Down Bound and East

Full Tilt $36,000 Rush Guarantee Rebuy (1,500 chips)

Fatally short. So short that the client didn’t record the final (fifth) hand. 1,024th place out of 1,279 players. One minute.

Full Tilt 90-Player Sit & Go (3,000 chips)

Is frustration setting in? I’m busting out in early minutes far too soon, far too often. This is another five-hand session. It last longer that the previous one, but only because it’s not a Rush tournament. I have JK on the button, blinds are only 15/30 and I still have nearly 2,900 chips. One player limps in, I raise to 75, BB calls as does the limper. 5J8 gives me top pair, both players check to me, I make a 240 bet, BB re-raises to 480, the limper folds, and I call. 8 on the turn, BB bets 1,200, I don’t believe him, and I’m all-in for 2,340. He calls, and I’m right, he’s semi-bluffing with Q9. Then the Q hits the river and I’m out 89th of 90 players.

Full Tilt Scheduled Tournament (3,000 chips, 03/29 00:32)

Lucky off the bat, picking up JA on the first hand after joining this game in progress at 25/50. I was BB, HJ raised to 150, CO re-raised to 250, I called, followed by HJ. 82J and I’m in the same position I was in the previous game, with top pair and nothing better in sight. I bet the pot—775—and get a call from HJ. CO drops out. A troublesome K shows up for the turn and I check it to HJ who checks along. A on the river gives me two pair but makes a potential flush. I put in only 500 and get called by HJ, who’s just got the lower of my two pairs, with JQ. I win 1,800.

QJ works out great for me five hands later at 30/60 from UTG3. UTG calls, I raise to 150, and there are four calls (HJ, CO, BB, UTG). I hit top pair on the Q64 flop and raise BB’s 120 bet to 450. Only BB and UTG see the turn with me; there’s 2,130 in the pot. The card is 6, both of the players ahead of me check, and I check to see another free card in case someone hit a 6x. The river is 5, BB checks, UTG makes a little 120 bet, I call and BB gives up. UTG has Q5, but his kicker (and second pair) is counterfeited, so my kicker wins me the hand and puts me over 6,400.

That’s about the end of the good news, though. Forty minutes go by before I make another hit with 67, and the 780 I make there is well short of the 1,000 I’ve lost in the meantime.

Then on the next hand I pick up a dangerous pocket pair in UTG1: 77. I call the 160 big blind, UTG2 calls, SB raises to 800, BB folds, and I should fold here but raise to 1,600 instead. UTG2 goes all-in for 4,200. SB only has another 40 and goes all-in. Now I should really fold and keep my 4,641 but I stupidcall. BB has me beat with 99. UTG2 has one over card: T9. The board misses all of us: 25KQ2 and nearly 13K goes to BB.

The end comes just seven hands later in an ignominious manner. I call 160 with KA from UTG2 and see the flop with the blinds. 872 on the flop. Everyone checks to the 3 on the turn. Checks all-around to a 8 river. SB bets 800, BB calls, I raise all-in for 1,601, SB re-raises to 2.720. BB folds. SB has 33, made a set on the turn.

57 minutes, 76th of 209 players.

Full Tilt $9,000 KO Guarantee (2,000 chips)

Bought in well after the beginning of the game Didn’t manage to get anything for nearly half an hour until I picked up JA as UTG3. UTG2 limped in for 50 and I raised to 125. CO came along and everyone else dropped out. Flop was 8T2, I bet 100, CO raised to 450 and I called to see a Q turn give me a flush draw. I pushed all-in and got a call, with CO showing AT. No flush, just 7 for the river and I was out.

Did a second entry, lost 1,200 with TT on hand three. Out on the next hand.

Out in 1,689th and 1,921st out of 2,028 places.

Full Tilt Rush Flash (40BB)

Three good hands in here. It’s hard to wrong with AA (although it can happen) and I just about doubled up for 40 big blinds after busting out once. I was lucky, because there was a set of 8x on the board. 8A netted me another 33 big blinds. After flushing on the flop with K9 and getting 25 big blinds, I took my money and went home with a profit of 28 big blinds.