Poker Time: 3 SETS for WSOP Finalist Jacki Burkhart! (Part 1–UPDATED)

Poker Mutant makes an appearance on PokerTime over the next few weeks, playing with all the fan faves: TerminatorWonkaDestroyer of WorldsDigital Dan, plus my former Vegas housemate Jeff Mitseff, double WSOPC Ringbearer Jeff Dobrin, and non-Jeff WSOP Ladies tournament final tableist Jackie Burkhart.

This wasn’t as exciting a session for me as it was for Jackie or Mitseff, but I promise my VPIP goes up in the next one. It can’t go down!


Technically, it could go down, but I had a VPIP of just over 4% for that session (maybe 8% if I played the hand that was edited out, I can’t remember what it was), putting extra money into the pot just one hand out of 24.

I was on the button the first hand (where Jackie gets felted by Dobie) with 95. My hands, in succession are:

  1. button 95
  2. cutoff Q2
  3. hijack 85
  4. UTG2 65
  5. UTG1 K5 the hand where Jacki has a set of aces and loses on the river
  6. UTG 92
  7. BB QJ I call Terminator’s raise (55) to 30 along with Digital Dan (AJ), and fold to a bet from Dan on the ace-high flop
  8. SB K5
  9. button T5
  10. cutoff T5
  11. hijack 85
  12. UTG2 94
  13. UTG1 T3
  14. UTG 75
  15. BB T4
  16. SB 52
  17. button 74
  18. cutoff 95
  19. hijack T7
  20. UTG2 83
  21. UTG1 hand edited out
  22. UTG 53
  23. BB Q9
  24. SB 54
  25. button 76