Encore Club Noon $700 Guarantee (5,000 chips)

Traffic held me up on the way to the game, so I not only didn’t get the free soda but I missed out on the extra 500 chip. I got to seat 6 at the first table just in time for my big blind. The game was another blow-out for me, with my buy-in and re-buy gone before a full orbit had been made. One hand I had [qx jx] with a board of [qx 2x 2x]. I re-raised a 1,500 raise to 3,000, we went all-in and of course he showed [kx kx], even getting the case [kx] on the river (another player mentioned he’d folded one). Seriously, what was I thinking?

Gotta get all the run-bad out of my system before the $3,000 Champions Freeroll this weekend. Not feeling very champion-y right now.

10 minutes. -100% ROI (including buy-in, re-buy, and door fee).

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