Hyper Drive

I’ve played a lot of Turbo tournaments online over the years but I can’t remember ever actually sitting down into a Hyper (Turbo). I play fast enough, but the aggressive speed of the blind structures is far more subject to variance. A couple of weeks back, though, during a Wild Wednesday promotion on Ignition Casino, I jumped in and two-tabled their $12K GTD NLHE 50K Chips Hyper while I was playing my usual $5K GTD NLHE Thousandaire Maker.

Ignition’s Hyper games have 3-minute blind levels, meaning two or three hands at the most at each level; between three and four levels per circuit of the table.

Hand 2 QQ SB 40/80 49,920
It’s already level 2! UTG raises A3 to 400 and UTG2 calls with 99. I three-bet to 960 and both of the others call. We flop TJ9, I check, UTG2 checks, and UTG2 bets abut half-pot (1,640) on his set. I call. 8 turn is a great card for me. I check again, UTG2 bets 3,120 and I call. The river is 5, I bet 6,000 and he calls with the set. So I’m off to a pretty good start.

Hand 8 99 UTG1 100/200 62,680
I’ve got about 9K more than any of the other players at the table, but nobody’s down below 40K yet, even though a couple of levels have gone by already. I open to 600, the big blind calls with 32. The flop is AJQ and I misclick, betting just 200 instead of my more typical half-pot. It must look fishy, because he calls. The turn is Q, and he check-folds to another bet of 800.

Hand 15 44 BB 200/400/40 63,055
Another hand, another level! I’ve been bounced to a new table, though I’ve got the chip lead here, too. UTG2 has JJ and opens to 1K. SB calls with T7 and I come along. The flop is 938. SB and I check, UTG2 bets 1,720, SB has an open-ended straight draw and calls. I dump the hand and they both check to the river after an ace hits the turn, with the jacks holding out.

Hand 24 A8 SB 500/1K/100 60,215
Blinds are moving up rapidly; I’ve gone from more than 300bb to 60bb in 15 minutes and I haven’t even really lost much in the way of chips. UTG3 opens QQ to 3K, getting called by the button 7A and both of us in the blinds (BB has K5). The flop is 947 and UTG3 makes a bet of 9,900 getting folds from the rest of us.

Hand 32 55 SB 1K/2K/200 54,515
UTG calls with 8K, HJ raises to 6K KQ, the button calls with A9, and I defend my low pair, followed by a call from the limper. I fold after a c-bet of 7,700 on the flop of KA8 from the original raiser and a call from the button, then UTG jams his bottom two pair and wins the pot.

Hand 34 QJ CO 1K/2K/200 48,115
Wow. Playing two hands in the same level! HJ min-raises with T7 and I call. Both the small and big blinds (KT and K[jd[,][respectively)][come][along.][It’s][a][Q98 flop and HJ bets 8K for his open-ended draw. I just call, but both the blinds fold. The turn is 2. HJ checks this time, I overbet the pot with an all in, and HJ puts another 36K in with his draw. He misses with the 3 on the river, and I more than double.

Hand 39 TK BB 1.5K/3K/300 104,330
UTG1 raises to 9K with JJ, I defend, then check-fold to a 14K c-bet when the flop is 224.

Hand 40 9T SB 2K/4K/400 95,030
Action folds to me and I just call with a hand I’d usually raise with, particularly since BB has about a third of my stack. The flop is 457 and I check fold when BB jams the remaining 29K into the pot with 4Q. He is ahead, but I wouldn’t be loving it if it was me.

Hand 46 KA UTG 2.5K/5K/500 88,330
I raise to 15K and everyone folds. I pick up more than 10K.

Hand 47 AJ UTG 2.5K/5K/500 98,830
Everyone folds. Nobody has less than 10bb, but that changes so fast in hyper.

Hand 50 KQ CO 3K/6K/600 100,130
HJ min-raises with A8. I call and so do both the blinds (55 for SB and 69 for BB). The flop is QQ7, it checks to me and I bet about half-pot. Everyone folds.

Hand 53 TQ UTG1 3.5K/75K/700 138,930
I raise the Portland Nuts to 21K and everyone folds. I’m the only player on the table with more than 80K.

Hand 55 J9 BB 4K/8K/800 153,530
UTG limps in with KA, SB is along with A4, and I check. We all check a flop of 676, then I chack call ona 16K bet from UTG when the turn is 9 (SB folds). We check the 3 river and my top pair holds for a tidy result.

Hand 59 A8 UTG1 5K/10K/1K 183,730
I’m not sure why I didn’t call the jam from UTG (51K with 9K), but it’s probably because SB at the time had close to 150K and I didn’t want to get squeezed or called with this particular hand.

Hand 62 JA BB 5K/10K/1K 180,730
This hand momentarily put me in the top 20 players in the tournament, with about 100 remaining. Action just folded to SB, who limped his KK. I raised to 40K, he went all in for a total of 123K, and I decided to call. The board ran 92TA4 and he cracked in 90th place.

Hand 65 67 CO 6K/12K/1.2K 300,404
Three players at the table are under 50K (one has just a big blind remaining), then there are  another three in the 150K to 200K range. And there’s me, but even I’ve only got 50bb. UTG goes all in with A4 and just 23K. I call, and BB—one of the mid-range stacks—calls with 58. The flop is auspicious but the board is 228Q4 by the river, and the all-in wins.

