Almost There….

Bovada $7,500 NLHE

I finally cashed in some player points and got a ticket for the nightly $7,500 with 10K in chips and 10-minute levels, then went on a sort of deep run.

Hand 7 KQ HJ T9,840 40/80
Action folded around to me and I raised to 240, then called a re-raise from CO to 720. The flop was K3A and the ace probably saved me, because I check-folded to a bet of 960. CO had KK.

Hand 11 7K UTG T9,120 40/80
I raised to 240 and got a call from BTN (with 62), I checked what was a pretty good flop of A2Q, he puts out an oddly-small bet of 207, and I call, hitting my nut flush on the Q turn. I check again and he bets 1,014 off a stack of about 11K. I call, the 8 river changes nothing and he folds to a bet of 2,000.

Hand 12 47 BB T10,701 50/100
UTG1 min-raises and we’re heads-up to a 693 flop. I’m ahead in equity on this flop against most hands—even good starting hands—and against UTG1’s KK I’m about dead even, so I call another 200. The turn goes the wrong direction with a 2. Another 600 into the pot. I check-fold to a bet of 500 on the A river.

Hand 13 6A SB T9,701 50/100
I open to 300 and BB folds.

Hand 15 A8 CO T9,801 50/100
I call UTG1’s raise to 300 along with UTG3, then we fold to a c-bet of 500 on a 4QK flop. UTG1 had 8Q, UTG3 had A6.

Hand 22 TQ SB T9,351 75/150
UTG1 limps in with 56 and UTG3 goes to 750 with KA. I call and UTG1 comes along. I get middle pair and a gut-shot on the KT9 flop and call 1,800, then fold to a 6K bet on the 6 turn.

Hand 24 AJ CO T6,801 75/150
My open to 450 takes the pot down.

Hand 29 KQ UTG T7,026 100/200
I open to 600 and get a call from 66 in UTG3. He folds to an 800 c-bet on the 8QJ flop.

Hand 30 8Q  BB T7,926 100/200
I get a walk.

Hand 38 JT UTG T7,926 100/200
I open to 600 and SB calls with 42. He hits bottom pair on the 649 flop and check-calls 800, then folds to a semi-bluff of 2K on the 8 turn.

Hand 39 Kx2 BB T9,526 100/200
Another walk.

Hand 42 77 CO T9,526 125/250/25
I open to 750 and win the blinds and antes.

Hand 44 77 UTG2 T10,051 125/250/25
Finally over starting stack again! I raise to 750 and CO calls with K9. We both check down until the board reads TT8QK, and I check-fold to a 1K river bet. Back under starting stack.

Hand 45 87 UTG1 T9,276 125/250/25
I open to 750, UTG2 raises 99 to 2,500, then HJ shoves KQ for 11.3K, leaving 1 behind. I fold and UTG2 shoves over the top. The nines win with two pair.

Hand 46 AA UTG T8,501 125/250/25
I raise to 750 and everyone folds. I can’t get as much with aces as nines can win!

Hand 47 JT BB T9,051 125/250/25
BTN limps in with 45 and I raise to 750. He calls, and the flop is Q7T. We both check the K turn, he calls 1,000, and we check the 4 river. I win a showdown to put me over starting stack.

Hand 53 AJ UTG2 T10,841 150/300/30
The Mutant Jack is back! I raise to 900 and get a call from BB, holding 45. AQ[ 7d] on the flop and he check-folds to a bet of 1,100.

Hand 62 K9 UTG1 T11.2K 200/400/40
I raise to 1,200 and get called by BB with A9. He folds to a c-bet of 1,600 on a 5QJ flop.

Hand 66 KQ BTN T12.1K 250/500/50
UTG2 limps with QJ and I raise to 1,500, which he calls. The flop is pretty good for him: K38, and he check-calls 2K. 4 on the turn and he folds to an all-in bet of 8.6K from me.

Hand 68 KT CO T16.6K 250/500/50
Table change on the last hand. UTG1 raises to 1,200, I call, both the blinds call. 437 flop, the blinds check and UTG1 shoves 6.1K with QxQ to take the hand. The blinds had J8 and  34, respectively.

Hand 69 JK HJ T15.4K 250/500/50
UTG2 limps in and I raise to 1,500. We see the flop HU: JKT. I bet 2K and he folds 33.

Hand 70 KA UTG2 T18K 300/600/30
I open to 1,800 and get a call from CO with QK. I c-bet 3K on the 4T6 flop and he folds.

