You’re Asking Me

You’re asking me, “will it be alright?”
Because I’ve been around, I have the insight
And I was there the first time so I must know what it’s like
If you’re asking me, don’t take my advice
—Ray Davies, “You’re Asking Me”, Working Mans Café

It’s hard and time-consuming to keep up with everything going on in the tournament poker world, even just the stuff close to home here in the Pacific Northwest. Not everyone is good about putting up info in a timely fashion (as I write this less than two weeks before the Tulalip Pow Wow, the schedule for that series still isn’t up on the Tulalip Casino web site). It’s incredibly easy to overlook or miss things that are going on. But here’s a collection of hopefully-useful links and Twitter feeds to keep you busy not that I’ve hung up the calendar.


The Poker Mutant is retired from poker as of today.

No poker today. No poker tomorrow.

I’ll still make the ocassional game, but for now I’m out of the game on a regular basis. I’m going to post some links over the next couple of days for people to reference for the info I used to collect.

Thanks to all of the folks who have offered encouragement and support over the years, particularly my little gang Poker Team 1Daryl VogelBrad Press, and Steve Myers. Many thanks to my cousin-by-marriage Kelly Buechler for introducing me to my first home in 2007. Best wishes to my former programming colleague Tomer Berda for advice and a couple of great experiences at the feet of a poker master. Thanks to Mark Humphrey for offering me the good room in his Las Vegas condo on my longest shot at playing in las Vegas back in 2012 and Jeremy Harkin for a god deal when I needed one for someplace to stay in Vegas when I worked the WSOP. Sean Gentry and Darin Stout for some damn good photos of me at the table. Rebecca Hanington and Devin Sweet for they-know-what. Ben May and Brian Sarchi and the late John Ogai and everyone else who operates or has operated a poker room in Portland. Chadd Baker for Portland Players Club. My travel and intellectual partner David LongJoe Brandenburg, Elizabeth Tedder, Jacqi Burkhart, and the always-entertaining Angela JordisonCat MartinHeath Bloodgood, and the rest of the staff at Final Table for helping with the website project. Everyone I didn’t have time to list before I hit Update.