Shuffle Off to Omaha

Bovada $200 Guarantee Pot-Limit Omaha Turbo (T1,500)

This game went pretty well, if I do say so myself, even if I did forget for much of the first portion that it was Omaha High, not High/Low.

Hand 1 7J35 UTG2 T1,500 20/40
I came into the game in the second round. Normally would not play this hand in a high game, but…. UTG and UTG1 call, I call, BTN pops it to 260 and we’re three to the flop after UTG1 drops out. T64 makes a straight draw for me, and two pair for BTN’s 45AT; UTG has K9JQ, a good hand but not on this board, and he drops out after BTN pots to 880. In a situation like this, if I have to risk all my chips to call, I’m going to attempt to maximize my value, so I shoved, BTN called, and—without accounting for all the dead cards in other players’ hands—I’m actually ahead by a few percentage points. The turn and river run out QA, and my flush takes it, knocking him down to just a big blind.

Hand 2 24Q7 UTG1 T3,360 20/40
I call along with the player I just beat (CO), BTN, SB, and BB. Board runs out to the river with no betting: TT389 and BTN takes the small pot with a queen-high straight.

Hand 4 69K2 BB T3,320 30/60
UTG2 opens to 210, getting calls from BTN, SB, and myself. The flop lands right on top of me as 875. I’ve got the nuts. I pot it, UTG has to go all-in to call (withAA94, just aces and no real draws) and we’re HU. Our hands are 45%/55% pre-flop, but I’ve got him more than 10:1 after the flop. Accounting for both of the other aces having been dealt to players, along with most of the cards that could make better straights or a full house, he had less than a 2% chance of winning the hand.

Hand 6 62JJ BTN T4,517 30/60
UTG1 limped in, with UTG2 raising to 270 with TAK5. I called, and UTG1, holding T38[ 8h], came along. The flop was 929 and everyone checked. 8 on the turn, UTG1 bet his full house for 300 and I came along in the hopes of spiking a jack. The river brought 8, UTG1 bet another 720 and I folded to the quads.

Hand 7 AA89 CO T3,947 30/60
I’m not a fan of raising pre-flop with aces in Omaha, even in High the equities are too evenly-distributed, so I limped in behind UTG and UTG1. SB called, but then BB popped it up to 360. UTG1 called with 7Q46. I called. BB had JTJA. and three of us went to the flop with UTG1—believe it or not—as a slight favorite to win the hand (now you see why aces are over-valued).


The flop was 572, giving UTG1 the open-ended draw and me a gut-shot. With about 8% equity in the hand, BB shoved his last 1,140 into the pot. UTG1 had a slight edge in the odds, and called his last 970. I had nearly a starting stack behind when I made the call. 2 on the turn and A on the river gave me the full house and I gained nearly 3,000 chips.


Hand 9 7239 UTG2 T6,897 40/80
Limped in after UTG, called a raise from BB of 240, and folded to a post-flop bet after seeing T6Q.

Hand 12 3A38 UTG T6,657 40/80
I limped in, followed by UTG2 and HJ. BTN raised to 240. BB called the raise, I called, UTG2 called, then HJ potted to 1,480 with just 20 behind. I was the only caller (as you can probably tell, I was still laboring under the delusion I was playing High/Low). He held A76Q and was ahead by 56/44 pre-flop. After the 752 flop, with a better pair and the flush draw, he was ahead 78/22. He bet his last 20 and I called: I had a low! 9 on the turn. But things turned around with 3 at the river to make my set and knock him out.

Hand 16 JA37 CO T7,567 50/100
Limped pot, with UTG, me, SB, and BB. A7Q on the flop. I open to 200, get a call from UTG, then we both check T turn and 6 river. He has 5T5K and my flopped two pair is good for a small pot.

Hand 17 7A6Q HJ T8,067 60/120
I limp in with SB and BB, the flop is 83T. SB bets 360 with QA2K. BB actually has the best hand with top pair, but lets it go, as do I.

Hand 20 4KK3 SB T7,827 60/120
UTG2 raises to 240 with QA84, I call, and BB calls with K4A7. I have nearly 50% equity, with cards dealt to other players removed from the calculations. The flop looks good for the pre-flop raiser, with 3TT but it actually only reduces my chances of winning by a couple percentage points. Nobody bets. 5 on the turn, I bet 400, and win the pot.

