R-Day Minus 59

The Poker Mutant will be retiring from poker—not unlike Fedor Holz or Vanessa Selbst—on 1 January. This is the second installment in his thrilling countdown to the End of Times.

Got in a morning Igniton Poker $2 NLHE Jackpot Sit-n-Go and binked another 5x payout. Got nines in on a queen-high board and managed to get beat by a player with QxJx, but I turned the tables when he made a loose call, I doubled up twice, knocked him out, then took the win.

Ran two more $2 Jackpots after dinner. In the first ($4 payout), the other two players got into it in the first two hands, and we lost the first player on hand three. I was behind in chips on the last hand with T9 and called a raise, turned top pair, then shoved but lost to 29 as he’d flopped the deuce..

Jumped into another one right away and it was another $10 payout. I got lucky with AA on the second hand against a pair of sizes, then ground the other player down in 10 more hands.

Did another couple while watching Chris Wallace laugh his creepy Penguin laugh on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Lost one. Won one.

Late-regged an Ignition $500 GTD O8 Turbo just before the first break, folded until I won one hand, got moved to another table, hit two pair then folded on the river with a counterfeited low and an obvious bet from a player who hit trips, and went out a little later 60th of 79.

Lost three more jackpot Sit-N-Gos, including a $10 payout. Busted out of that on the first hand calling against jacks with an ace, then got HU in another and had him on the run until he doubled up with ace-king against my ace-queen.

Last one of the night I was up 2:1 then back to even after getting KxQx in against queens with both a king and queen on the flop, then having my double-up thwarted when my turned trips lost to a flush on the river.