Hand 69 KA UTG1 8K/16K/1.6K 271,604
I raise to 48K and CO goes all in for just 4K more. I call, he shows QJ, and the board runs out 8KA24; the wrong color black for him, fortunately. We’re down to 70 players.

Hand 70 Q[tdd] UTG 10K/10K/2K 350,804
I don’t know why I fold this hand here under the gun. In any case, It’s a mistake, although it may have cost me less. The fold may also have cost me more. One of the short stacks in CO goes all in with 8Q and 62K. I definitely would have called that if I’d raised to my standard 30K here. The tricky decision would have been when SB went all in with AK and 157K. Would I have called another 95K even with the Portland Nuts? If I had, I would have been nicely-rewarded, because the board was TK54T. SB won with two pair, but my trips would have picked up a pot of 250K.

Hand 78 A5 UTG1 12.5K/25K/2.5K 303,304
My first actual setback for a while. I raise to 75K, CO is all in for just 16.5K with TQ and BB calls with A8 from a stack about equal to mine. We check it down to the river with 272Q8 on the board, the short stack quintuples with two pair and BB get the side with a better kicker.

Hand 90 34 BB 30K/60K/6K 107,304
Yeah, you read that right: 12 hands and the big blind has gone from 25K to 60K! Worse, just after the last hand I wrote up, I was in the big blind, got moved to UTG at another table, and had to pay another big blind, so even though I was only down to 225K after the loss, I’ve lost another 115K just from blinds and antes in 10 hands. The ABC of Hyper: Always Be Chippin’. Anyway, I’m under 2BB here, we’re in the money, I’ve got suited connectors even if they’re crappy suited connectors. I’ll barely be able to pay the small blind and ante if I fold. UTG2 is all in for 176K with JJ, CO is the tournament chip leader with 810K and shoves with 66, and I’m all in with my last 41K. The flop is 4KK, so there’s almost hope, but the Q turn and 9 river give the chips to the best hand and I’m out in 41st.

90 hands. 90 minutes, +58% ROI.

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 11 October 2017

photo PokerNews.com


I’ve Been Saving All My Money Just to Play Poker There…

For some of us, part of the allure of poker is the potential of going someplace more exotic than Las Vegas, funding our travel with our winnings or at least giving us an excuse to go somewhere, whether that’s a poker cruise or, in my case, Dublin or Prague (still working on those).

Newberg’s Liz Tedder (Brandenburg) took a little trip to Morocco for some sun and surf, plus a little poker at the WPTDeepstacks Marrakech, where she did more than just add a couple of new flags to her long list of US cashes at Hendon Mob. She min-cashed a preliminary tournament, then went on to the final table of the Main Event, the only US player to cash in the field of 433 mostly-European entrants.

Elizabeth Tedder Mixes Vacation With WPTDS Marrakech WPTDeepStacks PMU.fr WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Season 2017-2018 2 1,000/4,000/8,000

Up over a million chips near the beginning of Day 3 (Sunday) with just 16 players left, Liz had a bit of a setback when her kings were cracked, but she held on through three more hours, to make it to ninth place. You can watch the WPT stream of the final table on Twitch, and if you don’t mind listening to French commentary, Liz is on much of the Day 3 coverage from co-sponsor PMU.

The Poker Mutant happened to notice that WPTDeepstacks had an event starting this week in Holland…

All aboard the train plane.

You Might Call It the “Poker Mutant” Series

Announced just after last week’s Planner went up, Portland Meadows has four days of freezeouts beginning next Thursday, with a 6-Max and Big O. There’s a Bounty tournament (with half the buyin going toward the bounty) and a $300 entry High Roller, plus two Survivor tournaments to cap things off (it’s not explicit on the announcement, but a $145 entry Survivor will pay about $1,450 to 10% of the entries, depending on how the 10% is rounded). You know i love a Survivor.


It seems like good poker-related news is hard to find sometimes, but the Southern Oregon poker community came together Sunday at Southern Oregon Poker Club in Medford to raise money for Dustin Ferreira, who needs a new wheelchair and an accessible van.

It’s Always Time for PokerTime

More episodes from Grant and Jonathan.

Heads Up At The Game

They didn’t get a full bracket at last weekend’s planned $500 entry 8-player HU challenge at The Game, but Daniel Ross posted the bracket from the 6 entries. Players went 3-handed after the first round and battled it out for all the money.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

The big new numbers of the week came from Muckleshoot Casino, as the results of the 2017 Summer Poker Classic. First place finishes in the $500 (chop) and $300 events  for Ed Pineda (Puyallup) dwarfed his previous recorded cashes. Federal Way’s Patrick Ngo cashed twice at the series—his only recorded cashes so far—making the unofficial final table of the $500 event and taking first place in the Main Event . Not a bad record. And Sarah Pong from Portland took 5th place in the Main Event to drive her numbers way up,

Scott Clements won first place in the $600 $150K GTD Wynn tournament last week, making him the week’s winner in overall dollars and for a single cash, with Kevin MacPhee weighting the table heavily in the Northwest’s favor with a fourth-place finish. Gennadiy Dvosis (Bellevue) was another player on the leader board who picked up some big bucks with a 3rd place in the Muckleshoot Main Event, along with Nicholas Halvorsen of Vaughn, Washington. Dan “Goofy” Beecher made two final tables during the Muckleshoot series (with three cashes overall). And, of course, rounding out the big money, the aforementioned Liz Tedder rounded out the top-scoring returning players.

