November (No) Round Up

A variety of other commitments kept me from getting to any of the events on the Pacific Northwest Tournament Calendar this month. I was tied up in a project during the Lake Tahoe stop for the WSOP Circuit, still tied up the first weekend of the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up, then unseasonably cold and icy conditions kept me from getting to Pendleton during the middle of the week. I didn’t feel like going out for just the main event; I even skipped the $35K guarantee at Encore Club that Saturday. The WSOP stop at the Stratosphere is running this week, and I’m not going there even though I’ll be in Las Vegas overnight during the main event there. Just whiffing everything.

The interview on the Limon show was a train wreck, the audio on my end kept cutting out, I couldn’t hear half of what the questions were, and I ended up just sitting back and not saying anything because I couldn’t follow along. Got roasted in comments. I did actually work as a radio dj long, long ago….

I’ve played a lot more cash games the past month than I have historically. That may be because of a 21-game losing streak in tournaments (which just ended with an 82nd place min-cash in a 1,000+ player tournament), or it may be contributing to the streak. I’ll have to figure that one out.

I’ve continued to write a bit for My latest is a look at the final table all in hands of WSOP Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson. Last month was the simulation of depletion and replenishment in tournament economies. If anyone needs numbers crunched or hands written about, you know where to find me.

It’s been three years since my original “Road to Prague” attempt and it looks like another Christmas-time EPT will go by without my money and chips. Que sera.

Coming up next is the 2Pair Poker Tour stop in my old home town of Eugene. I haven’t spent much time down there in the past quarter century, and it’s weird to think there’s a poker room practically on top of where I used to elude the cops on foggy mornings as I rode my bicycle to school on the shoulder of Belt Line to avoid the extra seven miles before there was a pedestrian/bike bridge north of Valley River Center, but there it is.