My Time Is Coming: Report 13 or No Rebuy Week

Every now and then I like to challenge myself to pay the bare minimum I can when I play poker. Conventional wisdom is that you should buy all the chips you can. My own philosophy is that a good player in a structure that’s decent should be just as successful (and likely more profitable) with the minimum.

Working on something big WSOP-related; may know the outcome by next week. Special thanks to everyone who’s offered support and advice this week.

Final Table $1K NLHE

Not much to say about this one. Got to the game a little behind schedule, had a couple hands go wrong, Out before break. It’s No Rebuy Week here at Mutant Poker.

Sixty minutes. 21st of 23 entries.

Final Table 11am $1K NLHE, 18 April 2016

Final Table $1K NLHE

Second stab at this one for the week. Went a little different. I didn’t build up a huge stack by the end of the first segment, but it’s also No Addon Week at Mutant Poker. Field sizes are still a bit  anemic in the 11am game, there were more shootout tables going than there were in the tournament.

I got to the final table in pretty good shape, with about a fifth of the chips in play, and played it relatively cautious as the short stacks jockeyed to see who would survive. I took a bit of a hit from JB on my left when I ran kings into aces and doubled her up, essentially swapping chips stacks, but them I managed to hit a few hands before the one pictured below.

We were down to six players with four getting paid, and I was in the big blind with aces. I don’t think I had the chip lead, but I was ahead of four of the stacks, with JB still ahead of me UTG, and what may have been the shortest stack UTG1. HJ raised and got called by CO. D raised, SB went all in, and I shoved my aces. Both HJ and CO went all in to call. HJ: kings. CO: tens. SB: jacks. Me: aces. The only Broadway card apart from an ace that was safe for me was a queen, and that was all that showed up. No flushes, no straights, no chops. Three players went out, there was no talk of a bubble, and only one of them got paid.

Four-way showdown at Final Table final table 19 April 2016

After the short stack (who’d moved up from sixth place to third as a result of that hand) busted, I suggested an even chop with a little bit of HU practice to JB, who had about 30% of the chips (first place was 180% of 2nd, but it was still just $200). We played for a little longer than that, collected our money, and I called it a day.

Final Table 11am $1K NLHE, 19 April 2016

Bovada 0.02/0.05 NLHE Zoom 6-Max

Killed some time before the start of the Encore Poker Series but didn’t go anywhere and lost a buy-in with a suited ace and a pair on two consecutive hands in the first session.

Two sessions. Twenty minutes. 77 hands. -173BB.

Bovada 0.02/0.05 PLO8 6-Max

My first session of this, I sailed down to 40BB from 100, then build up a little before I was dealt [jc as 8s 3c], called a pot-sized bet pre-flop and saw the flop HU: [5c 7s 2s]. With the nut low and nut flush draw, I potted, got called, re-potted on the [8d] turn, and went all in on the river. My [8s] made a better two pair for the high than aces and sevens for his [4d 9s 2h ad], and I scooped. Still lost the second session’s buy-in.

Two sessions. Forty-four minutes. 46 hands. -27BB.

Encore Club Encore Poker Series VIII #1 $20K NLHE

I’d though this was a re-entry tournament (sorry everyone I screwed over on the Planner write-up!) I took a big hit on the third hand with [qd qc]. The flop was [jx 5d ad], and I should have just broken it off there but one of the blinds was betting it and I thought I might set-mine a little. [9d] came on the turn though, so I was now drawing to the 2nd nut flush. I was pretty confident calling the [jd], though I felt a pang about the paired board. And Well I should have, because the blind had called my raise with [jc 5c] and had me beat on the flop.

I built things back up from 6K to 23K before running into the same player again just before break, when I got it all in pre-flop with [as ks] against his [ax ax]. Fine timing. I still had 3.5K behind. We were on the last hand before break and I was UTG1. I called a 1.1K raise with [6x 7x], and there were four or five players to the flop. [6h 7h 9c]. UTG shoves 3K (I hadn’t noticed he was so short. I called for less, and one other player called. UTG had two hearts, The caller had kc qc]. I was good on the turn, but the river was a heart and I was gone.

One hundred minutes. ~195th of 202 entries.

Encore Club EPS VIII #1 $20K NLHE, 21 April 2016