A Week Ahead

As a mostly live tournament player, it’s not often that I have a string of days with all positive results, but this week was an exception, even if I have to stretch a little on the “mostly”.


Started off with mediocre runs in a $4K and $1K on Bovada in the morning, then played a live tournament at Final Table that ended in a chop. Played the evening $7.5K on Bovada with no result.


Morning Bovada $4K, then first out in the Aces Full noon game. Pumped two rebuys and an addon into the Portland Players Club PLO8 noon freeroll, then played six hours to the chop Tuesday night at Encore Club.


First out of the PPC PLO (didn’t rebuy that day), then took 7th out of 135 in a Bovada $1K Turbo Knockout, where I also picked up three bounties.


Got close to the money in a 133 entry Bovada $1K PLO8 tournament. Got a bit too aggressive with [ac qc] in the Encore $10K special when my opponent had [ax ax]. Played in the shootout for 75 minutes. Bought in for $200, Got up nearly $100, then immediately lost the profit when I called an all-in with [qx qx], and [jx jx] flopped a set. Drifted under my buy-in. The guy with the jacks lost his stack. Got into a hand with the guy who took them when I called a raise with [qhjh] from SB. The flop was [9x jx 4x]. I check-call a continuation bet, I lead out on the [4x] turn and get called by the original raiser with everyone else dropping out, and with a [6x] on the river, I shove, he thinks about it a while, then calls for $150 and somehow I’m good. I cash out $250 up, play the 10pm $500 and bust out before break.


Get home from Encore, play a midnight Bovada $1K Turbo that pays 27, get down to 24 players and I’m in the top ten, then this happens. Drop into the $7.5K at 50BB late in the evening, and bust out fast, then cash for 400% profit in a $3K Turbo.

OK. So one of the days, my profit wasn’t a tournament, and a couple of the days the profits were online, but still a profit every day. I could get used to that.