2019 Chinook Winds Fall Coast Poker Classic — Day 6

Since David Long, my usual travelling partner for the various incarnations of the Chinook Winds poker series wasn’t able to make it for this one at the last minute, I invited my father to come down for a couple of days.

My family is not a gambling family. For one, we didn’t have a lot of money; when Dad was a boy in Gresham, his parent’s house didn’t have running water, and that was after World War 2. Second we came from frugal stock that watched budgets; there was no fall-back for my folks. I never set foot in a casino or went to Vegas until I was in my 40s, and that was for a trade show, it wasn’t until several years later that I started playing poker. Dad hadn’t ever been in Chinook Winds until we went to the restaurant so we could get a good look at the ocean while we had lunch. At least, that was the plan. It was 11:30am by the time we got there, but they didn’t start lunch service until noon, so we got the most un-breakfasty thing on the menu: steak and eggs, which was fine.

Trip to Safeway for supplies, then back to the motel to dump them in the room before I left Dad to his own devices and headed out for the Event #14$15K GTD Omaha Hi-Lo. Not long before the second break, I was above average, but then it all went to hell in a handbasket when my top-two pair scoop got sucked out on by a rivered better two pair.

2019 Fall Coast Classic 14

After that, it was out on the first hand in Level 10, just after coming back from break with just 4 big bets. Off to get some Boozy Shakes!

2019 Fall Coast Classic 13

Tomorrow’s schedule includes the last satellite for Friday’s High Roller, a Main Event (Saturday) satellite, Big O and the Big Bounty. Seriously conflicted about whether I want to play the Bounty or Big O.