Side note: I mentioned last week that there was a ghost entry on Hendon Mob for Joe Brandenburg (as “Joe Bradenburg”); those cashes were consolidated into the right entry and make Joe one of the bigger winners of the week by themselves!

This Week In Portland Poker

Nothing special this week, but see the Portland Meadows Freezeout Series coming up a week from Thursday.

Only a Day Away

  • The Bicycle Casino/Card Player Poker Tour V Big Poker Oktober continues this weekend with a 2-entry day ($1100) $400K GTD. Entry days Saturday through Monday. They have a $10K GTD PLO tournament coming up on Wednesday.
  • The Heartland Poker Tour Kansas City Main Event has three entry days ($1650) starting tomorrow.
  • WSOPC Chicago at Horseshoe Hammond kicks off with a $500K GTD $365 entry Ring event with three entry days (4 flights) Thursday through Saturday. There’s also a $580 PLO tournament there on Sunday.
  • Monday is the start of Run It Up Reno, at the Peppermill. They start with 6-Max PLO ($150), 6-Max HORSE ($150), and 8-Game 8-Max ($235).
  • The always-buys Thunder Valley Resort and Casino hosts the Ante Up NorCal Classic starting next Tuesday. There’s a $150K GTD Main Event, $10K GTD O8, and a couple of other goodies on the menu.
  • There’s another Venetian Weekend Extravaganza (also beginning Tuesday), with the big event a $340 buyin $100K GTD.
  • If you want to follow in Liz Tedder’s footsteps (sort of), get your surf and poker at WPTDeepstacks San Diego, at the Ocean’s 11 Casino, opening with the $75K GTD Haig Kelegian King of Clubs Classic ($300 with addon) and ending with a $200K GTD Main Event ($1100).

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 4 October 2017

Pendleton After Dark

Or day. My admittedly-limited experience of Pendleton (town motto: “Working every day to be the premier city of Eastern Oregon”) leads me to the conclusion that it’s the kind of place where something called the Pendleton Leather Show (opening the first weekend of November) is not a fetish trade show but something that opens at 9am and features “saddle trees, stirrups, fancy conchos, stamping tools, saddlery tools, bootmaking supplies, glue, conditioners, dyes and much more.”

However, we are now less than a month from the start of the biggest poker tournament series in the Pacific Northwest, the Fall Poker Round Up at Wildhorse Resort & Casino, a few miles east of Pendleton proper.

Running a week-and-a-half, and with a total of $40K added to the prize pools, there are 12 events ranging from $125 (including dealer add-on) turbos and a High Roller with an $1,100 buyin, along with two satellites each into the High Roller and the $550 buyin Main Event.

Bucking a trend toward freezeout formats, Wildhorse has begun allowing re-entry over the past couple of years, along with expanding their entry period beyond the first level (any number of players delayed on the freeway for more than a half hour or just used to late entry found themselves at a loss when they got to the casino after close of registration) Not a problem now!

The schedule for this year is practically identical to previous years, with the sad exception of the Tuesday HORSE tournament. It’s been replaced by a Big O tournament which may pull in more than the 122 entries HORSE brought in each of the past two falls, but it’s a downer to see one of the few mixed-game tournaments in the Northwest dissipate.

Rooms on the weekends at Wildhorse are already scarce, though so far there seems to be plenty of stock in town—great if you don’t mind the commute, though it can get a bit wearying at the end of a long poker day. I’ve never managed to cash at Wildhorse, but I’m planning to be out there for the whole run this time around and turn that around. A few years ago, I won a Main Event seat at Portland Players Club and was all excited until I woke up in the morning to a call that my wife had a heart attack at her sister’s house that morning; last year I didn’t make it out because a tree branch fell on my convertible roof the day after the election. So it’s time to get this monkey off my back.

2016 Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up By the Numbers

EventEntriesFirst PrizePrize Pool
#1 $175 No Limit Hold'em - Fri612$18,247$91,800
#2 $230 No Limit Hold'em - Sat522$20,102 $104,400
#3 $230 No Limit Hold'em Shootout - Sun240$9,940 $48,600
#4 $230 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - Mon228$10,425 $46,320
#5 $230 HORSE - Tue122$6,285$26,677
#6 $125 No Limit Hold'em Turbo - Tue161$4,995$ 16,465
#7 $230 No LImit Hold'em Seniors - Wed324$13,845 $64,800
#8 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em High Roller - Thu88$21,000$88,000
#9 $230 No Limit Hold'em - Thu318$13,696$63,600
#10 $340 No Limit Hold'em - Fri474$29,443$142,200
#11 $550 No Limit Hold'em Main Event - Sat431$45,402 $214,725
#12 $175 No Limit Hold'em Turbo - Sat119$4,651$17,957

More Portland Meadows News

Poker journalist Jen Newell is the latest to spread the word on the attempt by the Oregon Lottery to shut down the Portland Meadows with a piece at poker room, Legal US Poker News. While there’s not much new there for anyone who’s been following the saga, it does have a bit more depth and history than most. And I certainly can’t fault her use of a photo that’s actually from Portland Meadows (not to mention tweets from myself and Brian Sarchi).


