table. Then an attempt to close the action when I made top pair on a 744 board by pushing the smaller stack all-in to call backfired when he called with a far-behind KA but paired on the turn. Down to 650 chips.

But because I’m good, I managed to battle back up over 3K (including 1,100 won with AJ flushing) as other players were eliminated. I’d even made it to the edge of the Step 3 ticket barrier, going in and out as stacks changed on both tables. I lost a little on one call that I backed off of but I was still over 2,600 when I got JA on the big blind at 60/120. UTG went all-in and everyone else folded. I didn’t need to call. He had 1K less than I did. I could get the chips on a less-dodgy hand. But I called and he flipped over QA. I got two pair but the board was AK3JT and he got the straight.

Fine. I was down to 1,256. Ten big blinds. I went all-in from the small blind with 1,076 and KJ. The button called with 99. The board was 7A43T, leaving me short  a queen for the straight and a diamond for the higher flush.

Out in 11th place with no ticket.

Saw The Jim-Jams last night. My puffmammy nemesis D is playing the Encore Club‘s $5K Tournament of Champions Freeroll tonight because he won a tournament there last month. I wish him luck but hope to crush home come our next game (which is going to make me miss Stan Ridgway‘s show next week).

New Year

Beard-Free Since 2011

Unbearded for the first time in more than two decades.

I’d been planning to play one of the last satellites for today’s Full Tilt Aussie Millions qualifier at 1:20 this morning but after having a couple of beers, a Mai Tai, and a rum and Diet Coke while listening to The Jim-Jams at Mississippi Pizza for New Year’s Eve, I fell asleep about 1. Australia and The Bahamas are safe from me this year.

Instead, I shaved off my beard.