PNW Poker Leaderboard — 27 September 2022

Another round of poker returning to semi-normal took place last week, with two of the last three venues running tournament series in the Pacific Northwest scheduling them during the same week, naturally.

The South Sound Championship at Little Creek Casino west of Olympia ran from 21–25 September, with four events, featuring a $750 Main Event. The final table for the field of 95 included 3-time WSOP bracelet-winner Rep Porter (currently #12 on the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard),

Photo from Tracie Osborn via NW Poker Facebook Community

Meanwhile, down on the Oregon Coast, the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Poker Classic ran from 17-25 September, with 19 events. I was only able to make it down a couple days, and busted two 6-Max bullets, min-cashed the freezeout that night, then got knocked out of the HORSE tournament halfway through. (congrats to John Gribben for chopping that one). The 6-Max had kind of a big overlay, but I think most of the other events did reasonably well. Some of the early results are already on Hendon Mob, thanks to Kevin Mathers, who was pulling them from the leaderboards posed by Chinook Winds, though those only have the top 20 results, so they won’t be complete until all the information is submitted.

Photo from Forrest Auel via NW Poker Facebook Community

Then, of course, there was Allen Kessler making a big deal out of the $10 dealer appreciation that doesn’t appear on the chart but is on each structure sheet. I’m just glad he didn’t notice the Main Event had a $25 dealer appreciation.

Key to the Leaderboard

  • Name and home town (according to the player’s Hendon Mob profile).
  • The player’s most recent ranking in the PNW Poker Leaderboard in italics. If this is their first time on the Leaderboard, an em dash ()
  • Their new standing in bold, preceded by the pound sign (#).
  • Their change in status on the Leaderboard (with an arrow indicating up or down), or a black club (♣) if this is their first appearance.
  • For each of the tournaments that are being recognized in this Leaderboard:
    • The name and link to the Hendon Mob listing for that tournament.
    • The player’s finishing position in the tournament and the number of entries.
    • The tournament prize pool in US dollars.
Julius Roque (Lethbridge, Alberta)
2nd of 251 entries, $55.1K prize pool
Eric Resnick (Bend, Oregon)
2nd of 80 entries, $50K prize pool

Great tournament, there was a 20% overlay on the guarantee, a game so nice I played it twice (and did not cash).

Eric Davis (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 251 entries, $55.1K prize pool

Davis and Roque (above) made a deal in this tournament.

Zachary Powers (Marysville, Washington)
3rd of 450 entries, $130.4K prize pool
Wallace Yuen (Vancouver, British Columbia)
3rd of 138 entries, $99.8K prize pool
Andy Truong (Edmonton, Alberta)
1st of 150 entries, $54.6K prize pool
Lee Van-Voorhis (Washington)
9th of 759 entries, $740K prize pool
Mikael Andersen (Federal Way, Washington)
2nd of 73 entries, $109.5K prize pool

Andersen outlasted 3rd-place finished Ryan Laplante to get heads-up with Michael Wang, who made three of the Stairway to Millions event final tables, winning two of them. Players who cash in a Stairway to Millions event win their prize as well as a ticket to the next level of the tournament series “stairway,” with players finishing in the top 3 places earning the ability to skip up two levels. Unless, of course, the venue decides to renege on the guarantee and cancel the final levels.

Michael Allis (Post Falls, Idaho)
8th of 759 entries, $740K prize pool
Christopher Hull (Vancouver, Washington)
4th of 382 entries, $150K prize pool

There appears to have been some sort of eal among the top four players.

Patrick Ronan (Girdwood, Alaska)
1st of 84 entries, $42.8K prize pool

This is Ronan’s 2nd-largest cash, and it’s followed closely by another win in a Seniors event four days later that was just under the reporting limit.

Lawrence Hoy (Salem, Oregon)
1st of 450 entries, $130.4K prize pool
Kao Saechao (Renton, Washington)
3rd of 92 entries, $230K prize pool
Graeme Frank (Calgary, Alberta)
2nd of 150 entries, $54.6K prize pool
1st of 138 entries, $99.8K prize pool
Nicholas Peterson (Courtenay, British Columbia)
1st of 1040 entries, $343.2K prize pool
Adam Hendrix (Anchorage, Alaska)
6th of 642 entries, $3.1M prize pool
Clemen Deng via
Clemen Deng (Portland, Oregon)
2nd of 145 entries, $217.5K prize pool
5th of 204 entries, $408K prize pool
1st of 62 entries, $595.2K prize pool

This great run in Tampa won Deng the WPT Player of the Festival.

Seth Davies (Bend, Oregon)
6th of 131 entries, $3.2M prize pool
3rd of 88 entries, $6.6M prize pool
8th of 115 entries, $23M prize pool
10th of 99 entries, $9.9M prize pool
2nd of 30 entries, $1.5M prize pool

I wouldn’t normally have included the 10th-place finish here because it was below my guideline for ROI, despite that min-cash being twice my lifetime earnings on Hendon Mob, but considering how Davies just keeps putting more and more space between the #1 and #2 spots on the Leaderboard, I think it’s a worthy exception.