The Daily Deepstacks

Results from the WSOP Daily Deepstacks are available and updated mid-day after completion of the three events ($235 at 3pm, $185 at 6pm, $135 at 10pm). I’ve been tracking the size of the prize pools, and here they are.

All of the Deepstacks were cancelled on the Colossus weekend, and you can see how the pent-up energy of all those players in town pushed the prize pool of the $235 on the Monday after to over $400K. In fact, if you wanted to pick a day to make the maximum from one of the $235 events, Monday seems to be the day; with the exception of this week (after the Seniors and Super Seniors events) Monday seems to be outperforming the preceding Friday through Sunday.

Check back! I’ll update the chart as soon as I get results.