Second Hand Smoked

Cake Poker $1,000 Guaranteed Turbo 6-Max (3,000 chips)

Bought into this game 20 minutes in, with blinds already at 50/100. Got [ks 2s] on my first dealt hand and called but folded to a 450 raise from my immediate left. Next hand was [kh kc] in HJ. UTG folded, I raised to 300. Everyone folded around to BB who was all-in for 2,900. I went all-in to call and he showed [8c ah]. The cards ran out [jh ts jd 3h ac] and the river cracks my kings.


Puffmammy Tournament 23 (1,700 chips)

Only one more regular game between last night’s game and the Main Event and I lost another point to D, putting me a nigh-insurmountable forty points behind on the leader board, so it looks like he’s a lock for the WSOP entry fee.

I was a little encouraged early on, when he had to rebuy in literally the first couple of hands after being busted out by K. There was an incredible amount of action early on compared to our usual game, it seemed.

I managed to build up a good stack of chips, twice with sets of fours—including chasing down to the river for my third to make a full house— but took a major hit when I pushed with [kx kx] and V on my right called with [ax ax]. Never recovered after that.

Two hours of play. Finished a meagre sixth out of seven.