The poker fundraiser for Medford’s Dustin Ferriera is Sunday at 2pm at Southern Oregon Poker Club. Dustin co-founded a wheelchair basketball team but was hit by a truck in a crosswalk earlier this year and the fundraiser is helping to raise money for a new wheelchair and a van.

Heathman Late Night

According to a post by Erica Sheff on the NW Poker Facebook group, there was some sort of 2am game at the Heathman Hotel Saturday night, but no info on whether it’s going to be a regular thing.

Rialto Steps It Up

The game at the Rialto has moved from 0.5/1 to 1/1 with a $300 max buyin, again according to a NW Poker post (from Sean Dalton). If 0.50/1 is still your thing, Room 52 on the east side will accommodate; according to those in the know, the chairs are quite comfortable.

8-Man (or Woman) HU

Another thread on NW Poker was getting an 8-person NLHE Heads-Up tournament together this weekend at The Game. Likely all the seats are snapped up by now, but message Daniel Ross to verify.

Daniel also posted this great picture from The Game of what he called a “crazy” game…

Omaha and PLO

Palace Casino (or is it Chips?) in Lakewood (just south of Tacoma) has announced they’re going to be running 6/12 Omaha starting at noon Sunday through Wednesday, with Big O (1/3, 5 bringin, pot limit) after 6pm on Tuesdays and PLO after 6 on Wednesday.

WSOP Satellites

Folks are already planning for next year’s WSOP Main Event, and satellites to the big game are running in a variety of places outside the state.

Every Sunday at the Wild Goose Casino in Ellensburg, Washington, you can play a $45 tournament where $20 goes into the prize pool and $20 goes into a satellite pool ($5 to the house). The winner of each weekly event gets to play in the final next May, with the top prize there getting a Main Event Seat and $1K in travel expenses.

Off the other direction at Lemoore, California’s Tachi Palace, this weekend is the first of  eight monthly satellites with a $225 (no re-entry) buyin and a Main Event seat with $2K in travel costs guaranteed to first place. First Saturday of every month through May.


For the love of all that is holy, follow @ArtySmokesPS.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Lots of action from the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic as the numbers got assimilated into the rankings this weekend.

Fist, congratulations to Paul Whitner of Goldendale, whose first cash (2nd place in the Main Event) on Hendon Mob moved him into the top 500 on the Washington All Time Money ListBrian Bowman of Portland has only three reported cashes, but two of them are from final tables at Chinook Winds Main Events. Randall Pefferle of Bend (Main Event, 5th) and Brent Schott (Gervais, Main Event, 8th) were others who made their first cash in a big way.

Toma Barber showed up on the radar ($3K minimum) for the first time because his pre-2016 recorded cashes are under a separate account for Arizona. Always a good idea to keep an eye on your cashes (for instance, I’m pretty sure Joe Bradenburg from Portland is actually Joe Brandenburg). Both of them have more recorded earnings than I do. Happy belated birthday, Joe!

The big winner was, of course, Binh “Jimmy” Nguyen, whose win in the Main Event moved him from 33rd in the Oregon All Time ranks to 29th. Dave Tragethon‘s 3rd place finish moved him all the way from 833rd to 249th, the biggest move in absolute numbers as well as percentage improvement. Glenn Larson was another big mover, though not as a result of anything at Chinook Winds; he took 7th place in the WSOP Circuit Main Event at Thunder Valley, which was good for a move from 700th to 322nd on the Washington money list. Back at Chinook, Eunhee Kim Chan jumped 128 places to 284th with two final tables (winning the Rattlesnake Boss Bounty and 4th in the 6-Max). Brad Press was in a deal made at the next-to-last tournament final table and took home enough to move up to 176th from 198th on the Oregon money list.

Pot That Beach

Eugene’s Beach Poker Club Check out their Facebook postis celebrating their first anniversary on Friday with a party at 7pm. Oh, and there’s poker. for info on how to get extra chips.

This Week In Portland Poker

It’s the first week of the month and that should mean a $20K guarantee First Friday at Final Table.

Only a Day Away

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 27 September 2017


This year’s Fall Coast Classic is in the books, we’ve got full results archived, and they’re even up on Hendon Mob already, thanks to quick work by the staff (though I did have to get them to do a correction on Main Event Winner Jimmy Nguyen, after they initially assigned it to a guy from England with $300 in lifetime earnings).

I didn’t manage to make it to the money, but I did bag chips for only the second time in the couple dozen multi-day events I’ve played (both times in fall series events at Chinook and yes, I’m that bad). Doubly pleased to be bagging and outlasting my two-and-a-half hour performance last fall at Chinook.

Obligatory Angela Jordison photo.

I was at the back of the room on table 38, and we didn’t get five players to start until about ten minutes into the first level. There were a couple of aggressive players at the table , then Steve Myers sat down in seat 5 and the game was on. One hand in the first level where I raised from early position to 300, Steve 4-bet to 5300. I lost that hand. We saw a 240bb pot in the first level, with Steve losing a big chunk of the chips he’d gained, but he came back. Eventually, though, I picked up some chips (doubling up against one of the ago players) and managed to outlast Steve and several others until the table broke after dinner.

