Punting or Spazzing?

Bovada $4K NLHE

It’s the morning Bovada $11 tournament. As usual, I get in a few minutes late. It’s a classic example of bad judgement messing everything up after doing things right for a couple of hours.

Hand 3 QJ UTG1 T10K 30/60

I’m in seat 1. I raise to 150, BB calls with JJ. The flop is 44A and I c-bet 200. BB calls and K hits the turn. I throttle back, he checks, it’s 2 on the river and we check to him winning the pot.

Hand 18 KT HJ T9.4K 50/100
UTG1 and UTG3 limp in. I raise to 350. SB calls with 77. UTG1 calls with QJ; UTG3 comes along with K3. The flop is 525, UTG3 bets 250 on his flush draw and gets called only by the sevens, which end up winning.

Hand 20 33 UTG2 T9.1K 50/100
UTG raises with JA, I call to set-mine, BB comes along with JA. The flop is 95J, I fold to a bet from UTG, and they end up chopping the pot.

Hand 28 9T UTG3 T8.7K 75/150
UTG raises to 600, I call along with HJ. The flop is A7K, entirely too high and red for my taste, so I fold to a 1.3K bet from UTG, who has KK. HJ 67 goes all-in on the turn with bottom pair and a flush draw and gets eliminated by the set of kings.

Hand 29 AK UTG2 T8.1K 75/150
UTG1 raises to 300 with 99 and I 3-bet to 1K. He calls, the flop is 5J4. He checks to me and I go all-in. He folds. Finally I win some chips.

Hand 31 K4 UTG T9.4K 75/150
I raise to 400 and get two callers. The flop is 634 and I c-bet 550 on bottom pair. It’s actually good against JA and TA. Back over starting stack.

Hand 34 75 D T10.2K 75/150
I follow UTG and UTG2 limping into the pot, and SB comes along. The flop is J73, SB checks, BB (J5) bets 300. UTG with 77 for a set calls, UTG2 ditches 5A, I call, and Q9 is dropped by SB. The turn 9 makes my flush draw look better, but when BB bets 825 on top pair and the other red flush, and UTG raises to 2K with his set, I chicken out. BB calls, the 8 would have completed my flush, both players check the river and the set wins.

Hand 36 66 HJ T9.7K 100/200
UTG2 min-raises AA, and gets calls from me and both blinds (TJ and A7, respectively). The flop is 423, which is tempting but everyone folds to a 1.2K c-bet.

Hand 37 JT UTG3 T9.3K 100/200
UTG2 limps in with 68 and I raise to 600. BB calls with A3 and UTG2 comes along. BB bets 950 on the 6Q[ 4s] and I fold along with UTG2. Not sure why he folded his middle pair if he’s going to play those hands.

Hand 38 JQ UTG2 T8.7K 100/200
I open to 500 and get called by HJ (5A), CO (A3), and BB (KT). The flop is 6A9, I c-bet my air and CO and I are HU to see the 3 turn. We both check, I bet 2K on the 8 river, he calls, and his two pair wins.

Hand 59 TQ D T3.7K 150/300/30
I’ve had to lay low for a little while. Haven’t played a hand for more than twenty minutes. Been moved to seat 7 of a new table and I’m down to 12BB. Everyone else at the table has 40BB or more and seats 3 and 6 are more than 100BB deep. UTG1 limps 44. UTG2 has A5 and makes it 900. CO 4-bets to 2.7K and I decide to throw in my fate with the Portland Nuts and shove. UTG1 and UTG2 fold. CO has AA and calls. The board runs out J8K29 and I make my straight for a double-up. It’s just a scratch for seat 6, but then he goes a little berserk and loses 11K on the next hand, raising and calling a 3-bet of 12BB with T7 pre-flop.

Hand 63 9A UTG1 T9K 200/400/40
I opened to 1K and UTG2 3-bet to 3.9K with JT. I called and made an open-ended straight draw on the flop with 786. With more than 6K in the pot, I shoved my remaining 5K and he called. On the face of it, he only had 26% equity, though cards discarded by other players slightly improved his odds. 8 on the turn and 6 for the river and I doubled up with an ace kicker.

Hand 65 9T BB T18.9K 200/400/40
UTG raised to 1.7K with QJ (a decent hand). HJ called holding QA (a decent-er hand). I plopped out the extra chips to call. The flop was 973 and I took a stab at it, shoving 17K back. UTG went all-in for less with just two over cards. I had four to a straight on the 8 turn, which meant he couldn’t win by pairing his jack, HJ  had tossed one of the queens, so he was drawing slim and the 4 river eliminated him.

Hand 70 6A UTG1 T34.2K 250/500/50
I opened to 1.25K and got called by BB with 77. He jammed his remaining 8.5K on the K68 flop. I had bottom pair and was on a roll. Hit the A on the turn, the river was 4 and he was out.

Hand 72 QA BB T44.5K 250/500/50
UTG was all-in for just 1.3K with 9T. CO called holding A2, then SB 3-bet to 5.6K with 55. CO had 30K, SB a little less than 20K to start, so I squeezed with an all-in. CO folded and SB called. The board was K8Q3K and my queen saved the day. The table broke and I moved to seat three on the new table.

Hand 75 QA UTG T66.8K 250/500/50
Different result with the same hand a couple minutes later. I raise to 1.25K, BB 3-bets to 7.5K with 8K behind, I shove, he calls he has KA, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I lose.

