My Time Is Coming: Report 4 or Six-Max

Encore Club $13K NLHE

Won several hands in the first round then settled back and played the game. Picked up kings in early position and 3-bet, getting a few callers, flopped [qx jx 7x], made a c-bet and got a call, turned [9x]. I might be facing two pair or an unlikely straight, or a set. I checked-raised a bet from the last player still in, and I think he thought about folding before shoving. I had too much committed and hand to call at that point. He had bottom set, and caught another seven on the river for quads. I was losing there even if I’d had the nuts on the turn. Did a rebuy to add to my few remaining chips and went out pretty early.

Two-and-a-half hours. 87th of 122 entries.

Encore Club $1K NLHE

Jumped into the 10pm game and ended up going all in on the turn with [kc 6c] on a [8d kh 4h 6h] board. The player who called had [ac 8h] and another heart showed on the river. With a first prize just over 10x the buy-in, I wasn’t interested in getting the rebuy.


Bovada 2/4 O8

Three sessions over the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Seventy-five. -3 big bets.

Bovada 0.5/1 O8

No open 2/4 games.

Twenty minutes. -12 big bets.

Bovada 0.1/0.25 PLO8

Fifteen minutes before bed. +8BB.

Bovada 0.25/0.5 & 0.5/1 NLHE Zone 6-Max

Zone is Bovada’s version of the Full Tilt Rush and PokerStars Zoom cash tables. When you join a Zone game, you go into a player pool of players at the same stake, a table is assembled out of the pool. You can fold immediately upon seeing your cards or at any other point in the hand, at which time you are placed back in the pool to wait for another table. If you play the hand to the end, you see the results, then go back into the pool. Action is significantly faster than at regular tables; in the longest of these three sessions, I played 148 hands in 33 minutes, an average of more than 4 hands per minute. In another 11-minute session, I played 40 hands. I made a profit in all three,

Three sessions. Forty-eight minutes, 202 hands. +233BB.

Bovada $2K NLHE 6-Max

I took second place in one of these in December, and I made the final table as the chip leader in another one this week (preparing for the $50K 6-Max this weekend at the PacWest Poker Classic). Then the only one I started playing from the beginning, I busted out only 45 minutes in.

1: Three hours and forty-five minutes, 294 hands. 4th of 135 entries. +945% ROI.
2: Forty-five minutes, 53 hands. 41st of 64 entries.

Bovada 0.25/0.5 O8

Got in about twenty minutes of this for +6 big bets.

Final Table $2K NLHE

Final Table was running double guarantees on Thursday for both the 11am and 7pm tournaments, and I played the early game. Got felted early on with [as 9s] when the flop came down [ah qs 8s] and I ran into [ad ac], but then I built things back up and got to the final table with about a sixth of the chips in play. A couple people went out before I shoved with [kx qx] on the button over a raise by one of the other large stacks at the table (even though I had—I think—the most chips at seven players, even I was pretty shallow, with about 15BB). The player in SB came in, he had [kx tx] and the other player in CO called all-in with [ax kx], so the kings were pretty much out of it. It looked at first like I might take it down with a queen on the flop, but the turn showed an ace and I was down to 20.5K at 5K/10K/1.5K. I shoved the next hand with [5d 7d] and lost.


Five hours and forty-five minutes. 7th of 54 entries. +35% ROI.

Bovada 0.5/1 NLHE Zone 6-Max

Practicing up for the PacWest 6-Max tournament.

Fifteen minutes. +78BB.