Hand 21 7QQA BTN T8,307 60/120
Looks like a legitimate PLO High hand, doesn’t it? UTG1 limps in, I limp, SB limps. Flop is Q89. UTG1 bets 288 with 687J, I pop it to 600 with my top set. SB goes all in holding the nuts: TJ94. I can’t let top set go for another 600 chips and call. 3K on the turn and river improve his straight but do nothing for the set.

Hand 22 A5TJ CO T6,957 60/120
I limp in, SB limps with only 600 behind, BB has just under 1,100. The flop is 24K and SB pots, putting in more than half their stack with K2T6; two pair and a backdoor flush. BB folds. Counting folded cards, there are only three hearts left (which I don’t know) but I do have the gut shot wheel draw, so I double the bet, he goes all in for 210 more, and it’s a 3 on the turn that swings things in my favor, with a river J ending the hand.

Hand 23 5AJ5 HJ T7,767 60/120
We’re only five-handed at the table. UTG limps, I limp, BB checks, flop is 79T and I fold to a min-bet from UTG, who has 8QKT for a great draw and a pair. BB was technically ahead at that point with AJJ6, but UTG had a 75% equity.

Hand 24 4223 UTG1 T7,647 60/120
Still under the assumption I’m playing High/Low. I limp after UTG, CO raises to 660, SB pots to 2,340, UTG and I fold, CO is all in for 840 more. SB wins with K28K after the board runs out 3TQQQ. I can’t beat that.

Hand 26 TT23 BB T7,527 80/160
Five limpers into the pot until SB goes all in for 800 more with KK4Q. I call, HJ, CO and BTN put in the extra 640, holding 4K3A, 2654, and A797, respectively. CO goes all in for 700 with the low end of an open-ended straight draw, BTN calls with his set (and over 5K behind), and I’m along to the 5 turn, when I pot it and BTN folds. 6 on the river and the flush holds. I scoop the 6,400 chip pot.

Hand 34 7766 BB T12,367 100/200
Seven players on the table at this point. CO has 9K, BTN and UTG are around 5.5K, SB has 2,300, and UTG1 and HJ are under 5BB. CO min-raises 5A8J and BTN calls with K34[ 5d]. Maybe they’re also thinking there’s a low. I call. After the K98 flop, I’m still the statistical favorite, with the open-ended straight and flush draws. We all check to the A turn, I check, CO bets his two pair for 444 and BTN and I call. Q on the river makes my flush and we all check it down for a nice little pot.

Hand 37 33A7 CO T14,030 125/250
Three limpers to the 6AQ flop, it’s checked to BTN who bets 562 with two pair and he takes the pot.

Hand 41 KAT6 BB T13,780  150/300
CO and BTN limp in and we all check to the river when the board reads K85J. CO bets 300 with TA95 and BTN and I call, drawing for the same gut shot Broadway straight. 9 on the river gets checked around and CO wins with two pair.

Hand 42 2AJ3 SB T13,180 150/300
HJ raises to 655 with TK8K. CO calls with TA8A. I come along compliantly. The flop is 628. I check, HJ bets 977, CO calls, and by this time, I’ve figured out we’re playing high only, because I fold my nut low.

Hand 45 778A HJ T12,525 200/400
I limp in with SB, see a flop of 65J, we check to K turn, I bet 500 and fold to a re-raise from SB with AQTQ.

Hand 46 6T67 UTG1 T11,625 200/400
I limp, CO is all in for just 200. The blinds, both with more chips than me, are unresponsive, and the board checks down to the river: 9A396. I bet 600 on my full house and BB, who’s woken back up, folds 55JT, and my full house takes the day.

Hand 48 A958 BB T12,430 200/400
CO raises 3884 to 955 and I call. With cards removed, I’m close to a 2:1 favorite. The flop is J27, filling in some straight and flush draws, and I call a bet of 1,155. We both check K on the turn, then the T gives me a straight flush and I don’t realize it before I check—thinking I’m just jack high—though I doubt he was calling anything with just a pair of eights at that point.

Hand 49 4KT9 SB T14,740 250/500
CO and I limp in, the board checks to  the turn showing 68Q4, and I check-fold to a BB bet of 1,500 on a made seven-high straight.

