W-Day Plus 34: Brick

Another day off before the big push to the Main Event Saturday. I’ve got a couple of days on the $1,500 Stud 8 coming up, a day off, then all three starting days of the Main on my schedule so far.

Got up and played online for a while yesterday. Some NLHE 6-Max, picked up 80bb (I’m going to start using small ‘bb’ for blinds and ‘BB’ for big bets since that’s how we’re doing it at the WSOP), then rapidly lost 100bb in PLO8. dropped down stakes, regained a little ground in NLHE and PLO8, then bricked three tournaments on WSOP.com and Bovada. Went out shopping for some supplies. Either the food in the WSOP employee lounge is incredibly healthy, or the combination of being up on my feet for much of our thirteen-hour days and being away from my wife’s cooking seems to have dropped some weight off of me, because I had to go out and buy a new belt. It was smaller than the last belt, which is a change.

I’ve been wanting to spend some time playing 4-8 O8 at the Orleans, where I’ve done relatively well, but not enough times to say that it’s a good base line. Funds are limited at the moment after bricking the Survivor tournament the other night, though, and when I got there, I had to make a decision about playing the PLO tournament that was nearing the end of the second level or waiting for a seat in O8. There were only 36 players in the tournament at the time, so no alternate list, and like a moth to the flame, I entered that.

Things got off to a good start. I picked up a set of nines on the first flop and busted a player out when I improved to nines over fives and he had fives over nines. Had aces on my second hand and repotted preflop, then made two pair with queens and threes to knock another hand. So I was up to 30K from 12.5K almost immediately.

It only lasted until just before the break, though. I had top two pair and a jack-high flush draw on an 85x2 board, and I potted a raise to 6K which put me nearly all in, then the only player at the table with more chips than me thought for a long time and went all in with a wheel draw, I called, and he got there. I hate rebuy tournaments.


But when I finally did what I went there for, I ran hot. And this time, when I was well up for the night, I just left like I ought to do.

Remko’s 4/8 dumpster fire was running again, and some of the other live reporters were going to Gold Coast for bowling again, but despite it being only about 11pm I was feeling a little tired. And I was wearing sandals. I didn’t want to go out to buy socks just to bowl, so I went to the store on my way home to look for one of the legendary $32 bottles of 12-year Glenfiddich (the tags have been on the shelf for weeks but Smith’s has not had them in stock at any of the stores I’ve been to), I stopped at Pop’s on Decatur for a BBQ sandwich and some onion rings (so much for that smaller belt). Went to a package store and compared the price on their bottle of Glenfiddich (with sales tax, comparable to what I’d pay at home), then went back to the house to eat my sandwich, and play a midnight WSOP.com tournament while trying not to fall asleep. Brick #14. And I suck at bowling.