By 9pm on Day 1, I was up to 150K, even though getting aces twice in an orbit didn’t pay off for much. I went into the day planning to write down hands, but I must be getting slow, because I quickly discovered it didn’t seem practical (to be fair to myself, taking notes in the early stage of the game before the table was full was part of the problem).

By the time we wrapped up a little after midnight (12 50-minute levels plus breaks) I had 198K, which put me in the top 20% of the returning field of 154 (from 300 entries).

My seat draw for Day 2 was decent. I was the biggest stack at the table. Henry Fields—who’d been on my right most of Day 1—was on my right again, and Kerry Yoon was on my left with a smaller but respectable stack.

Kerry got to work right away, knocking out one of the short stacks with A?J? v A?Q?. I doubled up another short stack—Khanista Griffin—before calling her button all in with K?K? for a third of my stack from the big blind with 9T (Kerry turned to me and said “How do you make that call?”). Patrick, between us in the smalll blind, was all in as well, but I flopped a flush and knocked them both out. That put me up to 273K.

One table broke almost immediately at the start of the day, and more the 40 players were gone in the first hour level. We picked up several new players, including Max Young, who came to the table with what looked like 300K and sat on my right. So I was sandwiched between Max and Kerry, who by this time had more than tripled the 101K he’d started with for Day 2,

I had a fairly significant setback twenty minutes into level 14 (the second level of Day 2) when I called an early position raise to 16K with KJ, flopped top pair, check-raised 40K after a 16K bet on a K?5?7? flop, then felt I sort of had to call the 72K all-in (against K?Q?. Like I said, bad player. That ate up about half my stack and I texted my friends that I was down to 112K at 12:25pm.

Then came the end, in what was one of the craziest hands of poker I’ve ever been involved in.

I had exactly 110K, at the 3K/6K/500 level. We were going up to 4K/8K/500 in about half an hour, by which time I’ll be down to just about 90K. I get 99 in UTG1. Max is UTG and he folds. I shove with only a couple of other stacks covering me behind.

Kerry, on my left, is one of them, with what I estimated was more than three times my own count. He makes the call, which is probably a bad sign, I was thinking. Behind him, the guy I lost half my stack to folds. Toma Barber, who made the final table the only other time I bagged chips (min-cash for me, that time) is all in with a very short stack. Then River Rich, who I played with a lot in the old Encore Club days and who’s doubled up to about 200K since he got to the table, takes a minute before he shoves over the top. There’s nearly 400K in the pot now, the button and blinds fold, and Kerry has to make the decision about whether to put another 70-80K in, which he eventually does. My nines are up against Kerry’s AK, KK for Toma, and AA for Rich. The last king bangs out on the flop: KQT, giving Toma the chance to quadruple his stack. The turn 2 didn’t change anything, but the J gave me a king-high straight flush. Unfortunately, Rich made a royal flush with the ace of hearts, so I was only second-best with the penultimate poker hand.

Despite an overlay in the opening event (up against the Muckleshoot and WSOPC Thunder Valley Main Events, gotta watch those calendars, people!) it seemed like folks were having a good time, folks were giving the staff kudos, and dates for the winter series have been announced already (14–25 February, up against the WSOPC event in Last Vegas at the Rio, of course).

They’re Baaaack…

Willamette Week reported Tuesday that the Oregon Lottery is still being used as a wedge to try to peel off poker from the offerings at Portland Meadows. That was followed by stories by Mo Nuwarrah at PokerNews and Brian Pempus at CardPlayer.

Guys, if you need photos of actual poker being played Portland, let me know!

More Poker Time

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Results from the Chinook and Muckleshoot series haven’t been integrated into the state-wide rankings at Hendon Mob yet, but I can tell you that four of the nine final table finishers in the Chinook Main Event made their first recorded cash last weekend, and for a couple of others, it was the biggest cash by far. But we’ll get to that next week.

It was a good week for Bend’s Seth Davies, who played in the $100K buyin Poker Masters tournament at the Aria. He took 4th place. You can watch the action on PokerGo. Or rather, you can if you can get it to load for you. (They’re running $300/$600 PLO this week on Poker After Dark, by the way.

This Week In Portland Poker

Usual schedules this week in Portland.

Only a Day Away

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 20 September 2017

Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic

The series is already half over! Thursday at noon is the ever-popular Event #10 $20K GTD Big O (played in the proper pot liimit format, not that limit crap, that’s no way to play Big O), and the Event #15 $150K GTD NLHE Main Event starts Saturday, with satellites in different formats Thursday and Friday evenings at 6pm (not really enough time to get down from Portland after work, guys), and a turbo satellite on Saturday morning at 10am.

Winners photos for the 6-Max and Seniors event were posted on Twitter (see above and here), but more posts might get more retweets (hint, hint).

I spent the weekend at Cape Disappointment for my wife’s birthday, so I didn’t get to play the 6-Max, but I did pick up a new t-shirt (from Friends of the Columbia River Gateway) for playing poker.

