Back In Black (But Not For Long)

Carbon Poker $1K NLHE 6-Max (T3,000)

I hadn’t played on Carbon for a while since it wasn’t particularly easy to get money on there any more, but they sent me a $5.50 tournament coupon to entice me back in at the beginning of their latest tournament series. Since I wasn’t out at Wildhorse for the Poker Round-Up this weekend (and because I was supposed to be finishing up a project tonight instead of out playing poker), I gave it a whirl. It didn’t go so well.

Hand 1 4A UTG1 20/40 T3,000
I’d come in during the previous hand, when the player now UTG made two two with AxKx against KxKx and lost most of his stack. He shoved 360 in the pot and I folded; his Tx9 was beat by KJ making top pair, and he was out. No ace.

Hand 2 J2 BB 20/40 T3,000
limpers pre-flop, a raise from SB on T84 and I fold.

Hand 3 KJ SB 20/40 T2,960
UTG limps in, I raise to 120, The flop is K5A, I bet 150 and get a call, 8 turn gets checked, I check 9 on the river and fold to a bet of 540.

Hand 4 TK BTN 20/40 T2,690
I fold pre-flop. Don’t know why.

Hand 5 K6 CO 20/40 T2,690
I fold.

Hand 6 57 UTG1 20/40 T2,690
UTG limps, I raise to 80, then HJ re-raises to 480 and everyone folds.

Hand 7 AA UTG 20/40 T2,610
Getting those goosebumps like you’re about to win the big one, yeah? I raise to 120, BB calls, the flop is 6J5, I get another 120 out of him, then he check-folds to a 300 bet on 9 on the turn.

Hand 8 94 BB 20/40 T2,870
Fold to a pre-flop raise.

Hand 9 53 SB 20/40 T2,830
I fold.

Hand 10 KT BTN 20/40 T2,810
I call a UTG raise to 120, catch my king on the 3K3 flop, we both check a 5 turn and I check call 780 after the J flop to lose to AK.

Hand 11 5K CO 30/60 T1,785

Hand 12 27 UTG1 30/60 T1,785
From best to worst in six hands. Fold.

Hand 13 K9 UTG 30/60 T1,785

Hand 14 84 BB 30/60 T1,785
BTN raises and I fold.

Hand 15 A4 SB 30/60 T1,725
The biggest stack at the table in UTG1 limps and I raise to 180. BB folds and UTG1 calls. The flop is 294, I bet 200 and get called. Q on the turn makes my flush, I bet 500 and get a call. The river is [6h,] I put my remaining 845 in and he folds.

Hand 16 28 BTN 30/60 T2,665

Hand 17 A4 CO 30/60 T2,665
It worked well once. UTG min-raises and I misclick to just raise another 60 to 180. BB and UTG call. The flop is 9J8, BB bets 570, UTG folds, and I call with 1,915 behind. 2 on the turn and UTG shoves with enough to put me all-in twice. I call with my draw and hit it with the one diamond I don’t want to see: 9. His full house with J9 knocks me out.

17 hands, 13 minutes. VPIP 41% on a very small sample size.