Hand 50 3x3QQ BTN T14,240 250/500
UTG limps in with T67A. I follow. SB limps with K9A2. BB has 2KT5. Everyone checks to the river: 7KJJxQ. I hit a full house on the river, I bet pot, UTG calls with the straight, and I make a 3,500 chip profit.

Hand 51 4599 CO T17,740 250/500
Limping, limping, there are four of six players at the table to the flop, I have the most equity pre-flop, make top set and a straight draw with 697, going from 37% to 75% chance of a win and a 13% chance of a tie, with everyone else under 7% for a win. I pot it and everyone folds.

Hand 52 457A HJ T19,240 250/500
I limp in with SB (Q958) and BB (QJ45). The flop isn’t particularly good for my hand: KAT, but I call a BB min-bet. 6 on the turn and BB min-bets again. This time, I fold, SB raises to 2,155 with the flush, and BB folds Broadway.

Hand 53 9Q2T UTG T18,240 300/600
One of those speculative hands that went nowhere (for me) after a bet of 1,800 from CO on the Q6A flop.

Hand 55 789A SB T17,040 300/600
I limp in after HJ and CO. The flop is TQ6, I call a 600 bet from CO with 8JQ5. We’re HU to the A turn, which flips the odds back in my direction. We both check the 2 river, and my aces beat the queens.

Hand 57 52K4 CO T19,440 400/800
UTG and I are about equal in chips. There are only three other players at the table, all with less than 7K. I limp in with SB, the flop is 3AK, I have second pair, a wheel draw, and the nut flush draw, and I bet 2,400, getting folds from T6Q5 and T67A.

Hand 58 TAT2 CO T21,040 400/800
I’m in the cutoff position again because the button was dead. I limp in with SB, and the flop is QJ8. I’ve got a couple high straight draws and call a BB min-bet. The turn drops down to 4, and I give it one more min-bet call, but fold after a third barrel and a 5 river leaves me without anything but my tens. BB had J245 for two pair.

Hand 61 7722 BB T19.040 400/800
Still just five players at the table. I limp in, then fold to a 1,500 bet by UTG on a 46T flop.

Hand 62 T4KJ BTN T18,240 400/800
I limp in and BB and I are HU. The flop is 98K. I bet 1,200 and he check-calls. I’ve got the top end of his straight draw and top pair for a 2:1 advantage. Q on the turn locks me in and I pot, getting a fold.

Hand 63 4JTQ CO T20,640 500/1,000
I limp-fold pre-flop when BTN pots (with QKJK) and BB puts him all in with 6A8J. The board ran out 3QA26, and with all the low cards, BTN’s kings weren’t enough to keep him from hitting the rail.

Hand 64 6KQ6 BB T19,640 500/1,000
Seven players at the table with fourteen left in the tournament. I’m chip leader at the table. SB, HJ, and CO all have about 11BB. UTG, UTG1, and BTN are at less than 5BB. CO opens to 2,000, getting calls from both of us in the blinds. The flop is KT7, bets over 4K (holding a set of sevens) and wins the pot.

Hand 65 Q33A SB T17,640 500/1,000
The first big hit I take in the tournament is on the first hand at the final table. BTN limps with 8697 and I uncharacteristically raise to 3,000. BB folds, but BTN calls with about 6K behind. We’re about even odds pre-flop. The flop is 664. I check-call his shove, coming from way behind at less than ten percent, and lose more than half my stack as the turn and river are A5, making his straight.

Hand 67 QTAK CO T8,398 600/1,200
The blow-up continues. UTG1 is all in with under 2BB holding 9945. I call, along with HJ (6596) and BB (AT28). I make Broadway with a lot of draws on the flop: QKJ. BB shoves and I’m all in to call. HJ drops out. The turn and river are T3 and I chop the side with HJ, with the short stack quadrupling up on the flush.

Hand 68 8967 HJ T6,223 600/1,200
I’m in seat 2. Seat 3 is CO with 2BB. BTN has just over 4BB. SB has 7BB. BB has a bit more than 12BB, UTG is at 8BB, UTG1 (seat 8) has less than 2BB. The chip leaders are UTG2 (19BB) and UTG3 (14BB). UTG1 chooses this point to ship K9AQ, getting called by UTG2, me, and BB, who has to put in just 740 more. The flop is low and straighty: 573. I ship my last 4,300 in, get 98 to complete the board and my straight, and UTG1 is knocked out as the first cashing player.