Calendar Changes

If you look at the next couple of weeks of the #PNWPokerCal Calendar, you’ll see a lot more stuff. That’s not because there are a lot more series, but I’ve started adding specific events. I’m going to try adding in as many events as possible for series in the Northwest, tournament with guarantees of more than $200K (or non-guarantee main events for larger series) and non-NLHE tournaments.

Additionally, I’m adding addresses and Google Map links for events, so if you’re unsure where a venue is, you can checkit out fast. Let me know if you think things are getting too cluttered (but try the buttons above the calendar first to filter by geographic regions first!)

Poker Time

The first three episodes of Poker Time hit the “air” this week, with Jonathan Levy and Grant Denison bringing their skills to bear on completely new content rather than broadcasts from the WSOP, WPT, or EPT. Featuring local poker names like Baptiste Chavalliez, Robert Brewer, and Jake Dahl, it’s a look into how some successful players approach a 5/5 cash game. More than two-and-a-half hours of poker in the three episodes. Watch Jake suck out on Baptiste in real time!

My Ears Are Burning (Like a Phoenix)

An article in the online journal Gaming Today quoted Ron Teston—who’s trying to open a social gaming club in Phoenix (between Ashland and Medford)—as saying “Social-gaming operations in Portland and California charge participants $15 per hour to play poker…” Ehhhh, no.

The publication tweeted that they were disabling the article while they looked into it (meanwhile David Long corrected my correction by pointing out it was “up to” $15/day, since only the larger venues charge that much) but it’s still up without any correction.

Racing Chips

If you haven’t shoved The Chip Race, the Irish poker podcast from David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney (with news from the execrable Ian Simpson) you’re missing out on—as people say the Irish say the craik. A lot of the show content is Euro-ccentric and sort of just makes you wish you were bumming around Ireland and the United Kingdom playing poker live and on any of the myriad legal online sites (Unibet sponsors the show) but it’s full of good stories and advice. The most recent episode features Jennifer Tilly (who will also be on Poker Night in America this Friday).

Anyway, last week Dara quoted an old comment by Barny Boatman—one of the famous Hendon Mob—which I retweeted. Then I got credit for “resurrecting” it from Thinking Poker podcaster Andrew Brokosand Ryan Laplante retweeted Brokos’s comment. I replied that it wasn’t me, and just to continue to give credit where credit is due, it was The Chip Race.


Back in April, Dustin Brandon Ferreira was crossing a street in Medford when he was hit by a truck. According to a story by KTVL-TV, Ferreira is a founder of the Rogue Valley Scorpions, a wheelchair basketball team in Southern Oregon. His bones were already brittle from osteogenesis imperfecta, and twenty-seven bones were broken in the accident. He’s in the process of trying to raise $20K for a new wheelchair and handicap-accessible van, and one of his fundraisers (in addition to a GoFundMe site) is a poker tournament at Medford’s Southern Oregon Poker Club. Coming up October 9th.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

No significant winners posted to Hendon Mob this week, but here are the Muckleshoot Summer Poker Classic Main Event results:

And a little action from the event:

This Week In Portland Poker

Usual schedules this week in Portland. Friday night’s usual $10K GTD at Final Table will be a $5K GTD this week because of the festivities at Chinook Winds.

Room 52, Where Are You?

A new addition to the social gaming scene in Portland, Room 52 opened this week inside Midpoint Cafe, at SE 52nd & Powell. They’ll be running 0.50/1 shootouts. Text 971-517-9230 for seat availability.

Only a Day Away

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 13 September 2017

Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic

It’s upon us! Oregon’s other big-time poker series, down at the beach, starts this weekend with a $75K GTD NLHE 6-Max, with two starting days (saturday and Sunday) and reentry through level 6 (40 minute levels) both days. Total cost is $340 ($300 entry + $30 fee + $10 dealer appreciation).

The week is jam-packed with satellites to the Main Event, plus a $25K GTD Seniors tournament (changed to 50+ now that I meet the former, higher, restriction) on Tuesday, $10K GTD Limit Omaha Hi-Lo on Wednesday (you’d think that game would be seniors-only!), a Boss Bounty tournament Wednesday night with $200 bounties paid by the casino, and $20K GTD Big O on Thursday, along with cash games and more. Check out the PDF with the schedule and structures.

In a twist this series, the $150K GTD NLHE Main Event is no reentry. Once and done. Day 1 (of 2) is 23 September, entry is $575 ($500 entry + $50 fee + $25 dealer appreciation), and there’s a $200 addon after level 6. Total chip buy is 40K + 30K.

I’m hoping to make it down for more than just the Main Event; see you all there!

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

The new name on the leaderboard this week is Brian Keller from Sammamish, who dropped into the $800 buyin 8-Max at the Venetian in Las Vegas (along with another 284 entries) and came out in third place for an impressive first Hendon Mob cash.

Gary Swaney of Olympia has been posting results for a decade, but hit his biggest cash in a different Venetian event, the $400 SuperStack, which drew 129 entries. No official reports, but it appears Swaney took second in a heads-up deal.

Happy Birthday, Kevmath!

