Five Kay II

Bovada $5,000 NLHE Superstack (T5,000)

I’m not going to annoy anyone by recounting the full run of this game, but it was another deep run for me that was made particularly pleasing after a bluff gone wrong and a semi-miraculous recovery, so here are a few key hands.

Hand 92 9T HJ T15,109 200/400/40
I open to 1,200 and SB 3bets to 3,200. BB drops out and I call. The flop is K6Q which should be the end of it for me, but I call a small bet of 1,600. The turn is A and I really should be screaming off to the horizon, but I raise 4,000 after a check fromn SB and he re-raises to 8,400, which I call. The river is 8. SB bets 1,800. My nut no-pair has 1,869 behind it. I fold. What a maroon.

Hand 93 97 UTG2 T1,869 200/400/40
Less than 5BB. M about 2. I fold.

Hand 94 QJ UTG1 T1,829 200/400/40
I go all-in and BTN calls with 55. I hit a jack on the flop and stay good.

Hand 95 87 UTG T4,498 200/400/40

Hand 96 28 BB T4,458 200/400/40
Fold. A player is eliminated with AQ against TT.

Hand 97 QT SB T4,018 200/400/40
The Portland Nuts. Action folds to me, I shove my 10BB and the player in BB who I had some back-and-forth with earlier calls with AA. He has me covered by more than 30k. The flop is 7KQT5 and I double up again, above chip average.

Hand 98 TA BTN T8,236 200/400/40
I don’t know if people are just sitting back because they think there are going to be some fireworks or if they just had bad cards two hands in a row, but they’re not going to be disappointed if it’s the former. I 3x open and the guy whose aces I broke is all-in immediately for more than 4x my stack. I call with my ace, and he has J7. He gets a seven on the flop, but I get an ace, and I double a third time in five hands, now sitting on more than I had in the hand before I made the bad play.

Hand 99 AQ CO T17,072 200/400/40
HJ opens to 900 and I call. BTN comes along with SB. The flop is 576 and checked around. I bet the A on the turn and everyone folds, and we go on break.

I bust a guy on the hand after break. The guy whose aces I busted goes off on a wild gamble and busts before we hit the money at 45 players. There’s an enormously long bubble. I get up over 60k, but end up busting shoving 10BB over an opening raise from a stack of 45K and J9 makes a nine-high straight against me.

Three hours and forty-five minutes, 208 hands. 20th of 403 entries. +169% ROI.