#PNWPokerCal Planner for 28 February 2018

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Portland Meadows DASH Tournament

This Friday evening is what Portland Meadows is billing as the first cryptocurrency-only live poker tournament. Here are some questions and answers about DASH (the currency sponsoring the 20% Guaranteed Overlay event) and the tournament itself (from the NW Poker Facebook group).

To any/all planning on playing the guaranteed overlay Dash tournament at Portland Meadows this coming Friday who do not yet have a Dash-compatible wallet on their phone, please download the Edge wallet from the Android/IOS playstore in advance. It will speed your sign-up.


Q: What do you do after you download the Edge wallet?

A: Open the App. You should be queued to choose a username, password and PIN (similar to any web service you’ve ever signed up for.).

(At some point in this process, the app may ask for permission to access your phone’s camera. You must agree to this for reasons that become obvious later when you are sending Dash to someone else.)

Once this is complete, your main screen should display a line that says “My Wallets”. Click on the “+” sign to the right on this row to generate a pull-down menu.

Scroll down to “Dash” and click on it.

This action should then queue you to select a fiat currency. Scroll down to USD and click that.

This should advance you to the “Create Wallet” screen. Click “Next”.

This advances you to a screen where you doublecheck your previous selections. If they are all as you intended, click “Create Wallet”.

If all went well, this will kick you back to the home screen where a new wallet called “My Dash” should now appear.

Mission accomplished.

Q: How do I get money into the wallet?

A: Portland Meadows has a bi-directional Dash ATM (you can buy Dash with cash or sell Dash for cash).

In order to buy from/sell to the ATM, you must go through a brief registration process. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CELL PHONE AND A GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID to register.

The ATM and/or its managers will walk you through the registration process which should take no more than 2 minutes to complete.

A few minutes will pass after you walk away from the ATM before you receive a text message saying your registration is complete.

Now you can return to the ATM with cash in hand to buy your Dash. You no longer need your ID, but do (obviously because your Dash wallet is on it!) need your cell phone. Within minutes the Dash should be in your phone wallet. You should buy at least .10001 Dash so that you are equipped to cover the minimal transaction fee associated with sending the 0.1 Dash tournament entry fee.

[Brian Thorp made a comment on the Facebook post that you should not be using the Portland Meadows wifi during this process.]

Q: How do I use the wallet to pay for entry into the tournament?

A: This will be the easiest step. Like any other tournament, go to the registration desk.

While in line, open your Dash wallet and go to the “Send” screen. This should activate your phone’s camera which is eagerly awaiting a QR code to scan.

Once you get to the desk, tournament staff will have their wallet open and you will scan the code that they present you.

This will advance you to a screen where you choose the amount to be sent, which will of course be the entry fee of 0.1 Dash.

Q: How do I cash out of the tournament?

A: Congrats! Open your phone Dash wallet and navigate to the “Request” or “Receive” screen. This screen should feature a QR code. Present the code to the desk tournament staff for them to scanning.

Your Dash prize should instantly appear in your wallet as “pending”. Without getting into much technical detail as to why, it may take 1-10 minutes for the “pending” status to disappear, at which point your receipt of funds is confirmed.

If you desire to convert Dash back into cash, you may proceed back to the ATM and sell it back there.

ATM managers will be available to walk you through any issues, but this process will involve letting the machine know how much cash you want to receive. (Obviously this should not exceed the value of the Dash in your wallet otherwise the transaction will fail.)

The ATM will then print you out a receipt. On this receipt is a QR code which you will scan to send Dash to the machine in a manner similar to when you registered for the tournament. DO NOT THROW AWAY THIS RECEIPT AFTER YOU HAVE SENT DASH TO THE ATM.

The ATM will then send you a text message when it is ready to dispense your cash.

Return to the ATM and you will be prompted to scan the QR code again and your cash will be dispensed.

This Week In Portland Poker

Thursday is the first day of March so it’s the week for Final Table’s First Friday $20K GTD tournament at 7pm ($80 buyin with 1 live rebuy and $40 addon). There’s also the aforementioned 20% overlay guarantee at Portland Meadows on Friday night at 7 (buyin 0.1 Dash, ~$61 as of Tuesday night).

Pacific Northwest Leaderboard

Results from the Chinook Winds series haven’t posted to Hendon Mob yet, so they haven’t been picked up in the state-by-state ratings. I will, however, report that Rep Porter had a good couple of weeks at the LAPC, taking 2nd place in both Event #41 2-7 Triple Draw and Event #50 NLHE Bounty Championship. Eugene’s Garrett Garvin grabbed third place at LAPC’s Event #53 PLO8.

Only a Day Away

I’ve made a small formatting change to the calendar that should make things easier to read.

  • Muckleshoot Casino has $125 Wednesday satellites (7pm tonight and next Wednesday) for packages to the Spring Classic coming up in two weeks. Each package has the option of entry into the $500 $10K Added tournament on Saturday, 17 March and two of the Wednesday—Friday tournaments or entry into the $750 $20K added Main Event and one of the weekday tournaments.
  • The Wynn Classic’s $1600 buyin $1M GTD NLHE has three noon flights starting tomorrow.
  • The Great Canadian Freeze Out is at Calgary’s Cash Casino. The C$660 buyin Main Event has the first of four entry days today.
  • WPT Rolling Thunder  $3,500 entry Main Event has entry days Friday and Saturday; there’s a two-day $100K tournament ($1,100 entry) with flights tomorrow and Friday.
  • Friday is the Bicycle Casino WSOPC/Mega Millions XVIII, running until the end of March, kicking off with a $365 entry $300K WSOPC Ring event and including a $100K GTD HORSE tournament (starts 10 March) and the $1M GTD Mega MIllions (with entry as low as $160).