For anyone in the poker industry—and particularly anyone who spends time poring over tournament schedulesKevin Mathers aka @Kevmath stands tall (really, he’s well over six feet). His birthday was Monday. He’s the backbone of poker Twitter (his tenth anniversary is coming up next May), and by then he should be well over 100K tweets (he’s only 3400 off that mark). He turned an obsession with poker and a near-encyclopedic knowledge of players and past results (plus what must be phenomenally fast thumbs) into a hobby, then a profession, to the point that he’s been the official social media presence for the WSOP the past two years.

This Week In Portland Poker

Usual schedules this week in Portland.

Only a Day Away

  • The  Muckleshoot Summer Classic kicks off today with a $2K Added NLHE Shootour at noon and a Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament at 6pm. Their $20K Added Main Event ($750 entry, presumably with extra dealer addon) starts Sunday.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 06 September 2017

My Eyes Are Burning, Too

This is going to be a short write-up today. It was predicted as a week of 100° temperatures here in Portland, I don’t have an air conditioner set up in my office any more, and the only reason it’s not as hot as the predictions is that the sky is full of smoke and ash because some idiot teenagers were flipping fireworks off the side of a trail in the Columbia River Gorge Saturday, so now there’s a fire of least 10,000 acres in size. I hadn’t moved up the Willamette Valley to Portland at the time of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and the ashfall this time is far less, but seriously, this really sucks. I’m not the outdoorsman I know a lot of you folks are, but my father and his sister have been hiking on both sides of the Columbia between Portland and Hood River a couple of times a week for years during the summers (including an impromptu overnight when a hike on Ruckle Ridge lasted longer than expected). The Gorge isn’t going to be the same for the rest of my life.

Who’s Got the Button?

Curious about the Labor Day Win the Button at Stones Gambling Hall? You can watch the final table on Twitch.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Jeffrey Farnes from Salem got his first Hendon Mob cash at Thunder Valley in the Main Event of the Ante Up World Championship. It didn’t take him long to notch a big #2, taking second place in the WPTDeepstacks Reno Main Event.

Everett’s Artem Markov  is the other big winner for the week, in the 1,180-player HPT Monster Stack side event in East Chicago, where he negotiated a heads-up deal for substantial second place. It’s Artem’s third (and by far largest) recorded cash.

This Week In Portland Poker

If the weather’s too hot for you, maybe you’d like a Freezeout Saturday at Portland Meadows?

Only a Day Away

  • The final Wednesday night Muckleshoot Summer Classic Satellite is tonight at 7pm. One out of ten players ($125 buyin) gets a choice between two packages of seats in the series. There are $225 Mega Satellites for all five events in the Classic Sunday, Sunday at noon, and at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday. The Classic starts a week from today, with a $2K added NLHE Shootout at noon ($250 buyin). There’s a Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament ($200 buyin) at 7pm. The September calendar is finally available.
  • The second week of the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza 3.5 is beginning. The first big event just squeaked past the $200K guarantee by a couple thousand dollars (about 3 $800 buyins). This weekend is a $125K GTD tournament with three starting flights and $250 buyin. You can get updates and info at the poker room blog.
  • There are 2 $570 flights each on Friday and Saturday at the Commerce Poker Series for a $300K GTD, with lots of satellites for their $1M GTD Main Event and a $350 buyin PLO game Sunday at 4pm. You can follow action on Twitter @LAPC and  @TheJustinHammer.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 30 August 2017

Angela Jordison’s Birthday!

I’ve found I can never go wrong with a picture of Angela Jordison on the post, so here’s one from the summer of 2016. Oh, and the inside of my nose. Happy birthday, Angela! (Did I mention Angela came in 51st in the Arizona State Poker Championship the other day?)

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

The big (and only) number this week comes from Portland’s own 2016 WPT Five Diamond Champ James Romero, who’s been living up to his post-win promise to travel the world “donating the money back to professional poker players from every country” with cashes this year in the Bahamas, Australia, and Canada (as well as across the US). He placed 49th out of 1,682 entries in the Main Event at the PokerStars Championship Main Event in Barcelona.

We’re looking for good things today from Jeffrey Mitseff, who double-qualified for the $100K GTD Big HORSE tournament at The Bike over the weekend. He started Day 2 (Tuesday) in 5th place (and 18th place) out of 48 advancing players. There were two other players who qualified twice; Jeff was the only one of the three with two above-average qualifying stacks.


Portland Poker Championship Series III

The final numbers are in and there’s a new champion here in town. The PPCS3 started the last game on Sunday with a 4-way tie at 50 points (three first-place finishers and a fourth player with two cashes equalling 50 points), but Thai T. got into the money for just enough points to push him ahead of the others. It may not be a perfect point system, but at least the winner was someone who made a final table this time around!

Congrats to Ben May and Brian Sarchi, and the staff at Final Table and Portland Meadows, and to all of the volunteer dealers (except for those who done me wrong!) who keep the game of poker running in Portland. And what the hell, thanks to the players.


Portland Wrestling Poker

If you’ve ever listened to The Poker Guys podcast, seen their YouTube channel, read their Twitter feed, or seen their feature-length art film, then you’ve probably through: “Sure, they can yammer on about a single hand for an hour, but could they do that kind of incisive, witty commentary on the fly? In real time?

Well, you still won’t know for sure, but you can check out a couple of sample hands from the trials of the Radio Frequency ID (RFID) table at Portland Meadows that they put together. No live streaming plans, but that gives the Guys time to put together a nifty production without a big crew.

