Poker Time: 3 SETS for WSOP Finalist Jacki Burkhart! (Part 1—UPDATED)

Poker Mutant makes an appearance on PokerTime over the next few weeks, playing with all the fan faves: TerminatorWonkaDestroyer of WorldsDigital Dan, plus my former Vegas housemate Jeff Mitseff, double WSOPC Ringbearer Jeff Dobrin, and non-Jeff WSOP Ladies tournament final tableist Jackie Burkhart.

This wasn’t as exciting a session for me as it was for Jackie or Mitseff, but I promise my VPIP goes up in the next one. It can’t go down!


Technically, it could go down, but I had a VPIP of just over 4% for that session (maybe 8% if I played the hand that was edited out, I can’t remember what it was), putting extra money into the pot just one hand out of 24.

I was on the button the first hand (where Jackie gets felted by Dobie) with [9s 5s]. My hands, in succession are:

  1. button [9s 5s]
  2. cutoff [qd 2c]
  3. hijack [8h 5s]
  4. UTG2 [6h 5s]
  5. UTG1 [kh 5d] the hand where Jacki has a set of aces and loses on the river
  6. UTG [9c 2d]
  7. BB [qh jh] I call Terminator’s raise ([5s 5c]) to 30 along with Digital Dan ([ah js]), and fold to a bet from Dan on the ace-high flop
  8. SB [kd 5c]
  9. button [td 5s]
  10. cutoff [td 5c]
  11. hijack [8h 5c]
  12. UTG2 [9c 4d]
  13. UTG1 [ts 3h]
  14. UTG [7d 5d]
  15. BB [th 4d]
  16. SB [5s 2s]
  17. button [7s 4s]
  18. cutoff [9d 5d]
  19. hijack [tc 7d]
  20. UTG2 [8c 3c]
  21. UTG1 hand edited out
  22. UTG [5s 3c]
  23. BB [qs 9c]
  24. SB [5c 4s]
  25. button [7s 6h]