My Two Minutes of Fame

So I’m listening to the end of last week’s 2+2 Pokercast, it’s just wrapping up with some comments from the previous week’s show thread, and suddenly I hear my name, because Adam and Terence read my reaction to their view of the Phil Hellmuth/Dan Colman contretemps:


The segment is here:


Terence and Adam blow it off, repeating that “everyone knows Phil’s a clown”,  and that Colman’s response was mean. But really, Hellmuth’s been blowing up for years in people’s faces at live tournaments for a long, long time, probably before everyone knew he was a clown. If you want to know how much people appreciate that, just re-watch the Kyle Kernanen/Curtis Rystadt feud in this year’s WSOP broadcasts. It sure didn’t look like Keranen was having a good time. Rystadt doesn’t have an armful of WSOP bracelets to back up his clownish behavior, but if he did, would the Pokercast guys want to be sitting at the table with him?

Hellmuth knows he’s on nationally-broadcast cameras when he does his brat routines. Colman made his comments on a forum frequented by a relatively small portion of even the poker community, which, if it hadn’t been blown up by poker media, would have been seen by a couple thousand people, most likely, and some of them wouldn’t have known it was Colman, since he used his 2+2 alias. It’s not even close to the same level.