Hand 80 6A HJ T50.2K 250/500/50
Have I mentioned that at this point I’m fairly far ahead of anyone on my table? Seat 2 is empty. Seats 1, 5, and 7 have about 10K. Seat 6 is down to 5K. Seats 3, 8, and 9 are between 15K and 25K. I open to 1.25K, HJ calls with 64, CO comes along with KJ, and BB is in with KJ. The flop is hardly conducive to anyone’s hand: 7Q9. We all check it down through the 2 turn and 3 river and ace high is the winner.

Hand 85 TQ D T53.4K 300/600/60
UTG limps with 4A and just 6K. I raise to 1.8K. Everyone folds.

Hand 88 9J UTG2 T55.2K 300/600/60
My stack is more than twice as large as anyone else at the table. I open to 1.5K and SB calls with 77 off of the only stack with more than 20K. That brings BB along with KQ. The flop is 5AA, both the blinds check it and I c-bet 2.2K. Only SB calls. We both check the J turn and 5 river and I get a little bigger.

Hand 105 AQ UTG2 T57.7K 400/800/80
I raise to 2K and take it. Even though I’ve been fairly quiet for a while, nobody’s really chipped up. The closest stack is in seat 8 (SB) who has 27.5K after the hand.

Hand 108 AT BB T59.2K 400/800/80
UTG1 min-raises, I call, he c-bets 1.6K on the 993 flop, I call, we check 4 on the turn and Q on the river, he shows AT and we split the pot.  Nice hand, nice hand….

Hand 110 TJ D T59.2K 400/800/80
I raise to 2K and SB calls with 9T. Effective stack is 12.2K before the hand starts. He bets 3K on the AJ8 flop with his open-ended straight draw, essentially committing his stack. I shove, he calls his remaining 7K and the turn is 2 with J on the river. Win for me.

Hand 130 TK UTG T67.7K 600/1.2K/120
A whole level goes by with no action from me. There is now a stack in seat 7 (I’m in 3) with 104K. I open to 2.8K, getting calls from UTG2 (QJ) and CO (QT). Everyone checks the AAA flop. The turn is J, I check, UTG2 makes a bet of 2.4K and wins.

Hand 132 TQ SB T63.5K  600/1.2K/120
There’s a 1BB stack in seat 1 (CO) and a 4BB stack on seat 4 in the BB. D in seat 2 has just doubled up to 61K.UTG3 fancy-play raises to 4.8K with 67. CO goes all-in with AQ . I call the raise, then BB shoves for 1.2K more with 2T, hoping to get max alue if they hit. UTG3, the original raiser, started the hand with 30K and makes the call, as do I. We check the board down as it reveals TJ873. I take the pot and side pot.

Hand 133 9A D T76.7K 600/1.2K/120
I open to 2.8K, get called by BB with 7A, and we see the flop of 65A. He donk-bets 2.4K with 27K behind, I raise to 6K and he folds.

Hand 135 AK HJ T82.5K 800/1.6K/160
UTG limps in with Q8. I raise to 5K and he’s the only caller. The flop is K8J. He checks, I bet 8K with TPTK and he shoves for 21.2K. It costs me 13.1K to call and the board runs out a pair of threes: 33. The 56K pot puts me over 100K and near the top of the leaderboard.

Hand 137 TK UTG1 T112.1K 800/1.6K/160
I raise to 4K, SB shoves 21.4K with KQ and I fold.

Hand 141 3A D T105.1K 800/1.6K/160
UTG1 limps with TQ. I limp in since SB is in shoving/squeezing territory with 20K, and sure enough that’s what he does with 99. He takes the pot.

Hand 144 KQ UTG2 T103K 800/1.6K/160
I open to 5K, SB—one of what are now three 100K stacks at the table, with the addition of one in seat 2—calls, as does BB, with 27.3K.The flop is J73, SB checks, BB shoves for 22.2K, I call with my king-high spade draw, and SB folds. A pair of tens shows up by the river, giving BB a full house.

Hand 146 JA UTG T75.4K 1K/2K/200
I open to 5K and the guy I just doubled up in D position shoves 68.3K. Leveling or inducing? Inducing, as it seems, since when I call he has KK. I do have some outs, but none of them show up on the Q7296 board and I’m just about toast after being in great position ten hands earlier.

Hand 147 K2 BB T7K 1K/2K/200
With 3.5BB, I’m not sticking around long if I don’t do something. UTG3 limps with 5A. D  and SB limp with T9 and 36. I check.  A45 and UTG3 has two pair, so he bets 6K. SB calls with an open-ended straight draw, He calls. I, amazingly, have a gutshot. I call and aI’m all-in. 8 on the turn, UTG bets 14K and SB goes away. But the 3 river makes my wheel and I’m back in business, taking the bulk of the pot.

Hand 160 2A HJ T17.1K 1.25K/2.5K/250
I shove and win.

Hand 171 98 UTG1 T15.1K 1.5K/3K/300
Blinds coming round again. 5BB stack. Shove time and I take it.

Hand 179 JT UTG2 T15.4K 1.5K/3K/300
Blinds coming round again. 5BB stack. Shove time and I take it.

Hand 188 99 UTG2 T15K 2K/4K/400
UTG raised to 21.2K with QQ. I went all-in to call, and just as it should most of the time, the better hand won. After being on top o the leader board briefly, I bust two places short of the money.

VPIP: 19%. PFR: 13%. Went to showdown with more than 50% of VPIP hands. Won 66% of showdowns.

Three hours and fifteen minutes. 188 hands. 56th of 459 entries. -100% ROI.