The Nines

How could I have forgotten? During the $5K guarantee KO game I was dealt [9c 9h] in the small blind (15/30). I was the second-largest chip stack at the table, with about 4,500. Four of the six others were between 570 and 1,900. Short-stacked UTG went all-in for 570, the button called (leaving 1,070 behind), and I called. The flop was [6d kd 9s]. Pocket kings had me beat, but I wasn’t too worried.  I thought I’d see how far the button was willing to go on his own, and checked. The button checked and the turn card was [6s]. Now pocket 6s also had me but I went all-in for almost 4K. I guess the button didn’t think I had much. He called. Then the [9d] showed up on the river. When the cards went over, the small stack had [kc td] for a higher two pair than the [th ac] of the bigger stack, but neither beat my two pairs of nines. Two bounties and 3,880 chips.