PNW Poker Leaderboard — 6 September 2022: The Max and Angela Edition

I’ve been doing the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard in one form or another now for over seven years, since well before I “retired” from regularly playing live tournaments. As people have noted, I still show up at some special events (or when I just get the urge) but I’ve gone from an average of 20 live tournaments per month before I retired to about 4 per month in the first year and just a couple a month since I started playing live again last fall.

That’s a fair number of official Leaderboard posts. But I think this week is the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two people I’ve played with on the top end of the Leaderboard (technically on the bottom of the list since I build up to the bigger earners each edition).

Max Young, of course, played regularly in Portland before heading out onto the circuit and becoming the winner of multiple World Series of Poker Circuit Rings. I still remember one particularly brutal beat where he got it in bad against me at Aces Players Club and caught a card to double up, then went on to win the tournament (I did at least still make the final table). It still burns, but ah, the reflected glory!

And Angela Jordison, while I’ve played against her far less, has been a delight to watch move up the Leaderboard ranks. The rapport she has with Jacki Burkhart has rightly attracted international attention, and I think there are a lot of poker players out there envious for that combination of success (soooo close to the bracelet and ring!) and friendship. I’m still looking for the opportunity to play some Omaha against her, but I’m not challenging her to a heads-up match.

So this one’s for Max and Angela, keep the table warm, my time is coming.

Key to the Leaderboard

  • Name and home town (according to the player’s Hendon Mob profile).
  • The player’s most recent ranking in the PNW Poker Leaderboard in italics. If this is their first time on the Leaderboard, an em dash ()
  • Their new standing in bold, preceded by the pound sign (#).
  • Their change in status on the Leaderboard (with an arrow indicating up or down), or a black club (♣) if this is their first appearance.
  • For each of the tournaments that are being recognized in this Leaderboard:
    • The name and link to the Hendon Mob listing for that tournament.
    • The player’s finishing position in the tournament and the number of entries.
    • The tournament prize pool in US dollars.
Logan Miller (Spokane, Washington)
6th of 1055 entries, $548.6K prize pool
Nikki Young (Vale, Oregon)
3rd of 394 entries, $115.2K prize pool
Leonel Curiel (Pasco, Washington)
4th of 341 entries, $133.5K prize pool
Michael Jutte (Spokane, Washington)
2nd of 394 entries, $115.2K prize pool
Shane Brotherwood (Calgary, Alberta)
6th of 334 entries, $335.5K prize pool
Mark Willis (Longview, Washington)
3rd of 341 entries, $133.5K prize pool
Minh Thai (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 47 entries, $46.9K prize pool
Aamir Khan (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 497 entries, $109.9K prize pool
Aamir Khan /
Steve Zhang (Calgary, Alberta)
2nd of 324 entries, $119.4K prize pool
Shannon Lazorko (Calgary, Alberta)
3rd of 497 entries, $109.9K prize pool

Lazorko also had another, smaller cash in the Summer Super Stack Main Event.

Jimmy Lee (Edmonton, Alberta)
1st of 73 entries, $48.8K prize pool
Abdul Majid (Calgary, Alberta)
5th of 334 entries, $335.5K prize pool
Jason Elrod (Pendleton, Oregon)
1st of 394 entries, $115.2K prize pool

An actual winner of an event in Pendleton who’s from Pendleton!

Mark Bonsack (Maple Valley, Washington)
2nd of 341 entries, $133.5K prize pool
Dan Close (Yakima, Washington)
1st of 341 entries, $133.5K prize pool

It looks like there was at least a 2-way (possibly 4-way) deal made in this event. All four of the players whose cashes made the Leaderboard were from Washington State. Step it up, Oregon!

Jaspal Brar (Edmonton, Alberta)
60th of 2294 entries, $11.1M prize pool
Weston Pring (Calgary, Alberta)
1st of 324 entries, $119.4K prize pool
Westoon Pring /
Aaron Thivyanathan (Renton, Washington)
2nd of 76 entries, $73.7K prize pool
3rd of 119 entries, $115.4K prize pool
Darren Rabinowitz (Mercer Island, Washington)
5th of 542 entries, $629.8K prize pool
Graeme Frank (Calgary, Alberta)
2nd of 334 entries, $335.5K prize pool
Nohad Tellani (Edmonton, Alberta)
2nd of 754 entries, $363.4K prize pool
Angela Jordison (Redmond, Oregon)
6th of 205 entries, $410K prize pool
1st of 532 entries, $518.7K prize pool
Maxwell Young (Oregon)
1st of 205 entries, $410K prize pool
Max Young /