Hand 73 JQ BB T21K 300/600/60
I call a min-raise from HJ and flop 7T8. I call another 1,200 to see the K on the turn, and 2,400 to get my straight with the 9 river. I bet 5K and he folds AA.

Hand 74 A8 SB T26.1K 300/600/60
BB and I call a raise to 1.3K by CO, who has 7T. He flops middle pair on the 792 board, I get out of the way to a bet of 1.7K, then he hits pay dirt when he bets trips after the 7 turn. BB had JT for the gut-shot.

Hand 85 JT CO T22.8K 400/800/80
Action folds to me, I raise to 2.4K, BB calls with 55, and I bluff him off his hand with a c-bet of 3K on the A73 flop.

Hand 89 AQ UTG1 T26K 400/800/80
I raise to 2.4K and everyone folds.

Hand 99 TJ BB T25.7K 500/1K/100
BTN raises to 2,225 and gets called by both blinds. He has A8, SB has 3A. The flop is 5JA and SB bets his ace about 1/7 the pot: 1K. I call with middle pair and BTN is in with his better ace. 7 on the turn. Checked to BTN, who bets 4.2K. SB calls and I get out. 9 river, they both check and BTN wins.

Hand 101 AK BTN T21.8K 500/1K/100
UTG1 goes all in w A7 for 12.8K and i re-shove. I have both blinds covered by a few thousand, and thy fold. The board runs out K2T96 and I win. BB might be kicking himself for not calling with JQ and the nuts.

Hand 106 KT BB T36.3K 600/1.2K/120
UTG2 opens to 3.6K with AT, getting calls from SB (87) and myself. The flop is A23, both blinds check, UTG2 bets 7.2K and we blinds fold.

Hand 107 9A SB T32.5K 600/1.2K/120
UTG3 raises A7 to 2.4K and HJ calls with44. I call. We see a flop of 6JJ, HJ bets 3.2K on the flop and takes it down.

Hand 114 TK UTG T29.3K 600/1.2K/120
I open to 3.6K and everyone folds.

Hand 124 JJ BB T28.9K 800/1.6K/160
I’m in seat 8. Table chip leader is UTG in 9 with 113.7K. UTG2 (seat 2) has 86K, CO (seat 5) has 65.2K. The rest of us are between 6BB (BTN) and 23BB, so there are potential shoving stacks as well as some big players who could do real damage to one of the larger stacks in the tournament. UTG min-raises to 3.2K with the old 24 and I call. The flop is 953, so he’s flopped the open-ended straight draw and bets 4.8K. I shove 25.5K and he calls, the board rolls out 8 and K and I double up.

Hand 129 A4 UTG3 T58.3K 1K/2K/200
I open to 6K and get respect. UTG1, with just 4.5BB folded A5.

Hand 135 KQ BTN T58.9K 1K/2K/200
I open to 6K, BB shoves 28.2K. I call, he has 99 and the board runs out TQA5A.

Hand 138  8Q UTG3 89.3K 1K/2K/200
I raise to 6K, BB calls with QT, and he folds to my c-bet of 6500, about a quarter of his stack.

Hand 140 T8 UTG1 T97.7K 1,250/2,500/250
I open to 7.5K and go to the flop HU with UTG3, who has KQ. He flops the joint with JT9, and goes along for my 10K c-bet. I’m lucky not to make my lower straight on the 9 turn, check, then fold to his bet of 12.5K.

Hand 154 9K CO T68.2K 1.5K/3K/300
UTG3 raises 3x with J9, I call, and BB comes along with 6A. Flop is 593, UTG3 bets 18K. I have him covered by 18K and shove for 58.9K. BB folds, UTG3 calls, and the rest of the board has 47, which would have given BB—who started the hand with 102.2K—the winning straight.

Hand 165 A8 UTG 139.1K 2.5K/5K/500
I open to 15K and immediately fold to a 95K all-in from UTG1, who has QQ.

Hand 167 7A SB T118.1K  2.5K/5K/500
Action folds around to me. BB has 3K more than me. I shove, he folds 6A.

Hand 168 99 BTN T127.1K 2.5K/5K/500
Everyone folds to CO, who shoves 24.4K with 22. I shove to isolate. BB has one of CO’s outs (27). HJ folded T2, so he’s drawing very slim. BB folds 85. The board runs out 5K35A. UTG2 folded A6 off a stack of 221.1K. If BB—the table leader with 227K—had felt adventurous, he would have knocked both of us out with trip fives.

