Another Two Minutes of Fame

The Poker Mutant made it into the 2+2 Pokercast again this week. Last time, it was for silly stuff, but after hosts Terence Chan and Adam Schwartz talked about the Main Event structure in Episode 350,  I had to point them to my comparison of a decade of payouts here, as well as the piece I’d written for PokerNews after the WSOP rescinded the $10M guarantee.

You should, of course, listen to the entirety of the latest Pokercast to hear Terence’s opinion of my article, but you can catch it here and go back to listen to the whole thing later if you’re in a hurry.

This previously unpublished graph shows an extrapolated 2015 payout structure compared to 2014, for the  693 positions that were paid last year. It compares both to 2009, which had a similar—though far more pronounced—bulge in the payout curve with a drop-off for a couple payouts after ninth place.