The King of the Weekly $10K?

The field in the Encore $10K Guarantee I won a couple weeks back wasn’t the largest since it went to a weekly schedule at the beginning of October (there have been six events so far, with one week replaced by the Anniversary $25K Guarantee) and it had the fourth-largest pot, but with all the chops going on, my first-place $4,275 prize is the largest single prize awarded in the weekly game so far.

DateWinner(s)Prize MoneyEntrantsPrize Pool
2011-11-26Joe P.$3,985*93$16,960
2011-11-19Poker Mutant$4,27575$14,370
2011-11-12Steve H.$3,071*71>$13,000
2011-11-05Jason G.$4,01575$13,700
2011-10-15Adam K., Dan M., Nick M.$3,520*87$16,130

* result of chop or deal

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