2019 Chinook Winds Fall Coast Poker Classic — Day 7: FRIDAY THE 13TH

See the inverse relationship between me winning at poker and me blogging? Cash big on Day 2, no blogs for a few days, then back to the daily blogging grind…

Even after a high like early Monday morning, a week of losing is a bit frustrating, not the least of which is because I was in the last of the High Roller satellites yesterday evening and managed to get A7 all in with 20bb from the button against kings in the big blind (not just ripping it in, it was my raise and 4-bet shove), and flop a flush draw, turn a straight draw, and whiff the river. So, no High Roller for me this morning; my bankroll management has gotten better since I have a job.

The series so far, coming into the final weekend: $4,900 in buyins (including 8 tournaments, 4 satellite tournaments, and one cash sesion). On the plus side: one $575 voucher for the Main Event and more than $10K in cash. Add in the room, meals, etc. and you can see why I’m not buying into the High Roller directly. Way easier to do these numbers when they’re not red.

So while all of the crushers are competing for the $150K guarantee today, I’ll be slaving away in the $40K guarantee salt mines. No giant payout at the end of that one, but I won’t be compromising my hard-earned profit.

Plus, I got word last night from Molly Mossey that I should be getting my piece of her EPT Barcelona cash soon (the check is in the mail!) so the summer has been pretty decent for a retired poker player/writer.

I was conflicted about whether I wanted to shell out the money for the Big Bounty tournament or wait for the Big O, so I put out a poll on Twitter. The results were tied, so I went with the first one, as it happened, I got to play both!

Yesterday was frustrating as Event #17 $40K GTD NLHE Big Bounty was a return to card deadedness. I opened AK got a call from the blinds and folded to an aggressive open on a 9-high flop. Opened tens under the gun and got four callers with a king and a queen on the flop and folded to a bet. Those were the only two decent hands I saw in the first couple of hours. I played A2 and managed to take a small pot from AxKx when I paired my deuce. I tweeted out that my VPIP was less than 5% and Angela Jordison replied from the other side of the room:

I lasted about four hours, then had tens again under the gun, got three calls against my raise, flopped 9x8x8x and jammed, getting called by Jx8x (offsuit). At least we were past the re-entry point.

Jumped into the Event #18 $25K GTD Big O got short real fast, got lucky and tripled up, then busted my first bullet in just about 30 minutes. Joe Brandenburg on my left in Seat 2 and a very aggressive young player in Seat 9 to my right.

Bullet number 2 lasted a couple of hours then lost a big hand just before the end of registration and decided not to add on.

The last 4-Seat GTD NLHE High Roller Satellite of the series started at 5pm and I got into that,

I don’t know if it was that the mix of players at the table had changed as the last weekend of the series approached or if it was a week of (for most of us) losses, but the atmosphere felt decidedly testier during this final satellite. It may well have been the latter because we started off with John Gribben and some other players who were familiar from previous events. The new addition I knew of was Max Young, who’s one of the more laid-back individuals at the table, so it wasn’t him.

Already mentioned how I ended that attempt. This was the only High Roller satellite that made the guarantee, handing out six vouchers plus a sad $35 to seventh place (that’s just under one tenth of the buyin and addon).

The High Roller is about to start! Good luck everyone! I’l be watching enviously from across the room…