This Week In Portland Poker

UPDATE: Friday’s game at Final Table is not a $20K GTD due to the Labor Day Weekend.

Friday is the first of the month, which means it’s First Friday, which should mean a $20K GTD at Final Table to follow up on the PPCS3. And it’s Labor Day Weekend, when the plight of the working man is traditionally celebrated with games of chance, so who knows? There may be some special events announced at the last minutes.

Only a Day Away

  • Another Muckleshoot Summer Classic Satellite is tonight at 7pm. One out of ten players ($125 buyin) gets a choice between two packages of seats in the series. The last Wednesday satellite is next Wednesday. There are $225 Mega Satellites for all five events in the Classic Sunday, 10 September at noon, and at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday, 11 and 12 September. The Classic starts two weeks from today.
  • Heartland Poker Tour at Ameristar East Chicago runs through Labor Day. Flights into the $1,650 Main Event are Thursday through Saturday at 2pm on the first two days and 1pm on Saturday. There are $375 satellites running through Saturday morning and some side events. Last-minute travel over the holiday and with massive disruptions through the Southeast are likely to lead to some problems, but there are still $230 round-trip tickets for Saturday morning (with departure just after midnight Friday) that would get to Chicago with plenty of time to make even the 10am satellite if everything connects.
  • The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza 3.5 starts tomorrow with four weeks of events. The big early event is an $800 buyin 8-Max with a $200K GTD and there are four smaller buyin events with six-figure guarantees.
  • The Commerce Poker Series starts Friday, with an early $350 buyin $100K GTD. It features a $1M GTD Main Event ($1,100 entry), a $5K NL 2-7 Triple Draw tournament, and some big bounty tournaments.
  • Sunday at Eugene’s Beach Poker Club is their $135 buyin Monthly Big Tournament.
  • Labor Day at Stone Gambling Hall is a $15K GTD Win the Button tournament, where the button is assigned to whoever won the last hand.
  • Little Creek Casino’s South Sound Poker Championship starts Tuesday with a Seniors (50+) tournament at 11am. There are six events (most at 11am), including a $340 Main Event with $5K added to the prize pool. Little Creek is in Shelton, Washington, west of Olympia, about 125 miles from Portland.
  • A week from Friday (8 September), Heartland Poker Tour moves to Golden Gates Casino in Colorado. In addition to qualifiers to the Main Event (starting 13 September), the first days feature four entry days for a $400 buyin.
  • 8 September is also the start of Deepstacks Poker Tour’s Battle of Alberta: Edmonton at Casino Yellowhead. There are several days featuring satellites to multiple series events and a C$1,100 C$250K GTD Main Event. Also, NLH/PLO mix and a C$660 PLO 8-Max. About $430 RT (in US dollars) and you’d be flying on 9/11 if you want to make that one. C$660 is about $530.

  • If money’s not an issue for you, the Aria/PokerGO Poker Masters is coming up in two weeks with five events. Buyins of $50K and $100K, but if you had to ask, you can’t afford it. If you enter all four of the $50K events you get into the $100K free rake-free!
  • Stomping on two other Northwest-adjacent tournament series (Muckleshoot and Chinook Winds), the World Series of Poker Circuit Thunder Valley comes to the Sacramento area 14 September. It features PLO, NLHE 6-Max, and HORSE ring events, as well as a $1,675 Main Event (with entry flights 22 and 23 September).
  • Los Angeles’s Gardens Poker Classic/Poker Night in America runs through the second half of September, kicking off with a $565 Main Event with $1M GTD and 12 entry flights.
  • At Talking Stick Resort in Arizona, the Arena Poker Room Seniors Poker Open runs 16–18 September, with a $500 buyin.
  • And last but not least, it’s the Chinook Winds Casino Resort Fall Coast Classic starting 16 September with the popular $75K GTD NLHE 6-Max.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

Unofficial Portland Poker Player Championship III Standings


Jim HIssner5050
Joe Carson27.522.550
Saigon Vic5050
Thai T5050
Anthony C1027.537.5
Vadim Yevdokimov37.537.5
Kerry Y3434
Tim N3434
Auddie Reynolds3030
Sam G.3030
Chris D27.527.5
Andy S2525
Hayes Royal2525
Matt R2525
Chen Chen22.522.5
Cody R22.522.5
Damian L.51520
Forrest A2020
Nate M.2020
Vorston G2020
Jere Henderson17.517.5
Les M.17.517.5
Dustin Boggs1515
Paul C1515
Allen O1010
Jen B1010
Louis S1010
Neil Schmidllin1010
Paul T.1010
Tam N1010
Alex C.55
Bill W.55
Duane E55
Garry M55
Kerry M55
Leonard W55
Mary Sh55
Max B55
Norm D55
Rick R55
Robert Landry55
Ron Manza55
Sam Nguyen55
Carl H2.52.5
Corey K2.52.5
Drew S.2.52.5
Dustin T2.52.5
John Keller2.52.5
Julie Melcher2.52.5
Karen M2.52.5
Lawrence L2.52.5
Michael B2.52.5
Mona H2.52.5
Paul D2.52.5
Rick A2.52.5
Travis H2.52.5
Wayne H.2.52.5

Official point publications are linked here.