Hand 177 QK BTN T149.5K 3K/6K/600
CO opens all-in with 79.3K (a little over 13BB). It’s more than half my stack, but I call. He has A7, the board runs 476A3 and he makes two pair—more than he needs to win.

Hand 180 3A CO T68.3K 3K/6K/600
First hand at a new table. HJ limps in and I shove. He folds J8.

Hand 188 8Q CO T65.2K 3.5K/7K/700
UTG3 limps in, I shove. He folds TK.

Hand 194 QK SB T76.5K 4K/8K/800
UTG min-raises QJ off a stack of 80K. UTG1 has 286.5K and calls with 9T. I shove, UTG goes all-in, and UTG1 folds. The board is 2749Q and, remarkably, UTG doesn’t have a spade, so I more than double with the king kicker. He’s all-in for the big blind on the next hand.

Hand 197 6A HJ T180.2K 4K/8K/800
Got so incredibly lucky here. UTG1 raises to 19.8K from a stack of 236.5K. I call. The flop is AA7. He bets 22.4K, I shove for 159.6K, and he calls. With AK. Turn is K. I’m dead. River is K. Everybody loves a chop pot.

Hand 198 QK UTG3 T188.6K 4K/8K/800
UTG1 shoves a little over 3BB. I call, along with BTN. We check the board down: 372A7. UTG1 has a pair, with T8, BTN has AQ and wins the pot with two pair.

Hand 209 A3 UTG T138.8K 5K/10K/1K
I open to 30K, BB calls with 8J. Flop is 49A and I shove. He folds.

Hand 214 3A UTG3 T156.8K 6K/12K/1.2K
I open to 36K and everyone folds (including SB with A8).

Hand 226 QT BB T126.4K 8K/16K/1.6K
A table change that hit me with two big blinds on consecutive hands took a chunk out of my stack. I finally got a little back with a walk.

Hand 241 QQ UTG T116.4K 10K/20K/2K
A long hand drought at a crucial point—we’ve been in the money for a while—finally breaks. I shove my 5.5BB and get called by the mega-stack with 1.29M in the BB. He has the Mutant Jack. It looks like it’s a winner, with an ace on the 6A2 flop. The 6 turn does me no good, but 8 on the river makes a flush and I double up.

Hand 242 JJ BB T256.8K 10K/20K/2K
Elation is short-lived. CO goes all-in with A5 for 79.3K, I call, and he doubles up for me with trips on a board of 9AQA3.

Hand 243 7A SB T177.5K 10K/20K/2K
BTN limps with 26 (and 1.15M). I say the hell with that and shove. BB folds Q4 and BTN folds when action’s back to him.

Hand 245 99 CO T231.5K 10K/20K/2K
Normally, I’d play this hand, but UTG2 shoved for 176.6K, I was intent to ladder up, and I made a good fold, because he had TT.

Hand 246 TT HJ T229.5K 12.5K/25K/2.5K
My turn for the tens. UTG3 has 1.18M and raises K4 to 50K. I shove, everyone folds, and I take it.

Hand 258 QK UTG T272K 12.5K/25K/2.5K
I shove and take it. JA folds out of SB, even though he’s got me covered. Stacks at the table range from 171K to 1.3M, with the median at 373K.

Hand 259 KJ BB T327K 12.5K/25K/2.5K
BTN limps with AK (429.7K), SB raises A4 to 75K (1.28M), and I come along, with BTN calling. The flop is 5AT, SB bets 122.5K, I fold, then SB folds to an all-in bet from BTN.

Hand 264 9T UTG T222.5K 15K/30K/3K
I jam everything in and BTN calls with only 91K and 44. The board is K2T3A and I make a pair. Both the other fours were dead.

Hand 267 QA BTN T322.5K 15K/30K/3K
The table has only 6 players, we’re down to 19 players in the tournament. Seat 1 has 1.04M, I’ve got the button in seat 2. Seat 4 has 392.2K, seat 6 has 1.04M, seat 8 is table chip leader with 1.55M, and seat 9 has a respectable 564K. UTG (seat 8) opened to 68K, UTG2 called the raise, and I shoved for less than 11BB. UTG calls we’re HU to the flop. 548 on the flop is safe enough, but he spikes a T on the turn and the 9 river is no help.

My VPIP was 20%; I raised 13% of my hands pre-flop. This game, only 26% of the hands I played went to showdown; I won 71% of the showdowns.

267 hands, Four hours and fifty-five minutes. 18th of 1,165 entries. +747% ROI over standard entry cost, entry into this tournament for me was via ticket.