Pacific Northwest Poker Players vs. the WSOP Millionaire Maker, Pt. 2

47 PNW players made it through the starting days of 2015 WSOP Event #16 $1,500 Millionaire Maker. Only 66% of the total of 1,130 players who came back for the second day would make the cash, and for the PNW players that figure was pretty much dead on, with 16 falling before the bubble.

Four players from the Northwest survived to Day 3 (out of a total of 142), with Bradley Zusman the best-placed of them at 19th and 667,000 chips. Micah Bell, the winner of the “Chosen One” competition this spring, sits in 42nd place at just under half a million. Par minder Kumar is just above the median stack at 354,000, and Darlene Lee has 163,000, which translates to 16 BB, as players will be coming back today in the middle of the 5,000/10,000/1,000 level 21.

UPDATE 8 June 15, 15:30: Micah Bell is the last PNW player in the field at the second break of Day 3, right in the middle of the field with 48 players remaining.

UPDATE 8 June 15 22:00: After losing a big hand to Erick Lindgren, Micah Bell was eliminated in a 3-way pot in 21st place, taking home $45,275.

Rank End of Day 2Rank End of Day 1PlayerStateChips End of Day 2Chips End of Day 1In the Money Finish Position
42604Micah BellWA489,00038,40021
121111Darlene LeeBC163,00091,10053
65416Parminder KumarWA354,00050,30065
19697Bradley ZusmanOR667,00032,10072
476Jiazheng LingWA45,800152
83Brenda TinjumOR101,100164
787Cole JacksonWA27,100169
355Jason AckermanBC56,100197
198Abraham LeavittWA74,400209
724Alan SnowWA30,700235
394Christopher PaaschOR52,400285
257Srider NadarajahOR66,600303
954Robert CorbeilBC18,700317
624Michael FinniganWA37,100325
503Kheang TangOR44,100399
818Eric LeeBC26,000419
180Cindy StenbeckWA77,000443
327Eric ValleeBC58,500466
714Glen HoBC31,000468
643Calen McNeilBC79,600481
231Robert CheungBC69,000494
901Chase CooleyWA21,000515
258James RostelOR66,500572
691Chris BackBC32,300588
845Douglas O'NealWA24,600611
511Dylan LindeID43,600637
647Michael BerdineWA35,400646
729Yongshuo ZhengBC30,300684
110Michael PaloWA91,100693
534Noah BronsteinWA42,600724
583Christopher CarmichaelWA40,000725
67Matt JarvisBC109,100--
78Byung NaWA103,800--
334Kyle HoBC57,900--
373Carter NewhofWA54,500--
524Robert BrewerOR43,000--
615Daniel TupperWA37,800--
622Azariah WojteczkoOR37,300--
710Kerry MoynahanOR31,200--
832Joanne LewisBC25,300--
864Tracy DossWA23,300--
940Ricky ChowBC19,300--
967Carolyn PowersWA18,200--
995Joseph BeanWA16,500--
1,017Graham LoucksWA15,100--
1,063Aaron DuczakBC12,200--
1,103Rajendra AjmaniWA6,500--