R-Day Minus 60

The Poker Mutant will be retiring from poker—not unlike Fedor Holz or Vanessa Selbst—on 1 January. This is the first installment in his thrilling countdown to the End of Times.

Got a cash bonus from Ignition Casino and played one of their $2 Jackpot Sit-n-Gos on a break at work. Got the 5x multiplier that paid $10 to the winner of the three-person tournament, and I knocked out the first player, but I got unlucky in a 70/30 situation during heads up and didn’t get the prize.

Friday night’s tournament at Final Table was a $10K instead of $20K because of the Wildhorse series, but it had a good turnout. I did well despite not having much in the way of premium hands. My best pair was tens (I did make quads) but I busted a table short of the money, after flopping an open-ended straight draw in a multiway call of a short stack all-in. I made my straight on the river, but Casey Ring hit top pair on 7x4x4x, and bet enough to put me all in to call. The 7x turn knocked me out.