Hand 76 AQJ7 HJ T10,243 800/1.600
An uncharacteristically long time for me not to play a hand in PLO. We’ve lost another player, seat 6, the SB in hand 68. The second chip leader in seat 1 has lost some ground and is down to 14K, with seat 9 ahead by nearly 20K. I limp in with SB, and we and BB check down to the river. The board is 495AK. My pair of aces is good enough to win.

Hand 79 TQ34 BB T13,443 1,000/2,000
Seat 7 has been eliminated. There are two stacks with less than 3BB, and UTG chooses this point to shove with 8KQK. I call for another 3,400, and we’re 1:2 pre-flop. The board is 5T6Q7. I’ve got him beat with two pair by the turn, and the river makes my straight for the win.

Hand 81 6QJA BTN T18,915 1,000/2,000
Down to four. Seat 1’s starting as UTG with 12BB, I’m BTN, Seat 4 has less than 4BB after paying the SB, and seat 9 still has the chip lead with 18BB pre-flop.BTN and I both limp-call a min-raise from BB. The flop was 477, and since nobody had a pair of fours, a seven, or spades, a c-bet of 2,000 from BB took it down.

Hand 83 J266 BB T14,915 1,000/2,000
SB calls with 7793. Counting dead cards, I’m behind 2:3. We check through to the turn when the board is 8A45, and I bet 2,000, getting a call. He’s still ahead until the 3 on the river. I bet at the flush and he folds.

Hand 84 T428 SB T18,915 1,000/2,000
The big stack calls UTG with just over half the chips in play. I limp in. BB has 3KT8, and top pair with a flush draw on the 73T flop. He shoves for 6K, UTG folds, and I call. The 6 on the turn gives me a glimmer of hope for a suckout, but it’s 7 on the river and his king played for a kicker to two pair.

Hand 85 7A46 BTN T11,075 1,000/2,000
I’m short stack of four, but UTG and SB on this hand have less than 9BB themselves. UTG folds, I pot to 7,000 and the blinds fold.

Hand 87 A92K BB T14,075 1,250/2,500
Seat 1 doubled through seat 9 on the previous hand to take the chip lead. Now it’s my turn. He limps in with A796 and I pot to 7,500. He repots to 22,500 and I’m all in with a call. I have about a 15% lead pre-flop. The board runs down 255J2 and my trip deuces double me up.

Hand 96 953K SB T20,650 1,250/2,500
I sit back a bit and let everyone else take shots at one another. I’ve slipped down into third place, but BB in seat 4 has less than 4BB and even the chip leaders in 1 and 9 only have 12BB. Action folds to me, I min-raise pre-flop and take the big blind.

Hand 99 A47A BB T23,150 1,500/3,000
The short stack busted on hand 97, and seat 9 took half of seat 1’s chips at the same time, moving up to 50K. He and SB limp in, and I pot to 12K (despite what I said earlier about not over-valuing aces). They call. The big stack has 4A6A and SB has 772K, with just 4K behind. Three-handed, my aces are in pretty good shape. The flop is 5K5, everyone checks, then it’s Q on the turn and I decide to make a move by going all in. The big stack scurries off and SB puts in his last chips with about 8% equity. The case A comes on the river and I’m in the lead HU.

Hand 100 6QK7 BTN T51,288 1,500/3,000
I opened to 9,000 and BB called with JK23. The flop was 2Q9 and I potted with top pair. He folded.

Hand 101 4Q7Q BB T60,288 1,500/3,000
Needless to say, after BTN limped in, I potted, he re-potted and I got him all in against my queens. 86% to 14% in my favor pre-flop, with me holding one of his outs to a set. With the board running out 36968, it never got any better for him and I took the win.

Still running a high VPIP for my Omaha games: 48%. I won 21 hands (44% of hands I played). 23 of the hands I played went to showdown (48%) and I won at showdown 18 times (78%).

One hour and fifty-six minutes. 101 hands. 1st of 65 entries. +1,510% ROI.