Take On the OG Challenge

It was four years ago this month that Bluff magazine profiled Chadd Baker, the then-new owner of Portland Players Club, the original poker room in Portland. There had been rumors over the past year or so that Chadd was looking to move on to new opportunities (and, presumably, to spend more time with his new daughter), but yesterday he posted this on Facebook (and a link on the club’s web site):

4+ years and 4,452 Poker Tournaments.

It’s been an amazing, tough, and eye opening experience being my own boss, but I’m ready to take on a new challenge.

The Players Club was a great opportunity for me and now I’m looking to hand over the reigns to someone who has a passion for poker, and the drive to be successful.

The ideal someone is a self-starter, wants to be their own boss, and is 100% reliable. If you’re interested in a new and exciting opportunity as a small business owner, this may be your gig. Lots to sit down and talk about, so much opportunity ahead for the right person.


8+ years of Portland Poker History.

Inspired persons may send emails to PlayersClubPDX@yahoo.com
send a PM to The Players Club.

Serious inquiries will be responded to

I’ve had a fondness for PPC ever since just after Black Friday, when my first trip back there under Chadd’s management resulted in a win over an 80-entry field. He’s run a great place for low-budget players to play, with door fees of only $5 if you get there before noon, and an 11am freeroll tournament that’s been a stepping-stone and fallback for a lot of limited bankrolls. He’s put in a huge amount of work to keep the place running, and it’s still the go-to room for anyone interested in non-Hold’em games, with Big O tournaments running a couple times a day (there’s a $2K guarantee, $250 buyin Big O tournament this Saturday), HORSE and other specialty tournaments on Sundays, and innovations that none of the other clubs in town seem to be able to handle. The dealers who’ve come through the place have been some of the best: they have to be, because of the quantity of cards they deal and their hand reading for four and five-card games, plus high/low games.

A great opportunity for someone with a lot of drive and dedication to the game.