#PNWPokerCal Planner for 7 March 2018

Bilzerian PNW-Style


Stepping Up The Game

Over in SW Portland, The Game is splashing shootout pots with half the membership fees every three hours from open to close on Sundays. They’re also advertising 20/40 at noon on Monday and Thursday, though it;s not specified in anything I’ve seen whether it’s LHE or NLHE. I’m, uh, guessing limit since the calendar says the game’s full kill, but then again you might want to bring $20K along with, just in case. Discount entry fees before noon, 2/5 NLHE running three days a week, with 2/5 PLO and 1/2/5 PLO on Thursdays and Saturdays, respectively.

Portland Meadows DASH Tournament

I was busy getting my ass walloped in the Final Table $20K last Friday, but the Portland Meadows DASH/CRYPTO 20% Overlay tournament—the first brick-and-mortar tournament with buyins and payouts in cryptocurrency—got a respectable turnout, with some players reportedly re-entering four or five times (note: this is never even remotely profitable).

At the time of the tournament, DASH was selling at about $610 (the buyin for the tournament was 0.1D). It dropped a little bit on Monday and is about $580/D as I write this.

DASH tournament final table courtesy Brian Sarchi/Portland Meadows Poker Room


This Week In Portland Poker

It appears as if the most recent addition to the Portland poker scene, Room 52 is no longer in operation. You might keep an eye on the NW Poker group on Facebook to see if there’s more info.

Downtown at the Rialto, they’re trying to get a mixed game shootout running on Mondays, though they’re using the Monday MIx moniker popularized by Devin Sweet, which caused a little dustup in the Facebook announcement.

Just before last weekend’s $20K, Final Table announced a $50K GTD tournament on St. Patrick’s Day.
This week looks like a regular old week of poker in Portland,

My Time Is Coming

Life since the PACWEST Poker Classic has been hideously poker-free. I played a single $10K and a short (losing) microstakes cash game on Ignition Casino because I had an overdue freelance project, the schedule of which was not helped by me spending two weekends in Llincoln City. Then I dropped two buyins at Final Table’s $20K on Friday night in just under 70 minutes. Almost got to my target number in the Saturday night Thousandaire Maker but lost a flip (I had only gotten there by sucking out with nines vs. kings) and busted half-way through; late-regged the $4K 6-Max and busted 49/125; was the first one out of an O8 Turbo, Just missed winning a Jackpot SnG, and dropped my buyins in PLO and NLHE Zone (the Ignition equivalent of PokerStars’ Zoom cash tables). The Black Diamond Poker Open is running online through the end of the month, so I may hit that a little, if I can get this project off my desk.

Pacific Northwest Leaderboard

Results from the Chinook Winds series still haven’t posted to Hendon Mob! What? It’s only been a week and a half since the end of the series? Aaaaaagh! They haven’t updated my photo, either.

Matt Affleck made the Main Event final table of the Rio Las Vegas WSOPC stop, though he was out in ninth.

Powell Butte, Oregon’s Bryce Clark picked up 3rd place in Event #43 of the Venetian Deepstacks Extravaganza. It’s his best-ever score.

Stephen Schumacher from Lewiston picked up his second five-figure cash, getting to 14th in the same WSOPC event as Affleck., then cashed the next day in 12th at the Venetian in Event #44, a $150K GTD tournament.


Back at the Rio, Seth Davies picked up a little cash in the $2,200 High Roller, then went for the long green at an Aria High Roller ($25K buyin) getting heads-up with David Peters in a 15-entry tournament.

And, not to leave out the WynnAaron Thivyanathan (Renton) took 4th place in the 227-entry field of a $100K GTD tournament.

Recognize Anyone?

image via Dion Hunt on NW Poker

2018 Summer Schedule

The last couple of weeks have seen a spate of schedule releases for summer tournament series (believe it or not, the first of them—at the Venetian—opens in just 68 days).

As usual, the first place you should look for info to compare series is Kenny Halleart‘s comprehensive spreadsheet. Hallaert has been putting this together for a number of years, well before he got to the WSOP Main Event Final Table, and as a tournament director in his own right, he’s meticulous about getting all of the info.

The World Series of Poker schedule was announced weeks ago, of course. and it’s easy to find. Structure sheets are linked underneath the name of the event.

The schedule for the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III has been released (last Thursday) but it’s not linked from the poker room’s blog yet. Between Labor Day and the Fourth of July, events for the series will take place in the Venetian’s Sands Convention Center, to accommodate an expanded schedule.

The Planet Hollywood GOLIATH schedule is still in working status, but you can get a good idea of its scope. It features events with both $1M and $2M guarantees.

The Grand Poker Series at the Golden Nugget only has a draft schedule out, as well, but it features two $250K GTD events and a $500K GTD Main Event which aren’t likely to change.

The Aria/WPT500 schedule is out (sans structures), on the WPT site.

That leaves the WynnBellagio, and Binions schedules yet to come (and finalization on a couple of the above). All of the above are linked through the Calendar.

Only a Day Away

  • Muckleshoot Casino has one last $125 Wednesday satellites (7pm tonight) for packages to the Spring Classic coming up next week. Each package has the option of entry into the $500 $10K Added tournament on Saturday, 17 March and two of the Wednesday—Friday tournaments or entry into the $750 $20K added Main Event and one of the weekday tournaments. There are Mega Satellites Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for tickets to all of the NLHE events, then Wednesday is the opening $2K Added NLHE Shootout ($300 entry) at noon, with a $200 entry O8 at 7pm (not included with anmy of the satellite packages). That builds up to the $10K Added NLHE  next Saturday ($500 entry, last year Portland’s Allen Oh won). A week from Sunday is the $750 buyin Main Event, which had a $142K prize pool last year.
  • The Wynn Classic’s $600 buyin $250K GTD NLHE has three noon flights starting tomorrow.
  • The Bicycle Casino WSOPC/Mega Millions XVIII has the WSOPC Main Event this weekend, with entry flights on Saturday and Sunday at noon (you can also buy direct into Day 2 on Monday, with the original starting stack). Tomorrow is their $10K GTD Big O tournament ($240 entry) and there’s a $3K Survivor tournament tomorrow at 4pm ($365 buyin). The event I’m really sorry to miss is the return of the $100K GTD HORSE game ($350 entry), with six entry flights between Saturday and Wednesday. Next weekend is the beginning of Mega Millions XVIII $1M GTD.
  • The Venetian March Extravaganza runs next week, with twelve events, including a $200K GTD with flights next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ($600 entry).
  • Coming up in just over two weeks, the World Series of Poker Circuit is back in Las Vegas (pace yourselves, guys!) at Planet Hollywood this time.